Phantasy Star Portable – Kotone

This is my first Phantasy Star Fanfiction, and it's based on Phantasy Star Portable. Unfortunately, I don't own the others.


This was inspired by the one conversation between the Player Character and Hyuga, where he offers to teach you to fight better with swords. Said character makes you run away.

Kotone fiddled with her pen aimlessly, resisting the urge to bite the cap into tiny pieces; after all, it was a borrowed pen. Oh Rappy feathers, Kotone thought sourly, I hate psyche questions. She hastily scribbled down her first thoughts about the question and flicked her borrowed pen onto the desk of the person who lent it to her, getting up to turn her paper in.

Laia Martinez observed the tanned Newman as she turned in her entrance exam, scowling heavily at the paper before returning to her seat. Usually Beastmen (or women) turned in their papers first, and Newmans last. She took the paper discreetly, and began scanning the neatly written answers. They were mostly correct (at least, the ones that mattered) but reading the last one, she had to stifle snickers. Hoo boy, Ethan and Hyuga were so going to love this.

"Failed someone already?" Hyuga asked, not even bothering to look up from his paper. Ethan snorted, offering a hand out for the paper to see the score.

"Last question," Laia suggested, smirking when Ethan looked at the highly scored paper in surprise. Hyuga closed his newspaper, scooting over to read the question and answers along with his friend.

100. If faced with a Pannon, how would you react? A picture of said Pannon was cheerfully displayed. Under the picture, written in a slightly spikier cursive, Awww . . . How cute . . . Kill it! Hyuga clamped his mouth shut, trying valiantly not to laugh himself sick. Ethan had no such reserve, leaning forward to bury his head in his hands, elbows resting on his knees, hiccupping loudly.

"Sounds like one of your students," Hyuga agreed, eyes bright with mirth. "Although, why someone as beautiful as you has to be so cruel, I don't quite understand." Ethan sobered up slowly, as Laia bonked Hyuga on the head. I feel so sorry for her if she ends up your student.

In the classroom, a chill ran down Kotone's spine as she packed up to go to her dorm room. She had a bad feeling about her future . . .

Laia watched the students assembled, waiting for Ethan and Hyuga to show up so she could point out the Newman girl. She was currently sitting on one of the few capable-looking men that had passed, who was spitting obscenities at her. When the pair walked over, she pointed out the teenager.

"That's her," Laia announced. Hyuga nodded sagely while Ethan simply gaped.

"What sort of person comes armed for their first class?" Ethan sputtered indignantly. Both of them took a better look. She was indeed armed, with a Double Saber and a Splasher whip. Laia whistled, low, and Hyuga looked impressed. It took skill to wield those babies. Laia grinned at them, before entering the room to select her students. The Newman girl was filing her nails, but glanced up to wave at her before returning to her task. The rest of the class squeaked, like the potential victims-err, students they were. At first glance, it had seemed the purple-haired girl was quite rich, but on closer inspection, everything looked extremely well-worn, like most of the farmer's kids, though the weapons were in much better shape. Ethan and Hyuga came in discreetly.

"Well maggots!" She grinned at them vividly. "My first impression of you is . . . you all suck." Most of them looked a bit offended. Newman however, simply resumed filing her nails, clearly dismissing her opinion. Laia planted her hands on her hips. "And only one of you people is actually armed. That is a damn shame." She pointed to the Newman. "And you, get off him, he ain't a chair." The girl complied with a light shrug, moving to lean against a wall. The boy shot her a filthy look, which she returned with a frosty glare. "But really, showing off doesn't help you here. You can't possibly know how to use those." The girl stared at her chillingly, before raising an eyebrow. Tossing a coin the size of her fingernail into the air, the purple-haired girl struck it with Splasher, sending it spinning into Laia's hand. Laia looked at the coin seriously. It was tiny, just barely visible, a perfect circle in the center of the disk. "I stand corrected." Laia pocketed the disk. "So, introduce yourselves. What are your likes, dislikes, hobbies, dreams, etcetera. Hop to it!" Hyuga and Ethan surreptitiously sat down, as they introduced themselves one after the other. Finally, the purple-haired girl stepped up, the last person to do so.

"My name is Kotone. I like things, but don't much like people. My hobbies . . ." She paused. "Well, my hobbies would make you question my sanity, and my dreams?" Kotone looked around. "Well, if I'm at a mercenary school, my dreams are rather obvious." All this was said in a dry, deadpan tone, and her expression never changed. Laia coughed. There was an actual Newman with spunk and functioning sarcasm mode. Sweet! Laia gave her a sharp look.

"A smartass I see." Laia clapped her hands together. "Let's get moving, shall we?"

Hyuga and Ethan watched as Kotone was knocked down, her weapons skittering away from her. They winced sympathetically. However, Kotone managed to stand up and dove for her whip, bringing it around to counter Laia's sword expertly. A cartwheel brought her to her saber. Using her foot, she sent it spinning up before stabbing it in the dirt to block another hit. Hyuga quietly applauded her skill and daring. The look on Laia's face was murderous.

Kotone hit the ground again. She forced herself into a handstand, and then back flipped away. There were bruises all over her body by this point. Kotone caught the flat of the blade with her palm, forcibly disarming Laia and yanking her forward to land a hit on her shoulder, charged with her electrical TECHNIC. Kotone was forced back by Laia rudely, hitting the ground with a quiet 'oomph'. Again. Hyuga nodded at Ethan, smiling warmly as the teenager sat down next to him.

"Still at it?" Ethan muttered. "By the Holy Light, does that girl ever stay down?" Hyuga shrugged.

"I'm enjoying the show." He drawled softly, as Kotone's torn shirt exposed her midsection. Ethan sighed.

"Pervy bastard." Ethan sighed again, settling down with a bag of popcorn, fending off Hyuga's attempts to take some.

Laia fumed quietly. This girl was worse than Ethan! Seriously, who got up after a concussion?! The familiar glow of a Resta TECHNIC made her groan faintly. Figures. After what seemed like forever, she finally clocked the girl over the head, knocking her out.

"You wanted to see me, Headmaster?" Hyuga asked politely, closing the door behind him. Nav grinned at him, making the young man blink and swallow nervously. "Um, Headmaster?" Nav waved him into a seat. Hyuga sat, a slow feeling of dread creeping up in his mind.

"Yes, yes I did," Nav agreed. Waving a hand, a video of the fight he had observed earlier made him grimace. "Now, I've already talked to Laia and she's agreed, if a bit reluctantly, to the idea." Hyuga winced.

"What idea?" Hyuga asked, half-fearing the answer.

"Well, Ethan was our initial candidate, but you are the better swordsman, so the job was passed to you." Nav said encouragingly. "The Alliance Military and the Communion have been having a huge success with their apprenticeship programs you see, and I was thinking perhaps that we could do something like that." Hyuga stared blankly at him. He was joking.

"Me?" If his voice squeaked, he'd deny it. Forever. "Why not Ethan – or – or Laia? Hell, Leo would do better!" Hyuga protested, wanting nothing more to back up and run. Him, a teacher? He'd end up slaughtering the poor slip of a thing! Nav coughed delicately.

"Do you really want Laia's attention and – well –" Nav floundered for a moment, and then sighed – "Drill Sergeant Tactics on a single person?" Hyuga paused to take in the idea. At the image of a bloody corpse, he shuddered, and put his hands up in surrender.

"Okay, not Laia. But Ethan? Leo?" He pleaded, feeling a bit trapped.

"Leo is away on a long-term assignment and Ethan . . . Do you trust Ethan with this job? Teaching someone, not just hacking them into bits?" Nav asked, amused at the young Casanova's tactics. Hyuga paused again.

Ethan + New Apprentice = Very, Very Dead New Apprentice.

Hyuga coughed, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "Point made," He mumbled. "But Laia's going to kill me, just so you know," He warned, shivering. I'm so dead.

Rappy - A bird said to be good luck to the one who sees it.

Beast - A humanoid race. A physically superior race.

Newman-Elfish race. Faster reflexes and minds, but lower physical strength.