Author's Note:

Truth or Dare! Hi guys, I know that you all hate author's notes so I won't be posting any. This is my first and last. Enjoy!

Percy's POV

I was lying on the beach alone and enjoying the smell of the water and the cool summer

breeze. I felt someone coming towards me. I looked back and saw it was Grover.

"Huh" I sighed.

"Hey dude, what's going on?" I asked him. Being a satyr and the God of the wild, I don't get

to see him around that much.

"Well, I and Annabeth are planning a game of Truth or Dare tonight after dinner. You in?" he said.

"I guess I am free tonight. So count me in."

"'Kay see you after dinner."

"Yeah sure, after dinner." I gave thumbs up and he walked off.

A game of truth and dare, huh. It's gonna be F.U.N.!

Percy's POV

I entered the dining pavilion, ate, and offered my offerings to the Gods. I got ready to go to

the Hermes cabin, which were Grover told me to come for truth or dare. I entered the cabin

and saw that Annabeth, Grover, Clarisse, the Stoll Bros. and some other of my friends were all

sitting and waiting.

"Oh Gods, finally you're here. You are the last one to come!" Annabeth said pointing to a

place next to hers.

"Sorry." I said as I sat next to her.

"Okay, so who wants to start?"

Percy's POV

"I'll go." I heard Katie say.

"Kay so, um... Travis, truth or dare?" she said.

"Um... Dare."

"I dare you dace on 'Sexy and I know it'!"

"What?... I mean okay, let's do it." Therefore, he went and stood up on the bed while Connor

started to play the song. Travis started dancing a very, very, very funny dance. All of us

started to laugh. It was so hilarious. He came and sat back next to Katie.

"Kay, Matthew... Truth or Dare?" Travis asked.

"Dare." he said not realizing he's taking a dare from the greatest prankster of the camp. Travis smirked evilly.