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Kim Possible: Origins

By LJ58


Anything is possible for a Possible.

She couldn't tell how many times she had heard it. Said it. How much she had believed it. Truly believed it.

The only problem was, that now she wasn't quite sure anymore that she was a Possible. Not really.

It had started with a harmless query. A simple question that led to a discovery that literally shattered her world, and all her most cherished beliefs.

Just four days ago she had innocently put her focus on a question as to why she did not seem as smart as her parents, or even her annoying, overly curious siblings. After all, if she was a true Possible, why didn't she have the same blatant intelligence? The same careless ability to know and do things without hours of grueling study. Sure, she was smart enough, and she was daring to a fault, with physical skills and abilities that topped most of the proverbial charts.

Still, to be honest, she had to work hard to pass high school. She had to really study to keep up with what was happening around her. She even had to buckle down, and back off on some of her many missions just to ensure she survived her first year of college. The second, to be honest, was no easier.

No dummy, she still wasn't even close to the scary levels of genius that the rest of her family so casually occupied.

Why, she finally wondered, and set out to find out. Was it an inadvertent result of all those 'mishaps' in the field? Or was there something else at work. She had to know.

Enter Wade, her longtime friend and partner in what Ron had once innocently dubbed 'Team Possible.' A label that stuck, and even now followed her wherever she went in the world, even though Ron wasn't quite in the picture these days.

Not with his other duties. And interests. All of which, she still cringed when she thought about it, now focused on Yamanouchi.

Mystic ninja, and all that came with them were way out of her comfort zone. In the end, she didn't protest all that much when Ron decided in a rare spurt of maturity, that maybe being 'just friends' was what they were best at in their relationship.

Meanwhile, being the thorough sort, Wade ran some of his scans on her, and surreptitiously on her family. She was, she learned, not quite surprisingly healthy. Very healthy, but far more shockingly, she also found she did not even share the DNA of her own family.

She was, Wade had inadvertently learned, not a true Possible.

She was so stunned that she had at first not accepted the finding. How could she? Wade was just as astonished, and helped her repeat the tests. Five times. After all, even Wade accepted that she was admittedly a bit genetically unstable after all the mishaps, rays, and bizarre sitches she had faced over the past few years when many of her missions ratcheted up the weirdness factor.

When the last tests confirmed what had already found, she chose to go home to find out what her parents had to say about the ish. It was, after all, not the sort of thing you called home to talk about over the phone. Or even over the Kimmunicator.

This was, seriously the drama.

Waiting until the end of the year, she finished her last class, loaded her car, and headed home.

The entire trip home had her head working overtime as she tried to imagine sitches that would explain what she had learned. What she now suspected. Yet nothing she conjured up in her roiling mind gave her the slightest comfort.

Because everything she came up with was…less than reassuring.


"Mom," Kim said quietly as she embraced her when she got home, opened the door, and found Dr. Anne Possible standing there waiting on her with a smile.

"I thought I heard you landing," she smiled. "I hope you cleared your flight plan with the local airport this time."

"And the FAA," Kim told her, nodding as she stepped back as she eyed the older redhead that still looked pretty good for a mother of three. Or maybe just two.

"Kim, is something wrong, honey? You seem….."

"Is dad here?"

"No," Anne Possible murmured, frowning at her daughter's behavior. "Do you need to talk to…..?"

"Well, I need to talk to both of you. But…..just now, I suppose you will do," she said. Then frowned even as her mother did, and added, "Okay, that didn't come out right. It's just, I had this whole sitch…. Uh, meeting planned. Or I think I did. Then I go, and….."

"Kim, honey. What is it," the talented neurosurgeon urged, concern etched into her lovely features.

"Mom," she asked, stopping to sigh before simply blurting out, "Am I adopted?"

Anne stopped halfway across the living room on her way to the kitchen, thinking some tea might relax them both, and stared back at her daughter. "Why would you think that," she asked quietly. Too quietly for Kim's liking.

"Am I?"

Anne sighed, seeing the look in her daughter's eyes, and sighed the admission. "How did you find out?"

Kim absorbed those words, and felt her entire world tilt, and violently shake on its very foundations.

"We better sit down," Anne told her, walking toward the kitchen now. "Tea?"

"Yeah," Kim murmured, following her with a growing numbness in her knotted chest. "Yeah."

"What I'm about to tell you," Anne said as she finally sit down next to her daughter, her technically adopted daughter, "Is a national secret."


Kim gaped at her, ignoring the steaming cup set before her, and just stared.

Anne nodded at her.

"I'm serious, honey. What I'm going to tell you cannot be shared. Ever. It's….complicated, and I'll try to explain, but it is very hush-hush, and very need-to-know. As it was explained to us, no one needs to know. Ever."

"Even me," she asked quietly.

"Honestly, I had almost forgotten. Over the years…. You became our daughter. My daughter."

Anne gave her a sad smile, and nodded.

"I know I'm not your….true birth mother. That's one thing I can't claim. But, in my heart, Kimberly, you'll always be my little bubble-butt….."

"Mommmmmm," Kim groaned.

"I'd better start at the beginning," Anne smiled, remembering things only she knew.

"Please, and thank you," Kim murmured in a far too subdued tone for Anne.

"Back when I was first starting practice, I wasn't just one of the first female neurosurgeons. I was the first to really push the status quo. Needless to say, I upset a lot of traditional males still getting used to women in the medical field at all."

"I'll bet," Kim smiled faintly, recalling how she was sometimes received by certain men in the 'old boy's network' when she was in the field.

"Well, I had to pay my dues, the same as any other intern. Only it got harder, rather than not, and I finally took a shortcut."


Anne nodded before sipping on her own tea.

"James and I were just starting to date at the time, but he did support me when I volunteered for a special DOD placement for surgeons in critical areas."

"When you say critical….?"

"I tended VIPs in hostile territories. Anywhere I was needed, they flew me in, and I did my job, and then they got me out."

"Something tells me that wasn't as cut and dried as you make it sound."

She smiled.

"Let's just say that you and Nana Possible weren't the only daring women in our family," she smiled for a moment.

"Wow. Sometime, if you can, I'd like to hear about it."

"We'll see. As I said, I was involved in a lot of….classified operations. Some of it; a lot of it; I still can't share."

"I can see that."

"That's how I found you. Or rather, you found me."

Kim frowned again.

"I was helping a certain general in a very, very, very classified location. While I was resting after a arduous surgical marathon, I heard something, and imagine my shock when this tiny, half naked little redhead came crawling into my room, and just grinned up at me.

"Me," Kim asked hesitantly, not liking the idea she was anywhere near some covert place like her mother described.

"You. You were bruised up, dirty, and your diaper was about to fall off, but you just sat down in front of me, and grinned. Like you were having the time of your life. Imagine my shock when the….post commander himself burst into my room leading a full squad of heavily armed men."

Kim just gaped.

"The commander just stared at you, then me, and then back again. I swear that man was genuinely astonished by….something. I never learned what. Two days later, when I was about to leave, I was approached by the commander, and some very scary types in black suits."

"I know the type," Kim grimaced.

"I'll bet. I'm pretty sure they clone them somewhere, whatever the government says," Anne quipped.

"I wouldn't doubt it," Kim smiled faintly, accepting her….mother's attempt to bring some levity to their very serious conversation.

"Anyway, the short version is, you were the child of some very dangerous, but highly placed operatives who couldn't….risk your life by keeping you with them. It was also feared that if some enemies found you, they might try to use you to subvert your parents."

"Did you know….?"

"I never met them, honey. I tried, but never even learned their names. For all I know…."

Kim tensed, but Anne just shook her head.

"When they offered me the chance to protect you. To keep you 'undercover' as my own daughter, I didn't even hesitate. I wasn't even sure what James would say, but just then, all I could see was that wide-eyed little baby that crawled into my room like she belonged there. Fortunately, James… Your father, fell in love with you the minute he laid eyes on you."

Kim gave a slight smile at that, too, but said nothing as she waited for her to finish her tale.

"Technically, we never adopted you, because the records were amended to show that you were my own natural daughter. The…..people involved didn't want any kind of paper trail that might later point to you. It was, as I told you, all very hush-hush."

"And…my….parents never came back? They never….looked for me?"

"Honey, I never learned anything about them. I never even heard about them after that first briefing, which involved a whole lot of secrecy oaths. Most of which I'm breaking just by talking to you. Only….no one ever expected you to figure it out yourself. We are a lot alike, after all," she smiled.

"Yeah," Kim murmured. "Yeah, we are," she said, but to Anne, she sounded beyond sad.

She understood. The expression on her daughter's face just then was breaking her heart.

"The end of the story is that we married, James and I, feigned a pregnancy, and moved across the country to settle here with our 'new daughter.' And, we've never been happier, or prouder of you. We loved you from the start, Kim," she told her. "Both of us did, and we always will. Whatever else you find out, I hope you remember….."

"Mom," Kim rasped, and jumped up to hug her. "I love you, too. I hope you understand I have to find out what really happened to….my other parents. I have to know."

"I understand, sweetie," she smiled. "And I hope you can. Just as I'm sure your father will, too. Just….be careful. Those people back then…. They were prepared to….."

"I know the type, mom," Kim said more somberly now as she eased her embrace, and straightened up. "So, what was that base commander's name? Because I'm pretty sure I can track him down with my connections, and start putting some pieces together there."

"Colonel Frank Stein," she told her without hesitation. "I never forgot the name."

"Frank….Stein," Kim rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I can see that one. Okay, mom. Thanks. I…. I really appreciate your honesty."

"Just be careful, Kimbelry," Anne told her. "I know you're a big girl now, but….."

Kim eyed the other redhead, then suddenly smiled.

"No big. Careful is my middle name."

Anne gaped, and swallowed her laughter.

"We both know that one isn't true," she blurted out.

Kim only smiled as she headed for the door.

"I'll be back. I have to go….check a few things," she told her mother. She paused in the door, looking back, and said, "Love you, mom."

"I love you, Kimberly Anne," she smiled, tears brimming in her blue eyes as she watched her daughter leave.

Then, listening to her distinctive car start, and pull onto the street, she reached for her cell phone, and dialed a certain number.

"Honey, we need to talk."

Anne gave a helpless smile.

"No, no. It's not the boys. It's Kimberly. She knows, James."

There was no immediate reply on the other end.

To Be Continued…..