Then in the room appeared a nurse to take Sandra to have her CT scan done.

'You can wait here sir, we won't be long.' The nurse told Gerry.

While Sandra was away, a worried Jack and Brian appeared.

'What happened?' Jack asked Gerry.

'Well she hit her head in the office; she refused to let me bring her in. I took her home; about an hour later she collapsed and hasn't been able to move since. I rang an ambulance and here we are.'

'She wasn't doing anything in that hour that required a lot of moving or not resting was she?'

'Erm...' Gerry looked embarrassed.

'You didn't did you Gerry?!' Gerry had no idea what to say or no idea if Sandra wanted anyone to know. 'Erm…'

At that moment Sandra was wheeled back into the room.

'Gerry, what's happening?' she still didn't have much feeling in her body but still she stuck out her hand for Gerry to hold.

'I don't know Sandra.' Jack looked down at their linked hands and finally knew the truth.

'Tell me you didn't?! While she had hit her head?!' Jack shouted. Sandra then realised her and Gerry weren't alone anymore and immediately moved her hand.

'Jack, its okay I'm fine. Gerry did not take advantage.' The doctor then walked in.

'Jack, Brian can you go outside a minute?' They both stood up and left.

'Okay Miss Pullman. Your CT scan came back clear; you should get your feeling back in the next hour. When you do get it back, I will let you go home, but not on your own in case anything happens.'

'That's okay thank you.' The doctor left and again Gerry and Sandra were alone.

'So, you staying at mine tonight? As you heard I can't be alone!' He laughed.

'Of course I will.'

With in the next hour, Jack and Brian had left and Sandra had got all her feeling back. As the doctor had told her she was okay.

'Come on then Gerry, let's go home!'


They walked out to the car arm in arm; Sandra had a hospital gown on as she had had no other clothes.

'I'm taking you out for a meal.' Gerry told her.

'I'm not dressed appropriately Gerry, anyway I just want to go to bed.'

'Okay, firstly we're going to mine so I can pick up some stuff and then we'll go to yours.'

They walked into Gerry's house; Sandra sat on Gerry's bed while he packed a bag to take to Sandra's. Turning round he noticed she'd fallen asleep, gently he pulled he duvet up over her and positioned himself next to her and put his arms over her and also fell asleep.

Sandra woke up early the next morning, the earliest she'd ever woken up. She didn't recognise where she was but after realising Gerry was next to her with his arms around her she figured out exactly where she was. She reached over and kissed him lightly on his lips, then fell back asleep.

She woke up a couple of hours later to the smell of fresh pancakes and fruit juice.

'Gerry?' she shouted as she realised he was no longer next to him; she walked down stairs and found Gerry in the kitchen.

'Sandra.' He said as she walked closer to him, he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly and she buried her head into his chest. 'You're supposed to be in bed, I was making you breakfast.' She reached up and they kissed passionately.

'Well then I suppose I'll go back to bed.' She told him and walked back up the stairs, while she waited for him she realised she was still in a hospital gown, something she really didn't want to be wearing. She searched for one of his shirts and wore that instead, she was sure he wouldn't mind. As she sat back on the bed, Gerry pushed the door open and put down a tray on the bed, with pancakes covered in chocolate sauce and some fresh orange juice, in the corner of the tray was a small red rose.

When she'd finished it she laid the tray down on the floor and lay back down. Gerry came and laid next to her, she snuggled up in to his side.

'Thank you Gerry.'

'What for?'

'Being there for me and well just everything.'

'Sandra this is exactly what I've wanted for so long now.'

'Me too Gerry. I never thought you felt the same.'

'Sandra, I love you, I have since I first met you and I always will.'


The End!

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