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Chapter Six: Another's Heart

There is exactly one thing to say about fighting Xemnas.

It was almost the single most idiotic decision ever made by Xion in her short, not even quite a year lifetime.

As she slams the Keyblade into the Ethereal blades, it is only sheer dumb luck that she doesn't just drop the damn thing from how the two weapons resonate from the force of impact. Despite whatever her feelings are towards the Superior, he has a steady arm and the way that he easily intercepted the attack showed her that he is in fact a very serious fighter.

A cold smirk slowly crosses his lips and his grip shifts slightly on the glowing blade of energy. He turns his body so that he is facing his former subordinate completely, looking her right smack in the face. Golden eyes look into the blue, and for a moment, Xion sees a brief flash of an unrecognizable emotion in the very depths of them, like the barest hint that there was anything human left.

She only grits her teeth and forces the weapon down, until both of their blades' tips point toward the floor. It is more of a standoff at this point, a way for her to show Xemnas that she wasn't afraid of him anymore. Xemnas only looks at down at the Keyblade, giving it a small fond smile. It is like it is a dear thing to him, as if he knew it well...

And was barely supporting it being in Xion's hands.

Xion squints slightly as she keeps applying the force to the weapons crossed before them, even though she knows it is only a matter of time before Xemnas started getting serious and started fighting back. For now, he only looks at her in what almost seems like curiosity, as if he was wondering what the heck she was doing defying him. Didn't she know who he was? He was Xemnas, The Superior of Organization XIII, the man who had brought the best of the best together to steal back what they had all lost, the one who would be the ruler of Kingdom Hearts itself.

Blah, blah, blah.

Xion's grip tightens on her Keyblade grip and she grits her teeth in an annoyed grimace. She'd heard it all before... and now... well, now she could finally say what she had always thought. "Your hair is the only thing bigger than Kingdom Hearts." She grunts out in a quiet voice and mentally a little voice in the back of the former Organization member's head starts screaming that she was about to die.

Xemnas's gold eyes blink in an approximation of bewilderment and Xion smiles slightly. It seems that the Superior had forgotten one very important fact about the Nobodies of Sora, and it was time for her to show him his mistake. With a deliberate motion to show off, she raises her hand up to Xemnas's face. With a start, he suddenly realizes that both of his Ethereal blades are pinned under the Kingdom Key and that he had to drop them in order to get the heck away from her. Xion smirks with an uncharacteristically grim smile and she says the word in a very quiet voice.


The flames trickle out of her hand, curling around her fingers for a moment like they wanted to suck in that much more heat from her body temperature. With the same force that Ven had used with his wind spell, Xion mentally shoves the ball of flames forward in a straight line. Like all energy, the fire had to go somewhere. As much as it might have wanted to stay with her and the rest of her magic, energy has to dissipate into the air and no more energy can be used than what was already in her body. And so it listens to her orders and shoots out into the air, losing bits of itself along the way as small orange sparks. The fireball, as tiny as it was, slams into Xemnas with the same amount of force that a small caliber bullet might strike an assailant.

After all, Xion's magic is little more than a very basic gun when she shot it out of her.

With a startled cry that Xion isn't sure wasn't genuine, Xemnas tumbles backwards and slams his head onto the tile floor with a sickeningly loud crack. She winces, remembering just how bad that actually hurt if you were the one falling. Gravity was one cruel mistress. However, this is only a temporary distraction. Even now, Xemnas was about to get to his feet and so she had to move quickly.

As if she had practiced all of her life for this, the ex-number XIV flips the two Interdiction blades into her hands and runs right off with them.

They are cold in her fingers, and she knows that she cannot hold them for long before losing herself in them. The blades practically buzz with energy and none of it was positive. Instead, the feeling of being emotionless, of being so cold that she felt nothing, of actually being nothing, fills her body and her heart, emptying her of the emotions she had so recently gained. Her feet plod onto the ground anyway and she feels herself growing colder with each step... and with each step... she remembers.

She had touched the glass with a cautious hand, not afraid that she would break it but afraid she might awaken the person sleeping inside. The boy slept on anyway, too deeply enchanted to break out of it from a mere tap on his Memory Pod. But Xion had touched it like that anyway though she did not know why.

The girl standing next to her had also touched the glass though her touch was a little more brusque and much more rude. From beneath the white hood that hid her solemn eyes, a very faint smile was on her lips. She was happy. Happier than she had been for a very long time, and both Xion and Naminé knew it. She mumbles something to the opaque glass in a rather loving sort of whisper, like she was reassuring both herself and the boy in the flower-like Pod.

As if in answer, Sora had smiled vaguely before his expression turned blank again.

The tears flow down Xion's eyes as she skids across the floor, having suddenly lost her balance. In her hands, the Ethereal blades spark with a new energy, one much more violent than the cold that was robbing her of her senses. They buck viciously in her hands like they had suddenly gained their own life and were trying to get away. Xemnas holds his hand out to the air, curling his fingers into the palm of his hand in a slow, deliberate motion. The Blades struggle harder in Xion's hands, the coldness growing deeper and deeper within her heart.

It feels like she is slowly turning to ice.

She had looked towards Sora's friend, wondering whether or not she had done the right thing. Even now, the memory witch had been approving of her actions all the way up to when she had defeated Roxas. She remembers that she had clutched her hand into a fist then, marveling at how small that little hand that had killed her friend had felt inside of her leather glove. It had felt sick, disgusting even to know she was still alive.

Roxas had been the superior fighter. He'd been the warrior, the Organization's golden boy and beloved Keyblade Master. … So why had she won? The thought of it had turned her insides into ice, even though she technically couldn't feel anything without the Heart that was still inside of Sora. She may have won the memories, but she hadn't won anything she couldn't give back. And Roxas had known she would give back everything to the person it belonged to, the person that they had both stolen from in order to survive in the Organization.

Sora slept on that day, not knowing what would become of him the moment that the glass doors opened to his pod.

Xion screams as the Ethereal blades start cutting into her skin, even though she was wearing gloves. They burn right through them with their icy touch and she screams louder even as she whips them around into a battle stance. Xemnas clutches at his fist and the blades begin to break apart in her hands, each one splitting into thirds even as the former Nobody begins to throw them at Xigbar.

Floating in the middle of the air, too intent on playing with the mouse called Ventus, Xigbar does not notice the blades until they stab themselves right into his arms. The blood trickles down his arms and he comically raises them to his face, his startled expression showing that he was very shocked that he had gotten hurt, who had done this to him, and oh my gosh I'm bleeding all at the same time.

She had clutched at her arms, looking at Sora as he slowly bled to death on the floor. Something had gone wrong. She had opened the doors, there had been this bright light... she had seen something, someone walking with her to Sora's arms. And then everything went wrong. The boy's eyes had opened and he had looked at her with the same expression she remembered from his memories. The same look that he had given to his friends on the islands he had given to her. He was supposed to have been asleep.

But no, the Keyblade Master had been awake and his blue eyes, so close in color to her own, had been beautiful. Like the sky on a summer's day, they had beckoned her to come to him and to give him back what was his. She had placed her hand onto his Heart, had felt it beating between his fingers... and then felt it being ripped out of his chest by something she couldn't see.

Xion could feel his Heart beating slowly within her chest and she knows... that she had just killed the one true Keyblade Wielder in all of the worlds.

"I'm sorry... Sora... I'm sorry..."

Xion pants loudly as she rushes Xemnas, her Keyblade extended as easily as if it had been born into her hand. She then lets out a wild yell and the broken Ethereal blades fly at her, slamming into her path as if to stop her from reaching their master and intended target. She swats them away like they were nothing but annoying flies and continues to run towards Xemnas. The Superior grits his teeth and the formless Nothingness reshapes in his hands, elongating into spikes of sheer malice.

The Keyblade suddenly glows in her hand, gleaming a very bright shade of silver as it smacks against the first Ethereal blade. But Xion has no time to think about this as the force of her blow resonates throughout her arm, shocking her into almost dropping the stupid weapon. Somehow she manages to hold anyway and she glares at Xemnas with as much malice as she had inside of her little body. Xemnas's lips curl into a sneer and he skids his leg back a little as she steps forward, pushing him towards the wall behind them. She herds him mercilessly, giving the Keyblade all the strength she could afford to give it and somehow it works, seeing as Xemnas kept moving backwards.

And then she sees the look in his eyes.

Xemnas had dropped his gaze not to the girl herself but the weapon she was wielding. There is a curious, but still blank, look on his face as he stares at it and a smile slowly spreads across his lips. Like the man himself, it is not a nice smile but a cold one, dank and creepy with all of the promises that anyone that could own a person's very body and soul could give. The Interdiction splutter with red light, the cold sparks stabbing themselves into Xion's torn gloves. The damn things had ripped holes right through them and now they barely hung onto her hands at all.

But just what was Xemnas looking at? After all, he had seen the Keyblade so many times, so it couldn't be something all that new. She was a bit stronger now because of Sora's vitality, sure, but he isn't looking at her. No, his gaze remains firmly on the blade in her hands and not her.

Xion, out of sheer curiosity, looks down at the Keyblade and flinches in sheer shock. What the?

Somehow... in mid-fight, it had changed on her, turned into a vastly different weapon and somehow... it feels stronger. She clutches at the black and white checkered hilt, completely dumbfounded on how it did that. Something didn't just change into another thing for no reason, something must have happened to her Keyblade to make it do that! But what? This new Keyblade is much longer than her original Kingdom Key and much... well, the best way to put it was lethal. Both she and Xemnas stare at the thorn-like spurs at the head of the key, and simultaneously decide that lethal is the best way to describe this thing. It is definitely able to kill someone and the spikes gleam eerily in the light of the Castle, as if eager to do just that.

And yet, Xion can feel something strange inside of it. There is a... an emotion inside of the Keyblade, and she can feel it inside of it. The barbs of the Keyblade are sharp and the whole thing is curved just enough to be like a scimitar in its ability to be waved around in the air like an idiot was holding it but... there is no malice in this Keyblade. Unlike the Interdiction, it feels... noble. Like it was trying to protect Xion, like it had been created just to help her out and to keep her safe.

It is a gentle Keyblade almost.

Xemnas chuckles softly in that eery deep voice of his. "Well. That is new." He says quietly as one of the Ethereal blades vanishes from his grip. His newly freed hand reaches up to touch the Keyblade but something stops him about an inch from its metal.

'No. Not yours.'

The voice is harsh but still very calm, its low tones echoing within Xion's mind like a familiar lullaby. It is the sweetness of a mother's song to soothe her child, the ferocity of the most ruthless warrior, and the friendly tones of a very old friend that you hadn't seen in a while. It is all of these things and more. Xion recognizes the voice, though she couldn't distinguish which one of them it was.

"S...Sora...? Or... R... Roxas...?"


She feels her arm being lifted up into the air like someone suddenly wrapped her limbs with strings and was manipulating her like a puppet. Xion has enough time to watch as she swings forward, slamming the Keyblade into Xemnas's throat as hard as her body could possibly manage without actually stabbing him. The Superior turns a bright shade of purple as he struggles against the blade and Xion's body has enough sense to slap the second Interdiction out of his hand.

She had won.