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"Mum, Dad, I'm going to walk down to the library for a while. I want to look through some new spell books." Albus said, walking into the kitchen where his parents were sitting at the table, talking. Ginny laughed.

"Can't wait to get off to Hogwarts next year, can you?" she asked, ruffling his hair.

"It's only 8 months away! I just want to get a head start on my classes." Harry laughed, and smiled at his son.

"You know, Al," Harry said, grinning. "Sometimes it's hard to believe that you and Aunt Hermione aren't actually related by blood." Albus rolled his eyes.

"So, can I go?"

"Yes, Honey. Just don't start reading while you're still there, once you have your books come straight home."

"Okay. See you!"Albus grabbed his library card out of his mother's purse and raced out the door. Less than ten minutes later, he arrived at the library and walked in. As usual, he walked by the muggle section without a second glance, and walked to the back of the library until he reached a door that said "DO NOT ENTER- CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS". Grinning, Albus ignored the sign and tickled the door right under the handle. He heard a faint click, and it unlocked. Albus walked into the room, and a broad smile spread across his face. This part of the library was blocked off for muggles, filled with spellbooks and other magic related books. He wandered around for a while, flipping through "Quidditch Through the Ages" with mild interest, looking for nothing in particular, until a familiar name caught his eye.
"Harry Potter"? He wondered aloud. There's bound to be tons of Harry Potter's in the wizarding world. Albus convinced himself. Unless... he stifled a gasp. The "P" in Potter was shaped like a lightning bolt, the exact same shape as the scar on his father's forehead. As quickly as he could, Albus grabbed all seven books with his fathers name on the title, and checked to make sure that he hadn't missed any. He was desperate to begin reading them, but, on his mother's instructions, checked the books out and went running home, as fast as he could. When he finally reached his house, he knocked on the door anxiously, hoping that his father wouldn't be the one to let him in.

"Hello, Love", Ginny said cheerfully when he walked in, his arms full of books. "Load of books you've got, there!"

"Merlin's beard, Albus! Did you take the entire bloody library home with you?" Harry asked, winking. Albus looked at his dad, nervous that he would see what he was carrying in his arms.

"Er, I'm going to go start reading. I'll be in my room," he said quickly, and went sprinting out of the room. Once he got to his bedroom, he threw himself down on the bed, and checked to see which book was the first.

"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone." Albus murmured. Without further ado, he began reading.