A/N: Hi! This came to life while watching Thor with some awesome people from Tumblr. CopperBadge came up with the initial idea, then I twisted it a little while he wrote his own version. Basically it's a what would happen if Loki knew that he was a Jotun. You should go read his too. :)

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Loki was eight when his heritage was revealed to him. It was almost by accident really, he had followed Thor out on one of his many adventures, foolishly, slipping from the sights of his bodyguard. Thor wanted to get some crystal flowers for their mother, and only Loki knew where they were. He knew that he wouldn't be able to dissuade his brother from his mission, and he longed to leave the palace again, so he agreed.

Deep into the frozen forest they traveled, Thor stayed close to Loki, not wanting to follow behind since he was the eldest, but had no idea where he was going. Loki's hands glowed green, one of the few things visible in the snow, keeping Thor from getting lost. The blonde tightly gripped the frozen flowers in his gloved hands as they traipsed through the snow.

"Are we close brother?" Thor shouted over the wind. "I don't know how much longer we will last in the cold!" Loki nodded as he let his magic guide him. He could see Thor shaking, the cold and snow seeping through his clothes and into his bones. Loki didn't feel it like his older brother though. He found the cold tolerable, comfortable even.

"Wait," Loki held out his hand and Thor blinked. "There is something here, we are not alone." Thor looked at him, ready to take a fighting stance. Loki stepped forward, narrowing his eyes as they started to glow. After several more steps he turned at the sudden shout coming from Thor. The ten year old had been surrounded by spires of ice, and a flash of blue shot past Thor and around a tree.

Loki turned quickly and gasped when something hit him in the chest, knocking him to his back in the snow. "Loki!" He turned in the snow when something wrapped around his ankle. Loki slid through the snow and around the tree, out of the sight of Thor.

He came face to face with a pair bright blue eyes, surrounded by an aura of frost and cold. An Ice Spirit. "Two Asgardians, marching through here with what is mine," it hissed and Loki shivered, fear creeping up his spine. "Shall I make you part of my Forest? A spectacle for those foolish enough to enter here? You shall make a fine addition, yes," long finger pushed the black hair from Loki's face, freezing the strands in place.

"We'll give them back," Loki said quickly. "We only wanted a gift for our mother, we meant no harm, we did not know that we were stealing." He watched as the spirit walked around Loki's small body slowly, feeling the ice creep up his feet.

"Is it not common practice to ask before taking something?" He felt the cold breath next to his ear. "Perhaps I shall show some mercy, I shall ask when you could not." He moved to stand in front of Loki. "Shall I let you or your brother leave? Let you go with a warning for others to hear?"

Loki swallowed slowly. "Let my brother go, he can not stand the cold, he would be a bothersome addition." The spirit smiled wide and laughed. "But he will get lost," Loki quickly added. "I will only stay if you show him the way out of your forest, those are my conditions."

"Very well," it disappeared in a dust of snow and Loki let out a breath. He brushed his hands through his hair, trying to shake the ice off, then knelt to examine his feet. He could try to fashion an illusion around himself, but it would do no good if he couldn't get away. Thor would surely run for their father, maybe he wouldn't have to wait long.

A finger slid across the back of his neck and he froze briefly, before pushing himself back up. He looked into the positively devious eyes of the Ice Spirit and couldn't help but stare. The hand moved to his cheek and suddenly the Spirit frowned and took a step away. Loki blinked and reached up to touch his cheek, but could only feel the lingering flakes of frost.

"Jotun," the spirit hissed before wrapping its hand around Loki's face. His eyes widened as he felt the ice forming, capturing his small body in its position. He watched to blue eyes narrow at him before pulling away, watching and listening the only things that he had been left with. He hoped that Thor would return quickly with help.

The problem with the frozen forest was that it almost always seemed on the verge of dawn, no matter what time it was. While a beautiful sight to most, it was maddening to Loki. He couldn't move, and he couldn't even count the time as it passed. He had tried to keep track in his mind, but soon found that after eight hours he was likely to drive himself mad before someone came. He'd almost wish that the Ice Spirit would come back, it had actually talked to him.

From his very vague calculations he had surmised that possibly two days had passed. There was one thought that was a constant on his mind, though. Why didn't Loki feel the ice as Thor did? Just form walking int he snow his elder brother looked ready to collapse, while now Loki was encased in ice, magical ice, and he only felt faint shivers of cold. Did it have anything to do with what the spirit said before he had left?

"Loki!" Loki's eyes swung over to see several figures coming towards him, his brother running ahead of them. He might have cried in relief. "Father! Hurry, his skin is turning an unnatural blue from the spell!" Loki's eyes widened slightly. Blue?

There was a gust of wind and the Ice Spirit appeared between the approaching group and Loki. "The Allfather himself comes," Loki could hear the smirk in its voice. "I did not know that this whelp warranted such a visit. I would have expected another King to show for him."

"Baldr, take Thor," Odin spoke as he approached the spirit. Loki watched as one of the warriors took Thor's hand and pulled him back with some of the other warriors. "You willingly hold a Prince captive?"

"I think I was not the first to do so," the spirit swept around to Loki side. He could feel the cold hand run down Loki's arm through the ice. "No, this is no longer your concern, Odin," it hissed out at him. "I have come into possession of this one. He shall be displayed in my most prominent of features, spelled to still grow old so that all may recognize him."

Odin pointed his staff at the Spirit and Loki followed it with his eyes. Loki didn't care what Odin would do to punish him for breaking dozens of rules, he only wanted to be free of this wretched forest. "Release him."

"We made a deal," the spirit countered. "I let his 'brother' go, even showed him the way back to the palace, and he would stay here." He leaned down and ran a hand across the top of Loki's head. "Unless another bargain is struck; I suppose I could try and come to some agreement."

Loki closed his eyes tightly, trying to pull deeply for his magic. He fought past the spells around his body, pulling on whatever raw power he could muster. The ice around his fingers start to slowly melt away from the inside until he could barely wiggle his fingers. The tips of his fingers sparked green, melting away the rest of the ice until he could feel the wind on his fingers. If he could have Loki would have let out a sob of relief

"He is an eight year old boy," a voice said from behind Odin. Loki watched as his bodyguard stepped up. Her white hair was pulled back as she dropped his hood to look at the Spirit with her golden eyes. "He is not old enough to know of what he speaks, especially with a creature such as yourself."

The Ice Spirit snarled at them and Loki worked his other hand free. "You deign to call me a creature? Compared to yourselves?" It took a step closer to the two, snow and frost whipping up around it in it's anger. "You're the ones keeping a creature around!" Loki could sense the magic building up, could sense the hidden attack coming. He saw the spears of ice building up in the air behind Odin and Loki's own guard, Renna.

"No!" He felt the ice break away and he called the magic in the area to himself. drawings the ice spears to himself. He closed his eyes, waiting for something, pain, coldness, something to happen. He opened his eyes and saw that Renna was standing in front of him while Odin had pinned the spirit to a tree with his staff.

Loki looked up and bright blue eyes caught his. "We made a deal, Princeling. We will see each other again." A gust of snow and wind flew through the clearing and the spirit disappeared. Loki took a breath then released the excess power he was holding, falling to his knees in the snow. He looked at his hands and frowned; Thor had been right, he was turning blue.

Renna took off her jacket and wrapped it around Loki quickly, picking him up in her arms. She joined Odin as they left the forest, but Loki couldn't stop looking at his skin. He didn't feel any warmer in the fur lined jacket, but he wasn't shaking with the cold like he should have been. He had been trapped in ice, he should by all accounts be unable to move, unable to feel.

"What's wrong with me?" He whispered and looked at Renna.

"Shush child," she said, not looking down at him. "This is not the time for talking." No, Loki knew that, they'd talk as his punishment, for Thor's quest, was decided.