Author's Note: This is a story I've been conceiving for a very long time and am finally ready to attempt to write. Kurt Hummel is going to Hogwarts to be reunited with his missing twin, Harry Potter. Kurt, his father, his mentor, and his friends have prepared for this moment for years, and no one - not Voldemort or Albus Dumbledore - will stand in his way. More notes at the end of the chapter.

As the day of the death of the seventh month dawned, Kurt Hummel rolled over on his side, the light from the enormous bay window in his bedroom bathed his face. He blinked once, somewhat harshly, and awakened abruptly. He yawned and sat up in his large sleigh bed before gently laying back against the overstuffed king-sized pillows, sighing gently.

He surveyed his room, pleased with how he had appointed it. The walls were a deep mustard with a teak wainscoting and crown molding painted in the shade of Devon cream. The carpeting was plush and matched the molding exactly. Aside from the bed, there was a large armoire lining the wall opposite the end of his bed, which housed his entertainment system. The abutting wall, running the length of the room, held his rather large mahogany desk, either side of which was flanked by matching bookshelves.

The woods were heavy, antiques dating back centuries, but were durable and functional. The room was large enough that it wasn't dominated by the furniture, all of which had been placed for maximum efficiency and aesthetic flair.

He was going to miss this room, which had become the sanctuary of his often hectic life.

"Happy Birthday, Kurt," he whispered softly to himself.

He would be celebrating with the requisite party in roughly three weeks, but his actual birthday was today, the last day of July.

"Born as the seventh month dies," he murmured, feeling his world crashing in on him.

His restless mind settled on thoughts of his brother, and he wondered what his missing twin was doing at that moment. His brother would have already received his Hogwarts letter by now.

"Happy Birthday, Harry."

He didn't understand how it was possible to miss so horribly someone he had never truly known. He had no real memories of Harry, but only feelings of love and loss. He wondered if Harry had those feelings as well, if he also felt as though a huge part of himself was missing.

Could Harry miss someone he didn't remember?

By all accounts, mostly gleaned from that rag which passed itself off as the newspaper of wizarding Britain, Harry had no idea he even had a brother. Harry was the Boy Who Lived, while Kurt was all but forgotten. He didn't begrudge his brother the fame; he knew well given his father's career how fickle public opinion could be. In fact, he was sure that as soon as Harry reentered wizarding society, he would be immediately longing for obscurity.

And therein lied Kurt's true power: no one knew who he was, save very few, and Britain certainly wouldn't be prepared for what he would unleash upon them.

Rage coursed through his veins, undiluted fury that he had been separated from his brother and given away like he was so much trash. Thankfully, he had been adopted by Burt and Suzanne Hummel, who, as far as Kurt was concerned, had been the perfect parents. Even after Suzanne had died, Burt continued to be nothing less than a devoted father, fiercely protective of his only child.

But what of Harry? No information on his placement had been unearthed, despite numerous and insistent, though subtle, attempts. Had Harry been as lucky as he? Was he loved and cared for as he deserved? The thought that he might not be made Kurt want to howl with frustration. Soon he would know, however, and then appropriate action would be taken.

In roughly one month, he would be reunited with his brother, and woe betide anyone who interfered.

He, with the help of his advisors, had made numerous plans, short and long-term contingencies, depending on his arrival at Hogwarts and what he would discover. He knew it would be exceedingly difficult to get close to Harry and most likely very dangerous to himself, but he would not be deterred. He didn't care that Voldemort was likely still alive, existing somewhere as a parasitic wraith. He didn't care about Britain and their stupid Pureblood war and prejudices.

He was going to get his brother back and do everything in his power to ensure Harry's survival, no matter who he had to destroy in the process. He smirked at the thought.

Kurt nodded to himself and hopped out of bed, storming toward the bathroom. He had to complete his ablutions and get dressed before reviewing today's agenda.

In roughly three hours, he was certain Albus Dumbledore would be arriving to deliver his Hogwarts letter, expecting an easy sell. The man was in for a rude awakening. Kurt would be recalcitrant and unimpressed by the man's legend and the promise of a vaunted Hogwarts education. He would then proceed to make his demands, all of which he was sure Dumbledore would grant in order to secure his attendance.

Harry Potter was well and truly the Boy Who Lived, the child who had defeated Voldemort a decade previous; he had earned the title and respect which came with it.

Kurt Hummel, however, once known as Liam Potter, also fit the prophecy, and he was sure Dumbledore would want to keep him close at heel, along with Neville Longbottom, just in case Harry didn't survive his perceived duty.

He smirked.

Matching wits with the most celebrated wizard of the last century? Not a problem.

He shut the bathroom door and turned on the shower, shrugging out of his pajamas.

"You have no idea what's coming, Albus, but trust me, my performances always deliver."

End Notes: I want to explain some things about what you can expect from this story so that you can decide whether or not you're interest in following it.

First, Kurt will not be super!Kurt. He will, however, be highly skilled!Kurt. He's extremely intelligent, politically astute, and has been educated in magic for a number of years. In other words, he's not a typical first-year. Reasons for how he knows what he knows and why he knows it will unfold as the story progresses.

Second, you can expect me to adhere very loosely to canon, but I will ignore the parts that disinterest me and elaborate and exaggerate those canonical points I feel will push story along. Consider this to be a massive AU. If this is not your cup of tea, bygones, but don't say you weren't warned.

Third, I don't write child characters as innocent waifs ignorant to the world around them. That's simply not reality. There are certainly children who are thoughtful, articulate, and quite adult in how they interact with their peers and families, so expect a lot of that with Kurt and his friends, much to the bewilderment of Harry and his. Children have fought wars and built nations. I refuse to treat them as less than that simply because they're young.

Yes, Kurt will have two friends accompanying him to Hogwarts. Thank you to all who voted in my poll. Santana was the clear winner by a very wide margin, which pleases me, as she was going to go regardless. Care to guess on the second? They weren't a very popular choice, but I suspect the people who voted for them suspected where I might be going.

Kurt is gay, and he will be in this story. He will meet his boyfriend early on - and, yes, they will be dating even at such a young age - but it will be entirely innocent, e.g. hand-holding at the most, at least for the first three years. Again, if this will bother you, abandon ship now.

Dumbledore is not evil in this story. He is manipulative, yes, but not malicious. He truly believes he's doing what's necessary to save his society. That doesn't mean he's right, and neither do his power and age mean he's invincible. He's simply unused to being challenged, and Kurt will challenge him often.

So, if this is something you'd like to see more of, please consider dropping a comment. Who's going with Kurt? Will the Golden Trio still become friends? Who will be Kurt's boyfriend? What Houses will they be in? What kinds of pets or wands will they have? What kind of hell will Santana unleash upon everyone, particularly Snape? I welcome your speculations and, if I use any of them, I will attribute accordingly.