So while I was away on hiatus... AKA an emotional rollercoaster of laziness and depression... I started writing this little story. I had (have?) a lot of stuff planned for it, possible even making this one over a hundred chapters long.

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Part One: For Those Left Behind

Chapter One: A Shameless Victory/For Those Left Behind

She sits alone on the ledge, looking down at the ground from several hundred feet above. Her dark hood obscures her vision, sure, but right now Xion didn't want to look. The tears run into the black fabric, their sticky warmth being absorbed by the Organization cloak.

"Where did you go...? Since when... did I need you...?" She asks softly to herself, hugging her stomach weakly. She feels dizzy, as if she was about to tumble over and skid off of the Tower. She imagines a brief image of her slipping off of it, screaming, clawing at the stones as she fell. She smiles bitterly. Maybe she wouldn't scream. Maybe she would welcome the fall.

She brushes the hood off of her head, revealing the shock of brown hair that she had acquired since that afternoon. Her black hair was no more, it had turned into a rich brown instead. His brown. The girl Nobody looks up at the setting sun, at the pink and orange clouds in the distance. A sharp pang resonates through her chest, forcing her to look away.

"It's going to eat me alive... isn't it? I wish... that it would..." She winces again, panting softly as the pain in her chest becomes sharper, more like someone was stabbing her chest with a dagger. For a moment, she loses her breath, forcing her to lean against the Tower wall. She squeezes her dark blue eyes shut as she automatically clutches at her heart.

She laughs softly, grinning in an almost demented way. Her Heart. She had one now. She pulls the hood back over her eyes as she giggles. She had a Heart. She had a Heart. "Thank you... Sora." Xion says to herself, her grin fading into a weak grimace. Her heart pounds again, that sharp pain stabbing her once more. She groans and doubles over, breathing weakly as her new Heart beats erratically in her chest.

As soon as her breathing had returned to normal, she sits up again, leaning her head against the cold granite wall. She opens her eyes but she continues to clutch at her chest. "Where did you go? I needed you, Sora..." She says softly to herself in a singsong voice, rocking her heels against the tower idly. Briefly, the image of two smiling boys appears in her mind, their voices calling out to her.


She automatically turns to look, even though she knows that she's alone. Only the wind answers her call, blowing fiercely against the Twilight Town Clock-tower. She's all alone. Number fourteen smiles bitterly, looking back at the setting sun. Maybe it was better this way.

"Is being alone better?" A voice asks curiously, sounding almost amused. Xion jumps, turning to look. Riku smiles darkly at her from beneath his own hood, his gloved hand coming up in a slow wave. "So... you beat him." Riku says in an excitedly grateful tone as he shuffles a few steps forward, as if he wanted to sit down beside her. Xion recoils, shifting away from the older boy.

Riku tilts his head in surprise, obviously startled. "Don't come any closer." She growls softly, her hand curling into a fist. Xion begins to stand up, but then sits back down. She folds her legs neatly at the ankle, looking up at the boy. Just like her, he wears the Organization cloak, though he always had a black blindfold against his eyes too. She wasn't sure how he could see out of it either.

Riku shrugs and looks at her for a moment before crouching down besides her. Obviously understanding she meant her unspoken threat, he doesn't come any closer, remaining a few feet away from her. "Did you beat him?" The older boy asks curiously, looking strangely confused. Xion looks at him, a strange darkness appearing in her eyes. She touches her wrist and pulls up the long jacket sleeve.

Riku flinches.

"Of course I did. He couldn't get past my armor. Neither can I." She says coldly, wiggling her arm in emphasis. The white metal gleams in the bright light of the setting sun, tinting it a pastel orange. Riku smiles. "Good. I knew you could do it. … Now, come on. We have work to do." He says eagerly, holding his hand out to her. She doesn't move, only shifts her head away from to look at the sky.

"Hey... do you know why the sun sets red? Cause red is the one that travels the farthest... " She says quietly to herself, feeling that pang in her chest again. She winces, clutching at her Heart one more time before bowing her head. Riku stares at her before taking her wrist, pulling her to her feet. "This is no time for games, Xion. We have to go wake up-" Riku starts to say before he suddenly lets go, jumping back several feet.

The girl smiles, raising the Keyblade up to his cloaked eyes. "I'm not going back, Riku. I think you know that." Riku's eyes widen beneath the blindfold, his breath stopping in his throat. No... she couldn't... "I won't be going back with you. Not now, not ever." Xion says calmly, wrapping her other hand around the hilt of her weapon, gripping it tightly in an all-too familiar stance. She takes a step forward, jabbing the blunt end at him. He takes another step back, his body beginning to tremble slightly. She couldn't...

"Why? You said-! You have to come-!" Riku starts to protest, glaring at the younger girl angrily. She smiles again, a sad smile. Her body suddenly droop, as if a sudden heavy weight had been dropped onto her shoulders. She shakes her head no, calmly pressing the blade to his throat.

She chuckles softly, a very low noise that was filled with nothing but sadness. Nothing but her misery. "No, I don't. I don't have to do anything. … Tell Naminé I'm sorry. Your plans didn't work..." She tilts her head backwards, forcing her hood to come off. Riku gasps softly, a soft mewling noise coming out of his throat. She smiles again, shrugging her shoulders weakly. "I didn't become Sora... I just... became me, Riku." Xion explains quietly, shaking her head all the while. It was obvious from her pained expression that she thought she didn't deserve the phenomenon, that she didn't deserve the Heart that she had obtained.

Riku's lips move soundlessly, his voice dying in his throat. He tries to reach for her, but the metal weapon stopped him from moving any closer without it pressing further into his neck. "The things I can do or know are so few... but I know this. I can't help you... or Sora. Roxas has taught me that. Good bye, Riku." Xion says quietly, lowering the Keyblade slightly. She turns to leave, tossing the Kingdom Key into her other hand quickly.

This was all the chance Riku needed.

Xion twirls around, instinctively throwing her Keyblade back up to her face. Riku grunts as he slams his own Keyblade into hers, the sheer force sending the girl skidding back a few steps. She grits her teeth as Riku pours more force into the next blow, making the girl's body jump with the bone-shaking vibration. "You. Will. Come. Back! Whether you want to or not!" Riku roars, emphasizing each of his words by slamming his sword into hers violently, forcing the girl into the wall with each blow.

He would not let Sora die. Not now, not ever. No matter who stood in his way, he would bring his friend back.

Xion's knees buckle under the relentless pressure, forcing her to kneel before the older boy. She pants softly, the ferocity of the boy's attacks continuing to resonate through her arms. She feels like she was about to faint, the pain was getting that bad. Her fingers sting underneath her gloves and she winces as Riku smiles at her. The older boy chuckles softly but raises his Keyblade over his head, about to deliver the final strike to her. She looks up at him, her dark eyes filling with fear. He was going to kill her, or knock her unconscious. Either way, she would die.

She didn't want to die.

Xion looks down beside her and a bitter smile slowly crosses her face. She looks back up. "Tell Axel... I'm sorry." She says softly, bowing her head in a formal, respectful gesture at Riku. He stares at her, obviously startled. He begins to lower the blade.

This was all the chance she needed.

"If I'm ever reborn... let's play again... Riku..." She says quietly, wrapping her fingers tightly around her Keyblade as she raised her head to look at him. He stares at her for a moment, seeing the ghost of another person within those solemn eyes. Riku, not knowing what he was doing, begins to reach for her, perhaps to haul her to her feet, perhaps just to pick her up and hold her close from relief.

She smiles at him, closing her eyes again.

Without another word, she throws her Keyblade, slamming it with all of her might directly into Riku's shins. Riku lets out a scream before tumbling backwards, landing with a hard thud onto the ledge. Xion scrambles to the edge, throwing herself off of it without hesitation.

As she begins to fall, she hears Riku's voice one last time. "Xion!" She feels his hands brush against her cloak, trying to get a grip on it before she fell. She smiles as she tumbles away from him, her hand automatically reaching up towards him. She closes her eyes, feeling the wind drag beneath her, pulling her down away from the boy who had tried to save his friend.

'I wonder... did I do well...?' She asks herself as she falls, reaching upward toward the sky as her body realigns itself in the air, making the girl fall headfirst. She could almost hear her friend's voice in her head, whispering softly to her. 'You did just fine. Leave it to me.' The voice tells her as she falls into the darkness. Her eyes close and her smile grows that much warmer. She feels the warmth of someone against her skin, like the sun had been pressed into her body... or someone had just hugged her close, letting her feel the brief moment of comfort before she died.

She tumbles into the darkness, allowing it to swallow her whole.