Over in the thankyou_bucket community on livejournal there is a 100 word challenge going on so I decided to post my ficlets for it here. They are all unrelated oneshots although some of them could work together. As always, reviews are appreciated (bonus points if you review each chapter instead of one review at the end). Yeah I am shamelessly asking for reviews but they make my day.

Disclaimer: I don't own Terra Nova or any of the characters.

1. Challenge Accepted
Summary: Lucas wants Skye. The trouble is she seems to reject all of his advances. What will it take to win her over?
Rating: K+ (or even K)
Prompt:2. Flowers

"I'm not a flowers sort of girl, Lucas," Skye announced, effectively turning him down. His face fell as his hand that held a single rose dropped to his side.

"If you want me you need to do something to prove that you're worth it."

She was issuing him a challenge.

A week later, Lucas appeared at the gate to Terra Nova with his hands raised in surrender. As he was led through the colony Skye met his eyes and a smile crept onto her face. She knew that this deed was his flower for her. He was surrendering for her.