...and on the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth cycle the Brother chosen by lot for the honor of seeding new life on a raw, new world where the wind blew harsh and the rain fell hard in purity, reluctantly drank from the Cup of Origins handed him by his Brothers.

Thus, the Brethren rid themselves of a burden, a Brother who questioned, who quarreled, who let not one plan go past unchallenged, a Brother full in the Order, yet not of the Order, who loved life as an individual too much despite his vows of unity – a burden lifted from their backs by an honor which cleansed their ranks, restoring order.

So the Brother who loved life, who questioned, who was himself, was purged in honor, restoring harmony to the Order as he unwillingly continued their holy mission, having lost the final argument, plummeting, dissolving, the Cup of Origins tumbling down and down as he disintegrated, seeding this pure new world with his cleansed DNA - DNA which would one day stand up on its back legs and question everything.