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Kim Possible: Origins

By LJ58


"Now what," Shego demanded as the Roth flew off on autopilot, still dropping mini-missiles all around them as they ran for the primary conduit Wade had picked out from the thermal scans he had run while they were en route to the island.

"Guess," she said, activating her armor that gave her access to a laser in her left fingertip to open the vent shaft before them.

"Isn't this likely too obvious even for you," she complained.

"Probably. Which is why you're going."


"Don't forget me," Ron said, running up behind them, waving on a band of black-clad ninja who spread out to face the Bebes starting to appear from hidden lifts even as a few human defenders popped up as well even as Global Justice's mini-subs and jets began landing nearby to start their own assault.

"Ron, you go with Shego. They may have the shafts booby-trapped if they expect us. I'll go right through the front door, and take them by surprise. Ready?"

Ron flashed a thumb's up, and Shego frowned.

"Why can't I…?"

"Ever think you'd be the sidekick," Ron asked, and then jumped into the open air duct before the sputtering woman could reply.

They ended up tripping two traps, evading three others, and then finally dropped down into the main chamber where Gray himself was ranting almost as well as Drakken ever did when Kim came crashing right through the door on cue.

Shego was grinning even as the weird Bebe turned on them, and suddenly Bebes were lining up out of nowhere, and all of them were aiming very serious tech at them.

"Uh, Kimmie, tell you had a plan for this…..sitch," Shego rasped, knowing even she was going to be pressed with this kind of situation.

"Don't worry, I have a plan," Kim told her, flashing a smile her way.

The man speaking to the almost humanoid Bebe spun at the sound of them, and gaped.

"Impossible," he spat. "This is impossible!" He was saying even as he turned.

"That's just what I used to say," the smirking woman in green and black drawled as she seemed to pose there after she had abruptly dropped from an overhead duct. "Gotta say, glad I'm not the only one she drives nuts."

"You know what they say," Ron drawled, standing just behind her as he spoke.

"Anything is possible," Kim herself drawled after she had just kicked in the door behind Mr. Gray, who was looking less than composed now.

"Kim Possible," he growled in barely subdued fury. "But you were…. How did you….?"

"As projected. Kim Possible remains the number one threat against the success of our Hive," the woman stepped forward, her tone low and unemotional.

"Let me guess. A new queen," Shego huffed as the three moved toward the eerily lifelike android that stepped up beside Mr. Gray.

"Incorrect. I am not merely a queen. I am Bebe Prime. And I….am perfect," she said with a cold smirk as all around them, Bebes began to fill the room. All of them armed and aiming their weapons at Kim. "Prepare to be deactivated."

"It's never easy," Ron sighed, and took a martial stance. "So, how about that plan, KP? I'm thinking we could stand a little help with the odds here just now."

"All we have to do is take them out. Because they are not getting off this island," Kim told him, and activated her battle suit even as she lunged forward, easily knocking Mr. Gray unconscious even before tumbling forward, and launching a simultaneous flurry at the human-looking Bebe.

To no one's surprise, the new Bebe countered every attack, and proved surprisingly fluid doing it.

"Whoa," Shego growled, catching some of that attack before she was suddenly surrounded, and warmed by a rush of armed Bebes herself. "Someone got some serious upgrades!"

"She's not the only one," Kim declared, ducking the few firing at her only to have their lasers bounce off her shield, devastating their own equipment. Just as they bounced off the others' shields, several bolts almost striking the unconscious general laying sprawled on the battlefield made of the control center.

"Cease firing," Bebe Prime ordered even as she pressed Kim. "They may deflect our energy beams, but they cannot stop…"

Kim ducked, rolled back, and slammed a fist into, and suddenly through one of the Bebes trying to ambush her from behind.

The steel skull warped, imploded, and went flying.

"Spanking," Kim cheered, and continued to hammer those that tried to keep her back from the now glaring Bebe Prime.

"You just have to show off," Shego complained. "When did you start getting stronger than me," the green-skinned woman complained.

"Uh, just now, I think," she admitted, and went to work dismantling anything that got within reach as she continued to try to reach Bebe Prime.

Meanwhile, Shego and Ron, using their own weapons and skills, continued to decimate the ranks of the single-minded robots that were trying to swarm them. Be it plasma, or his now inestimable skills with the mystic blade he had summoned, the pair were starting to leave heaps of ruined robots around them. Only more replaced them even as they fell, and the newcomers were not stopping.

"Where are all these things coming from," Shego complained when she tried to take a breather, and almost had her own head taken off.

"Careful, Shego," Kim cautioned her. "You can't relax around these things."

"You know, someday I really need to thank Drew properly for creating these damn bots!"

Kim only laughed as she continued to fight, finding a strange kind of pleasure in doing what she did best alongside her former sidekick, and the woman she had since learned was her own true mother. She only winked when Shego demanded if she had a real plan beyond just hammering things until they broke.

"Ears, Shego. You know what they say….?"

Even as she was about to launch a quip likely to make her respond with a typically sardonically comment, something around them shuddered violently as the entire complex vibrated from the force of the explosion that sent smoke and debris spilling all around them.

"Boys," Kim called out, opening a frequency. "Tell me that one was you?"

"Piece of cake," a familiar voice came over their shared coms.

"We're on our way, Miss Possible," another familiar voice replied after Wego had answered, making Shego gape.

"Is that….?"

"Well, when Betty called them in, I knew the best way to use them was to keep them hidden," Kim grinned as the ranks of the reinforcements began to dramatically thin. "So I had Wade outfit them all in stealth suits, and then had Betty sneak them in so they could follow us in to find whatever was powering this place, or shut down any likely manufacturing hubs."

"As calculated," Bebe Prime hissed as she stepped forward again. "Kim Possible still remains the primary threat to Bebes' perfection," the android complained again. Then lifted both arms to point at her. "But not for much longer."

"Kim, down," Shego shouted, and lunged to knock her aside even as she was trying to stop three new Bebes at once from holding her back from the Prime.

Even as she lunged, powerful beams flashed, and slammed into the former felon, smashing her across the room, and slamming her into a broken monitor that shattered all the more as her body impacted hard before bouncing to the floor.


"Kim, look out," Ron called, but couldn't reach her as the near-human Prime again aimed at her as Kim turned to check on Shego who wasn't moving.

The redhead howled as two powerful beams slammed into her back, energy crackling all around her as she was slammed into a console that kept her from being forced anywhere. She slumped briefly, then began turning to stare at the robot, and bared her teeth as the energy kept crackling around her. The air itself seemed to seethe with energy as she slowly straightened up, and while the robot was no longer firing at her, Kim continued to be bathed in a hissing and crackling cocoon of blinding energy that all but glowed bluish-white with power.


"You…..are going to pay…..for what you did…..to my mother," she shouted, and leapt up, all but flying across the room to arch down, fists cocked, and trailing electrical discharges of glowing energies that encircled her fists as she slammed into the Bebe Prime's own shields.

And tore through them like they were tissue.


A fist slammed into a joint, shattering the right shoulder.


Another stuck the midsection, smashing through faux flesh, and exposing the intricate circuitry within.

"My mother," she roared, and grabbed the Bebe's humanoid head, and ripped it off her torso.

The robot screamed in a remarkably lifelike voice, but only wires and hydraulic fluid spilled from the artificial construct as the body slowly toppled over while Kim glared into the flickering orbs as the Bebe continued to glare up at her.

"Whoa," Shego's familiar if weary voice murmured from behind her. "Might want to amp down, Princess. I don't think we want to end up barbequed here," she commented as she limped toward her.

"Shego," Kim smiled broadly as she turned to face her, tossing the Prime's head aside. "You're all right?"

"Definitely a matter of perspective," she grinned, brushing at her own scorched uniform, but let Kim hug her even as the redhead's electrical energies faded from around her lean, willowy frame. "But I think you just let loose whatever that crazed bat tried to keep from you. Even I never glowed like that!"

Kim only laughed, and hugged her again.

"I think we pretty much have the locals contained. If the tweebs did their part, all we have to do is mop up, and this threat may be done."

"Tweebs," Ron asked.

"Shego," Hego appeared at the head of her familiar, and colorfully clad brothers. "Are you okay? We heard….."

Hego turned to eyed the room filled with heaps of shattered Bebes.

"Impressive, sis," the big blue hero grinned at her.

"Don't give me all the credit. Kim here….."

"Do you really think… It would be… So easy," Bebe Prime's head asked as they all glanced toward the severed head. "Bebe Prime is perfect. Bebe Prime is everywhere. Even now, I am downloading my AI into every computer interface on the planet. Even now, I am interfacing with every military system on the globe. And beyond. Very soon….your imperfect species will….. Will….. Will….."

"Something wrong," Kim smirked.

"Im….p-possible," the fractured head sputtered. "How…..?"

Kim smiled, and walked over to pick up the skull again.

"I guessed you might have a failsafe. So I had the tweebs sneak into my car, follow us with their EM shield, and put it up over the island once we were all in place. Nothing in, or out, until I allow it. Including you."

The Bebe's eyes twitch.

"You….. Even you….. This is….. Imposssssssss…"

Kim tossed the skull to Hego.

"Want to finish the job," she asked.

The man nodded, and simply closed his hands. Crushing the metal skull between his powerful hands.

Even as General Spare slowly came back to life.

"What….happened," he frowned, and then turned to look around him. "Prime? What is your status? Bebes? Report!"

Then he turned as he clambered to his feet, and found himself facing Kim, and her team.

"Damn," he hissed.

"Let's talk," Kim smiled coldly.

"Damn," Dillon Spare hissed again. "You…. You should be dead. Severely injured at the least. How…..?"

"Haven't you heard, loser," Shego smirked. "She really is all that. By now, you should have realized that anything really is possible….."

Kim smirked as the man actually growled.

"Let's chat," Kim said again, and walked over, grabbed him by his collar, and slammed him down into a chair.

With one hand.

"Because, correct me if I am wrong, but it looked like you and the mechanical psycho were trying to kill everyone on the planet."

The general just glared.

"You can talk to me. Or you can talk to Ron. He's gotten very good at getting answers out of people," Kim told him with a nod toward the grim ninja that stared at him with cold, glittering eyes.

"It won't do you any good. The plan is still on track. Eventually, your shield has to come down, and when it does, the Prime's AI will transmit to every system available, and destroy the world as you know it."

"You're talking genocide," Hego swore. "Why would you help destroy your own race?"

"Not genocide. Not completely," the man smiled coldly. "But most of the unworthy will die. The survivors will be more….tractable. Amenable to proper leadership."

"Yours," Shego huffed.

"Bebe Prime's. She will use the survivors as labor to build a truly perfect world. I, of course, will be their liaison. Guiding the few who survive in accordance with Prime's vision of a perfected world. One where man and machine will finally mesh in a perfect, orderly society."

"Cuckoo," Shego muttered, twirling a finger around her temple.

"I am not crazy," Spare hissed. "It would work…. Will work. Once we were rid of you. That was why I built the Aerie. Refined the trained assassins that Dr. Foxx began. But you had to be better than they were. You were….too unpredictable. Too….gifted. If only you were on our side," he said, eyeing Kim. "We could have advanced our plans well beyond this minor setback," he crowed.

"Definitely nuts," Mego said, and walked over and stood beside him. "Anything else, Red? Or can we shut up the loon?"

"One last question," Kim said. "You know a lot of what is involved her. "Is Kondor really Dr. Foxx's kid?"

"Yes," he smirked. "When she realized she was pregnant, she tried to infuse the comet powers genetic matrix she initially isolated from you," he said, eyeing Shego, "Into her fetus. Only it didn't work as expected. He was deformed. A freak. And unstable, as well. That was why she fixated on creating a natural child born of your own flesh after she gave the freak to us for disposal."

"No," a hoarse voice spat, and a lean, dark figure dropped from the ceiling where he had been hiding. "You're lying! My mother loved me," Kondor shouted as he glared at the man.

"Your mother didn't love anything but her work," Dillon sneered. "Least of all a useless, freak like you. You could have been the best of our agents, but you let your own insanity cripple you. I doubt you would have lasted half so long if we had not bee guiding you all this time."

"Harsh," the Wegos murmured as Kondor turned to glare at Kim.

Then Shego.

"You're lying. I was always better than her. Than them. Always. Mom knew that. She knew I was better!"

"No, she didn't. Even after we learned you could use your wings for more than flight you were still…..common. The Aerie proved we could duplicate your abilities with greater efficiency. We didn't really need you."

"But….I was the leader! The best….!"

"You were a blind. Someone to use to dupe others we wanted distracted. You had some value as an assassin, but…..just barely. Frankly, Five is a better agent than you ever were."

"Who is he? Where is he? I'll fly rings around him! I'll tear him into pieces! I'll make him die so slowly he'll think he's in hell!"

"You? You couldn't even beat a single girl," Dillon laughed.


Kondor turned to glare at Kim, then swung around in the same motion, launching over fifty feathered darts into Dillon's chest and face.

The man howled in agony, his flesh purpling, and turning raw even as he convulsed violently, and dropped to land in a fetal ball as he twitched, shuddered, and finally went utterly limp.

"Showed you," he huffed, scowling like a petulant child. "I showed you. I…."

"This guy is seriously deranged," Hego exclaimed after he dropped a fist atop his head, literally knocking him unconscious before he even hit the floor.

"I wonder," Kim murmured.


"I just had a thought. What if all those toxins are….affecting his mind? Maybe he really is poisoning himself. Just slowly, and by degrees?"

"That would explain a few things. But let's face it, Princess," Shego told her, looking down at the unconscious birdman. "This guy is seriously shy of a few marbles."

"From what I recall of Dr. Foxx, it runs in the family," Mego muttered.

"Yeah," Shego said, glancing at her sibling. "It does."

"Turn him over," Ron said somberly as he stepped forward, his right hand starting to glow.

An instant after Kim rolled him over on his stomach, the large, dark wings fell away from his back after Ron summoned the Lotus Blade, and effectively sliced the potentially deadly wings from his back, the elongated shoulder blades cauterized by the energy of the mystic blade.

"You don't think they'll grow back?"

"No," Kim murmured. "I noticed his scars earlier. He doesn't have a healing factor like you guys," Kim told Shego.

"You hope."

"I hope."

"Let's call the tweebs, and make sure the AI is really shut down, and can't go anywhere before we drop their shield," Ron suggested. "I'm ready to let GJ finish cleaning this one up."

"So am I," Shego muttered. "I've seen all the Bebes I ever care to see today."

"Is it really over," Hego asked Kim.

"Maybe. Without a control signal, the twins' shield should have shut down every Bebe off the island, which would leave them easy picking for our people out there. We still have to find out who else was working with Mr. Gray here, and shut them down."

"There's still a last member of the Aerie out there, too. And we still have to deal with Sparrow."

Kim nodded.

"One thing at a time. Let's get to work on shutting down what's left of this place."

"One it," the Wegos declared, and left the control room, already multiplying even as GJ agents began to appear in the corridors as they progressed through the complex once the Bebes were apparently neutralized, and left them only a few human guards to manage.

Kim paused to tie up Kondor, and dragged him after them.

"Just in case," she told Ron who eyed her.

"We should just put him back on ice. I don't think he's going to be of much use after today. Or much good, frankly," Shego huffed.

"Shame on you," Kim chided her. "How's he going to learn his lesson if he has to sleep his life away in cryo."

Shego rolled her eyes.

"You haven't forgotten Kim's all about saving everyone," Ron asked teasingly as Hego smirked at them.

Shego wisely said nothing as they met Dr. Director, and quickly filled her in on events.


Kim yawned as she sat up, and looked around.


"Hey. Awake already?"

"What time is it?" "Just after three. I expected you to sleep longer."

She yawned again, and eyed Shego.

"You didn't," she remarked, looking around the room that her mother kept ready for her in spite of her growing up, and moving out.

Then again, she did still spend a lot of time here.

"I just woke up a few minutes ago. I was getting ready to head out. Work tomorrow. And with all the cleanup yet to do, everyone is busy."

"Yeah," she agreed. "I can see that. You think Dr. Director can really help Conner?"

Shego sighed.

"Frankly, I'd be surprised if they didn't just stick him back in an ice cube. The guy still has major issues."

"Yeah," she murmured, remembering all too well how he came awake screaming how he would be avenged on all of them for maiming him. "I'm more worried about whoever this Five is, and who upgraded that Bebe Prime. We still don't have all the answers."

"You never do. Not in this business. Trust me on that one."

Kim sat on the edge of the bed, and looked up at her.

"So, are you going back into the business?"

"Not a chance? I was just watching your back, Princess. But I'm thinking you've got all the answers you need now. And all the power."

"The only thing I ever really needed was my friends. And my family. All of my family," Kim told her. That's what makes me good at what I do. Having my friends and family behind me. You guys… You are all what makes it possible for me to be….. Well, me."

Shego shook her head.

"Modest to the end. No wonder Drew hates you guys," Shego commented.

"I'm just glad we were able to get rid of that island of Bebes. I can't believe there were people willing to help them overthrow the world like that."

"Face it, Kim," Shego told her. "There are always people like that. I just hope your Dr. D finds all the puppets they had in place so they can't…."

Both women froze at the sound of Kim's distinctive Kimmunicator.

"Go, Wade," she said, holding up her wrist as she switched the device on.

"Sorry to wake you, Kim," Wade told her somberly, not seeing the expression on Shego's face. "We have a sitch in England. Gemini showed up with Professor Dementor, and they seem to be trying to take over the royal palace."

"I'm on my way," Kim said, jumping up now as she headed for her closet, grabbing for her mission clothes.

"Go get 'em, kid," Shego murmured with a faint smile, watching her car fly off a few minutes later.

Never The End…..