Aiden's P.O.V

I still can't believe Jesse and Benny are falling for my act. Today everyone of Ethan's friends are coming over to help regain my 'memory'. James already described them all to me. I'm actually excited to meet Erica. By the way James described her she's hot! I looked at the clock, 2:15 it read. I grinned, I still have about an hour alone before everyone gets here. Jesse was patrolling around White Chapel hoping to find James. When Jesse had told Benny and I this I told James with my mental powers. Just one of the many perks of being a seer and a vampire. Last night was brutal. Benny and Jesse wouldn't leave me alone, asking question after question. I finally told them that I was tiered so they left me alone, the down side Benny insisted on sleeping on the floor next to me. Good thing James put a spell to make me seem human. Meaning I need to eat, I can appear in a mirror or camera, my fangs really cant come out unless I need them, I don't need blood, and I need sleep. I walked around the house trying to find where Benny's grandma kept her magic items.

"If I was an Earth Priestess where would I hide my magic things?" I wondered out loud. When I saw the book case I walked over to it and took out the oldest looking book. I heard a click and the book case moved to revile a hidden room. I grinned for the up-tenth time that day and walked in. Spell books and bottles of different supernatural things were everywhere. On the desk I saw something that looked like blood. I walked over and smelled it then tasted it. I wanted to barf, it tasted like shit!

"Substitute blood. Disgusting." I groaned. I kept looking around. I sighed nothing important. I walked out and sat down on the couch and waited for everyone to show up.

My P.O.V

"Why do I have to go to the king nerds house anyway?" Erica as Sarah, Benny and Jesse.

"Because you're apart of his life. We need to help him remember." Benny said.

"Plus if he remembers his life then maybe he can remember something about James." Sarah told her.

"He's also forgotten more then you know." Jesse told her. Erica groaned.

"Fine I'll go." Erica said.

Half an Hour Later Aiden's P.O.V

Benny, Rory, Jesse, Sarah and Erica walked in and all sat down around me. Benny was to my left and Jesse was to my right as I sat in the middle of the couch. Sarah, Rory and Erica were sitting in front of me. Erica was even prettier then James described her.

"So you don't remember anything?" Sarah asked.

"No I only remember that Benny is my best friend and a spell master, who I am, and that Jesse is a vampire and my boyfriend." I told them. Sarah, Rory and Erica nodded.

"I'm Sarah, I'm Jane's babysitter. I'm also a vampire." Sarah said.

"How did I meet you?" I asked.

"Well Sarah and I were boyfriend and girlfriend and when I tried to take over White Chapel Benny, Rory and you meet Sarah." Jesse said.

"Ya Jesse was trying to get me to join him when I said no he kinda though me into the bushes by your house." Sarah continued. I nodded.

"I was a nerd and Sarah's best friend before I was turned into a vampire and by the way I'm Erica." Erica told me. Even her voice is angelic.

"Erica and I were at one of Jesse party's and ended up getting turned. I'm Rory." Rory said. I nodded.

"Before all the supernatural stuff Rory, you and me were all huge nerds and best friends. Erica was even a bigger nerd then we are." Benny said as Erica hissed at him.

"Those two even had glasses and braces. But Erica is over sensitive about it." Sarah told me.

"Before I forget I guess we should tell you about the last few months." Jesse started. "At your school dance I tried yet again to get Sarah to join me. I ended up biting you to get Sarah to drink human blood. You and I felt a connection the next day we meet up and kissed. We've been together ever sense."

James P.O.V

I signed even though Aiden and Ethan are twins and look exactly alike, I find Ethan much more attractive. I can actually understand why Jesse likes him so much. I still can't believe I got Ethan to change so quickly. I really hope Ethan doesn't cause me too much trouble. I really don't want to hurt Ethan that much. Maybe I can give him a fake vision again. Maybe one that shows his friends in pain. Or even better one of Aiden and Jesse kissing or more. I grinned evilly to myself as I watched Ethan in his cell from a hidden vampire camera.



The Future Mrs. Knight