Just a little thing that popped into my head. Set about nine months before Buffy is born. Enjoy.

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Rupert Giles sighed as he put his guitar away. It was almost dawn, and nearly all of the fans had already left. Except for one. A few feet from the stage, a striking blond was sitting at a table and nursing a drink. She was slender and pretty, but not his type. He preferred buxom brunettes with full, pouty lips. But this one was… different. She watched him with eyes that were so intense, he couldn't avoid them.

They locked gazes, and he knew that she would be going home with him.

Twelve hours later, she awoke with a start. Beside her, the man she only knew as Ripper was still sleeping, his arm possessively thrown over her. She scrubbed her hands over her face.

What had she been thinking?

Moving as carefully as she could, she slid out from under his arm and out of the bed. Then she quickly dressed and grabbed her purse before hurrying out of the motel room.

Stupid, stupid woman.

Rupert woke a few hours later and reached out, expecting to find a warm, soft body to pull into his arms. All he found was an empty, cold expanse of bed. He rolled over and sighed. It was too bad that she was gone already. She had been wild but tame compared to other women that he had bedded. She had been sweet and soft, but insatiable.

Damn, he would miss her.

A newly married woman, Joyce Summers sighed as she sat in her bathroom. Her wedding ring sparkled on her left hand, but her happiness was tempered by the positive pregnancy test that rested on the edge of the bathtub.

What was she going to do? Of course she and Hank had made love long before the wedding (a fact that she had kept from her disapproving mother) but if she was honest with herself, the time didn't fit. Then she had gone to England, and there was that one single night…

Sniffling, she grabbed the pregnancy test and wrapped it in toilet paper before shoving it to the bottom of the trash can by the toilet. She could have been wrong; the baby could be Hank's. But from this point on, there would be no question. This was Hank's child. He would be thrilled, and they would have the perfect life together.

Dragging herself to the mirror, Joyce stared at her reflection. Her hand absently traveled to her flat abdomen, and a soft smile touched her lips.

She was going to love this baby, no matter what. Everything was going to be okay.

After she had convinced herself of that, she plastered on the large smile of a brand new bride and exited the bathroom to rejoin the celebration that was taking place outside.

The End.

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