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A/N: Sorry for the long wait for this chapter, the last episodes of Rookie Blue this season kind of killed off my Chris/Rookie Blue muse for a bit there and I am working on trying to get it back. Anyway though, thank you guys so much for the reviews, it is always nice to know that others are enjoying this as much as I enjoy writing.



"I just want to help however I can…" Chris stated.

"Is there something wrong with me?" she asked.

"Andy." He said a bit sternly but sweetly "this isn't a discussion." Tomorrow would be interesting.



By: Morgansgurl

It was the smell of bacon permeating the room that roused her from her slumber.

Her body didn't want to comply at first, she kept her eyes closed and let out a yawn and soon after her arms and legs were following suit in a cat like full body stretch, her hands curling in above her head. Eventually she noticed that the feeling of the blankets and pillows around her didn't feel like hers at all, these were softer than hers, not exactly silk, but not the rough cotton of her own – and fluffier.

She leaned her head to the side and opened up one eye, the glaring red of an alarm clock catching her eye first. Five-thirty-two in the morning it told her, flashing for a second as the minute hand changed to Thirty-three instead. She let her eye close and opened her mouth in yet another yawn and stretched her neck from side to side, she let herself rest against the unfamiliar bed for a few more moments before she finally opened up her eyes slowly, staring at a ceiling that definitely wasn't hers, because she didn't have a ceiling fan.

Andy pushed her self up into a half sitting position, resting on her forearms, still not fully awake. She didn't need to be alert to know that she was certainly hungry by the grumbled sounds of her stomach when she got another whiff of that bacon coming in. She closed her eyes and tried to remember what exactly had happened last night and where she was, willing her mind to rid itself of the early morning fogginess it was still experiencing. At least her head wasn't pounding and her stomach wasn't nauseous so she wasn't hung over and that was a plus.

Then her eyes shot open….Sam.

"Oh no…" she whispered, as it all came flooding back to her at once. First with being at the Penny for Jerry's celebration of life, being concerned over Sam suddenly storming out with that dejected look on his face, Sam breaking her heart. Then of course Chris finding her in the worst state imaginable, and helping as best he could.

In the very back of her mind she vaguely remembered offering to take the couch at one point, but couldn't quite remember anything after that.

It was Chris's bed she was in.

That clarified things up at least. Now she knew where she was and how she got there.

There was a small pang of guilt and shame that rose up when she thought about the hot mess Chris had seen her in last night. It wasn't like her to be so emotionally vulnerable in front of other people. It wasn't her personality type, and she could thank her Mother basically abandoning her for that. She had a thing about crying in front of others, or acting any manner of weak. She like to put forward a strong and uncaring front, at the very least portraying that she was focused and composed, send the message that she was in control, even if she wasn't. Last night she most definitely was not in control, completely breaking down like she had was very unbecoming and it made her feel embarrassed and ashamed.

There wasn't anything she could do about that now though, the best option was to move forward and deal with it, all of it, as best she could. She pushed herself into a full sitting position and stretched one last time, reaching high into the air and cracking her back by moving side to side, rubbing her hands over her face.

She pushed the blue and white throw from her body and swung her legs over the side of the bed, taking another moment to herself before standing. She took a look around the room, it was neat and simple. His furnishings were a bit match-y but tasteful with a stained dark oak wooden bed frame, night stand, hope chest, book shelf, and dresser. It wasn't lacking color though, he had a deep blue and white bed set, and thick light blue curtains that kept out just enough light to let you continue sleeping in the morning but not leave you in total darkness. It also had personal touches, a few paintings and framed posters hanging from the wall and personal framed photos sitting on various open spaces.

It was a comfortable homey space, clean and well kempt. It was exactly what she would imagine for someone like Chris. Honestly she was surprised that it wasn't at least a little messy with clothes strewn all over the place and such, that's sort of how Sam's room had been. She took in a breath and looked over to a half open door that she could tell led to a bathroom, Chris's uniform hanging neatly on the front of the door. There was another sliding door set that was partly open next to it that she could tell was the closet, and again she could see clothes neatly hung up inside.

That left the other door as being the exit and that damn bacon smell was making her stomach ache something fierce now. She ran her fingers through her hair a few times in a lame attempt to tame the tangled bed head she was sporting, but it did little good. She tried pulling the top up over her bra again and watched in disdain as it slinked back down, with a sigh she tried tightening the knot she had made in the back and resigned herself to how she looked and headed toward the door.

Her stomached growled the whole way down the hall; she almost didn't notice the sounds of someone showering in Dov's bathroom, almost. That meant that there was at least one other person home because there was no way the pork was frying itself up.

As soon as she entered the kitchen her eyes found the culprit to blame. A sandy haired, tall, and almost scrawny Dov standing in front of the stove, tongs in hand, flipping delicious looking pieces of fat and oil soaked meat. The smell was stronger now and she let out an 'mmmmm' sound, her mouth watering.

Dov turned his head in the direction of the sound, and the look on his face when he saw her of all people standing there….priceless.

"That explains three of the questions I had this morning." He said after a pause, one eye brow raised but a smile on his face none the less.

"Yeah, and what would those be?' she asked flippantly, smiling right back and heading over to the fridge, pulling out the carton of Orange Juice.

Dov reached up to the cupboard just to his right and pulled out a glass for her, setting it down on the counter as he answered. "Why my room mate was sleeping on the couch, why there were women's clothes left in my bathroom, and currently why Chris is showering in there instead of in his own." He listed off easily, in his usual teasing tone.

His comment made her feel guilty again, she hadn't meant to kick Chris out of his own room and bathroom, it was his after all, but she wasn't surprised, he probably didn't want to wake her up.

"So, I take it you are the reason Chris left early…" he ventured when she didn't reply.

"Something like that." She responded, putting the carton back.

"Yeah, because even if he was sick, it sure didn't explain why he would just leave his jacket with his cell phone at the bar when he could have come back inside and ducked out just the same…" he pressed a little, Dov had this way of being nosey with out actually being blatantly nosey. "He's lucky I am a good roomie and friend and brought it back for him." He stated matter of fact. "I had half a mind to leave it." He lied.

"I didn't even know he had left anything behind when he offered me a ride." She didn't even have to lie about that one. Dov however distinctly noticed that she deliberately left out the word `home` from that sentence.

"I thought you left with Sam, I mean, I saw you both leave at the same time." He continued, trying to feel out her mood.

"You thought wrong." She snapped, helping herself to some of the freshly cooked strips of bacon on the plate next to the stove.

"Someone's a bit moody," he commented lightly, teasing her a bit more, but overall he let the subject drop. At how touchy she seemed on the subject of Sam, and the fact that she had obviously stayed the night here he didn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out there was most likely trouble in paradise, "Has to be the clothes. I'd be moody too." He said between chewing bits of bacon, even pointing his half eaten strip at her to make his point as he turned over some new ones.

She looked down at what she was wearing and shrugged, chewing on her own bacon strip, which mind you was freaking delicious. "Blame Chris." She said half heartedly "they are his clothes."

"Really?" he mocked "I just assumed you were recovering from a honey I shrunk the kids movie." He tried to keep his tone as flat as possible, almost monotone, as if he was having a very real and serious conversation.

"Smart ass." She quipped back. Watching as he put the last of the bacon onto the plate and moved the pan to one of the back burners to cool off.

"And Cute," he responded, shaking his but back and forth at her while he wiped his hand off on a rag to get rid of all the grease.

"If only." She didn't miss a beat.

"Don't be jealous now." He told her with a bit of admonishment.

"Right, because I am so jealous." She rolled her eyes and took a healthy drink of her orange juice, curling her feet up under her so that she was sitting cross legged in the kitchen chair.

"Jealous of what?" Chris asked walking into the kitchen.

"Andy's jealous of my fabulous backside." Dov answered with a large grin, causing Andy to stick her tongue out at him and dramatically roll her eyes the same time.

"Right, of course." Chris responded with a laugh, like it was the most obvious thing in the world, and a contradictory look that said he didn't really want to know.

"So what's with the shirt this morning?" Dov asked, taking clear note that Chris was actually wearing one.

"I don't know what you are talking about," he responded, pulling down a cup and opening the fridge taking out the milk.

"It can't be because of the company, that hasn't stopped you before." Dov egged on, he was just loving this, and Andy just looked confused but watched the exchange with amusement.

"I didn't want to be rude." Chris finally added, a hint of annoyance entering his voice.

"I am surrounded by moody people this morning, does the saying Good Morning mean nothing to you lot." He rolled his eyes but his tone was kept light and easy betraying his words, making it obvious he didn't really mean them. Dov took a seat opposite of Andy, setting his glass of water down on the kitchen table.

"It's not like Andy hasn't seen it already anyway." He added, again in his matter of fact tone.

"Dov!" Chris turned around with a clearly `what the f-` look on his face.

"What?" he asked shrugging, "we've all been swimming before, I am just saying that I don't see a difference between walking around the house shirtless and swimming is all." One of the things Dov really loved to do when he was in the mood was make fun of his best friend, especially when it came to his propriety.

Chris, deciding this was a war he simply didn't want to get into, and wasn't going to win, changed topics while loading his own plate with some bacon. "Andy, I threw your clothes into the dryer this morning for you, I didn't have the time to wash them completely but hopefully with the dryer sheet they will be clean feeling, at least until I can get you home to change."

"You didn't have to, but thank you." She told him, her face softening from her earlier laughs to a grateful smile.

"It wasn't a problem, I set them on my bathroom sink for you, and you are welcome to take a shower too. There is some shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the cupboard under the sink if you want to use them. Maybe even a razor and some shaving crème." He trailed off at the end and even though he didn't say it out loud, both she and Dov were well aware that those items most likely belonged to Gail at one point.

The mood between the three of them turned suddenly somber and Andy finished off the last of her juice, setting the empty glass on the table and standing up and stretching "I will take you up on that offer, I could use a good shower." She admitted, and she really could. A nice long hot shower sounded divine.

"There is a fresh towel hanging up for you." He added, as she started walking out of the kitchen.

"You're the best." She said behind her as she made her way down the hall, glad she could come up with something new besides a thank you for Chris. Heck she couldn't even keep track of how many times she had said that to him in the past twenty four hours, and she wouldn't even guess on the amount of times she thought it and didn't say it. As soon as Andy was out of ear shot, Dov turned his attention to Chris.

"I hope you washed your sheets before she stayed over." He said slightly serious. Chris had been on a major track record breaking streak recently with his many womanly escapades since him and Gail split.

"I do every time." He said matter of fact, grabbing his toast out of the toaster.

"Really!? Every time?" Dov said with some disbelief, his eyebrows going up a bit.

"Don't you?" Chris asked seriously, as he sat down at the table and took a bite of his toast. What kind of guy would let a woman sleep on top dirty sheets, sheets that people had done stuff on top of.

"Yeah, I mean, of course I do." He answered, not sounding all that convincing. He was glad for Andy's sake, but who the heck had the time to wash their bedding practically every night, which was the rate Chris was going at here.

"This is really good bacon." Chris commented, attempting to change the conversation again. Dov had a particular talent of always talking about awkward things.

"So," Dov started conversationally and Chris could already tell he wasn't going to like where this was going, quickly finishing off his small breakfast thankful that he was a light eater "What's with the team sleepover?"

"I don't know what you are talking about." Chris brushed off easily, picking up his empty plate and walking it over to the sink to rinse it off. Hopefully he could head out of the kitchen before Dov got to the point, but that was a futile wish because the next words out of Dov's mouth were exactly that.

"The Andy situation, care to fill me in at all…" He tried again, started to feel a little bit annoyed and out of the loop. Dov wasn't the gossipy type, but when something this juicy landed in his personal living space of course he was going to have some questions.

"Not really." Chris just shrugged, feeling uncomfortable already. Andy's business was just that, her business. "If you really want to know you need to ask her." Dov grunted as a response but finally accepted he wasn't going to be getting anything useful out of his roommate either as he took a few gulps of his water.

"On an unrelated note can I borrow the truck again today?" Dov asked placing his own dish in the sink without bothering to rinse.

"Sure, as long as you don't mind dropping Andy and I off at the station first" he conceded easily, it wasn't like he was going to need the truck while at work. He also assumed that in typical Andy fashion she wasn't going to take the day off, it was hard enough to get her to stay home when she was actually sick from the stories Traci would tell Gale that used to get back to him.

"Awesome, thanks buddy." He replied, his chipper tone back full force, a slight bounce in his step as they exited the kitchen.

"What are you doing today anyway? You hardly ever take leave off." Chris asked casually, as he headed down the hall to his bedroom, Dov not far behind.

"Oh you know, just a bunch of errands I have been putting off for to long, the usual boring stuff no one wants to deal with." Dov lied. Had Chris been looking at him face to face he might have noticed, but Chris was the type to have far too much faith in people and would never assume Dov wouldn't be telling him the truth.

"We've all been there." Chris conceded in understanding. "See you in a few." He added as he turned the hall corner and headed to his room, they all had to get ready for their day. If Chris were to venture to guess it was going to be a long one, he just had that feeling.

AN: Well there you have it, a little short for my taste but the next chapter is going to deal with the day at work and incorporate a bit of the episode as well and I didn't want to merge it all together in one chapter and I reached what felt like a good stopping point.

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On an unrelated personal note, I am not pleased with the direction the writers are taking Chris's story. The sudden you are a Dad and I haven't told you and we are going to be a happy family now` didn't sit well with me and that's what brought my muse to a grinding halt for so long on this story. I still can't decide if I am going to work around that plot point and go AU or work it into this fic – I guess we will have to see. However, I am excited about the plot point with Andy/Nick going undercover togeather.

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