I'm back! (Probably as annoying as ever,) and here's the Kickin' It story I've been working on!


I walk into school as usual, ignoring Donna Tobin and her group of stereotypical cheerleader friends - or should I say, followers. I loathe Donna Tobin. She's stuck-up, flirty, outgoing, nasty, and an all around idiot. Only reason guys like her is because she's hot. Ew. Anyway, they're like the poster girls for the Pep Squad, only because they're hot and get every football player who ever passed by Seaford High - except for Milton, because he's nerdy. Like I care about what you are, just who you are. So, I'm walking towards Jack, and I see Donna flirting with him. I instantly turn jealous - wait. Kim Crawford, you are NOT in love with Jack. But what if I am? "Uh, Kim? Are you okay?" I turn to see my best friend, Grace Miller, staring at me curiously. "Um, yeah, I'm fine. What makes you think I'm not fine?" I stammer. "Kim, Kim, Kim. Ever since that trashy Ricky Weaver left, you and Jack have been super close. When are you going to realize you like him?" Grace giggled. "I don't like him!" My voice rang out throughout the room, and everyone went silent for a minute before the bell rang. In a matter of seconds, only a few students were milling the halls, ignoring Grace and I. "Girl, what is it going to take?" Grace sighed before heading off. I shake my head, and turn to go to Homeroom... only to run into Jack.

"So, who was it you didn't like?" he smirked. "You, Brody, a lot of people," I replied airily, bypassing him and heading to Homeroom. "ADMIT IT CRAWFORD! YOU LIKE ME!" Jack bellows behind me. "As if!" I retort quietly. "Now, Ms. ...?" I hear a voice say formally, getting closer to me. In order not to get caught, I hide behind a trash can, just as a high, clear, girl's voice answer, "Johnson. Bethany Johnson. It's a..." the girl turns and sees me behind the trash can. I make a "please don't tell," gesture, and she smiles and winks at me, "pleasure to meet you. I must say, Seaford High is a very nice school," she compliments, directing the man, our principal's direction elsewhere. She throws a "you owe me" look over her shoulder, and I just nod and head to my classroom.

I sat down and busily began doodling on my notebook. "What are you doing, Kim?" my friend, Julie Williams, asks, looking up from her science notebook. "Just doodling. Passing time," I answer lazily. "Well, I'm studying for the big science test today. I didn't study much," Julie says modestly, shrugging her shoulders. "Crap! That test's today?" I exclaim softly. "Well, I need to study too. Could you help me? I don't know what you've covered," another voice says behind me. A familiar voice. I turn around, and there's that new girl, Bethany Johnson.

She's actually really pretty. She's small and petite, almost like a doll. Her skin was tanned, and her long black hair was pulled back in a ponytail. There was a locket hanging from her neck, and not a drop of make up on her skin. I like her. "Hello," I say hastily. "You still owe me," she reminds me as she settles in the seat next to me. "You owe her something?" Julie asks incredulously. "She covered for me when Principal Burke was showing her around," I blush. Julie laughs. "Bethany's first day of school at Seaford, and you already owe her?" she chokes out. "It's not her fault. Principal Burke freaks me out too. He's too... I don't know... perfectionist," Bethany defends. We all laugh.

This is all I've got for now. I guess I need a little time off from my Lab Rats stories.