33. Forever
Summary: Skye left Lucas with fatal wounds, but did he really die? She was sure of that until he began to visit her, begging for answers. But is he real or just a phantom?
Rating: T
Prompt: 'Phantom' and 'why?'

AN: I'm sure that this isn't what most of you invision when you think of the words 'Lucket' and 'forever', but my twisted mind couldn't resist writing this. I'm killing two birds with one stone here and using two prompts.

"Why?" Lucas asked again.

"Stop it!" Skye yelled in desperation.


"Leave me alone!" The tears were falling now as she brought her head into her hands, trying to escape from the questions. He wasn't real. He was dead. He was only an illusion, existing exclusively in her mind. She kept repeating these things over and over again, hoping that repetition would make them so.

She closed her eyes, taking a calming breath, tuning everything out. The questioning faded to silence and Skye relaxed. That was when she heard him again.


He would live on in her mind forever.