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Charles' point of view

La Force is dirty. It is small. There are rats there and the rats are my only friends. I am lonely. I am frightened. La Force smells so horrible that every time I breathe that pungent smell assaults my nostrils. I have no comfort. I have no assurance. I yearn for my family. Soon I will be leaving La Force but not to go back home. My trip out of going to carry me to my death.

Sydney's point of view

When I came to see Lucie last night I asked her if there was anything that I could do for her. I would have done anything for her. She said that there is nothing she can see that I can do unless I am somehow capable of saving Charles. I stay with her until she falls asleep. A memory stirs. It is a memory from a long time past. Charles knows nothing about it. I enter Charles' prison cell.

"Carton," he said, "Of all the people I-"

"I know," I told him, "You least expected to see me. Now do as I tell you to do. Put on my jacket and my hat and sit down and write what I shall dictate.

"Carton there is no escaping this place. You shall only die with me and the people who need someone most will be left alone."

"Have I asked you to cross the door. When I ask that of you then you may refuse. Do as I say."
Sensing my authoritative nature he obeyed. He knew that I was not about to give in.

Charles' point of view

"You will remember," Sydney dictated, "The words that passed between us on a certain occasion"
That was all I remembered before I was deep into slumber. I was floating far away from the tumbrels. I was floating far away from the fear and the smell and the rats. I was home. I was safe. I was with Lucie. I was with Little Lucie. I was with my family. I was no longer the sole person that I was in here. I was no longer alone. Suddenly the things that used to bother me no longer is important. I feel the pressure leaving me. I am no longer frightened. It seemed like minutes but it was probably hours when my eyes opened. I looked around expecting to find the four gray walls, the rats, the tumbles that are taking me to my last destination. Instead I find myself in a carriage. I look around. I can hear the horses trotting. I can hear an musical voice but I cannot focus. A shadow. A child's sweet voice. I start to come out of my fog and I can see Lucie. Her arms are around me and the little one is sitting snuggled in my lap.