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Chapter 14

Percy's POV (the whole story is in Percy's POV)

I don't know what was in the 'e-mail' but I don't care. I mean, its just an email that made Hades smirk. That was one heck of an email.

Hades told us to wait in his lounge and I don't know why, but it was pretty cool, you know. The whole Mike Jagger style.

We decided to continue our game here. It was Conner's chance, I reckon.

'Nico, Truth or Dare?' he asked.

'Dare.' He said 'wait if everyone's choosing dare, why don't we change the name to Dare or Dare?' he asked.

'Fine Nico, we will.' I said 'Now this game is officially Dare or Dare?'

'Good! I like it.' He said it looking all happy, wait Nico looking happy. Now that's weird. Again everything in my life is weirder.

'I dare you go and check out what was written in the 'e-mail' we delivered to Hades.' He said after a long wait.

'Uh, I don't, I don't know his password.' Nico said.

'Apparently, neither does he.'

'Well, you see, he is my dad you idiot.'

'Yeah, and that's why you are the only one who can do it.'

'Stop arguing guys.' Annabeth interrupted.

'Kay, I'll do it.' Nico agreed at last. Wait, this isn't the last. This things gonna take a while to last. I'm telling ya.

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