Chapter One

Jake Green had hoped that when he left Jericho today he would have enough money to make sure he was safe from the men who had killed Freddie and still wanted to kill him. No such luck. The only thing to do now was go back to San Diego, pack his stuff and try to find a way to hide or leave the Country.

Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a mushroom cloud in the distance craning his neck over the dashboard of the car. He looked back to the road just in time to swerve to try and avoid the car which had veered onto his side of the road. Then it all went dark.

Jake very slowly woke up and looked through his windscreen at the other car. His last minute swerve had probably save his life, it meant that the passenger side of his car was entirely wrecked but he survived. As he left the car and went to check on the occupants of the other car he hoped that they had been as lucky. They weren't. The other car had hit him head on and neither occupant of the driver or passenger seat had survived. However, the young baby in the back had and she was crying.

Jake opened the back door of the car and tried to remove the car seat. He couldn't leave the child there and didn't know how long it would be before someone passed by. After five minutes it was still stuck. He looked through the assorted baby items in the back of the car and found a carrier; taking it out and putting it on Jake then started to pick up the baby bag and extra items that might be required later. He also looked for id's and reg papers. The next of kin would need to be informed of both the deaths and the baby still being alive. Jake removed the baby from the car seat to put the little bundle of pink into the pouch on his chest; he grabbed a blanket to cover the baby's head from the hot Kansan sun and started walking back towards Jericho.