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most of my life I've been a devoted fan of Chrono Trigger and Dragon Ball Z. I always wondered what it would be like if Magus's journey took him to the Dragon Ball universe. I used to obsess about it over the years until I finally decided to put it all down on paper. Surprisingly I ended up making a 14 chapter epic. I tried my best to maintain its consistency with the Chrono Trigger time-line, in addition to making it work with the storyline of DBZ. But anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this fan fiction as much I worked on it. :) I'm still in the process of perfecting the other chapters, So I plan on posting a new chapter at least once a week. Feel free to leave any comments, and anything to help improve my work is always appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this, enjoy it everybody. :D


Chapter 1: Lost Beyond Time

Standing firm on top of the cliff's edge, on the outskirts of the fallen kingdom of Zeal, a restless traveler pondered deeply. Consumed by his past, the thoughts of old flowed in his mind.

"Ten Years have passed," the traveler said, being clad in darkness. Protected by pure golden armor, his dark cape flowed with the wind. "Since that fateful hour, when fate allowed me another opportunity... a chance to save her." Gazing into the vastness of the sea, Magus remembered the lush paradise atop into the heavens above: The Kingdom of Zeal.

"Forever gone is the great kingdom and all the ambitions of its people." Magus said to himself, observing the waves gently rippling through the current. "Though I was just a simple child, I remember my so-called mother who sold her soul to the corrupted power of Lavos. Even though I defeated it with my own hands..." Magus paused, gently holding on to his amulet, which someone close gifted him during the days of his youth. "My heart forever remains uneasy... for this is all I have left of her."

Tormented by his lifelong demons, a river of sadness and sorrow surged through his veins. Optimistically, he held on to the hope of saving his lost sister: Schala. On the outside however, he appeared emotionless, detached from the world and the remains of its living culture.

"I have searched for all these years, and found nothing."Magus continued, "it seems all my efforts were in vain. Seeking far and wide, my journey seems never-ending." Continuing to hold on tightly to his sister's gift of protection, a gentle breeze picked up again. "Perhaps she remains adrift, lost somewhere between space and time." Magus pondered deeply, noticing a brighter glow from the amulet. "If only I could find a way to reach out to her."

"There is a way Janus," echoed the sound of an elderly man, standing right behind him.

"Haven't seen you in awhile," Magus muttered, turning to face the old man. "What brings you to this world? Has the end of time grown boring over the years?" Magus asked, finding humor at his insulting remark.

Approaching the Cape of the fallen world, was an old man wearing a dark brown coat, and a brown hat to cover the baldness of his head. With both hands, he held on to his cane, for he was once Gaspar: The Guru of Time.

"Well Janus, I could not help but overhear your words." Gaspar said.

"Do not refer me by the name of that child!" the words of the old man pinched his nerves. "I am no longer that helpless boy who hid in the shadows." Tensing his hand around his sharp bladed scythe, the old man gently smiled at the angered caper.

"This might be true..." the elderly one said, briefly pausing, "but your heart is still the same, so listen well. I may hold the answer you have longed for; the secret of your missing sister, Schala."

Widening his eyes, the dark caped warrior became curious, wondering what secrets the Guru of Time has in store.

"Explain yourself old man, or I shall add your heart to my blade as you watch me feed it to the fishes of the ocean." the long-haired wizard demanded ruthlessly.

"Now Magus," Gaspar calmly laughed. "There is no reason to resort to hostility... but let's just say that there could be a way to bring her back from the realm of the lost."

"Humph... you tell me nothing I don't already know." Magus huffed, stubbornly turning his back away from the old man. "So enough of you wasting my time, I have lost enough of that in my life already... just... disappear, and leave me be."

Continuing to gently smile, the old man placed his hand upon the firm shoulder of the blue haired warrior. "I know you better, then to give up so soon, Magus." stated Gaspar. "If you give me the chance, I was going to show you the next step, in saving your lost sister."

Anger, frustration, and impatience fueled Magus, almost to the point he snapped in rage.

"I already told you to explain this to me!" Magus howled in frustration, turning around to face the old man again. Venting his anger, he tensed his body, releasing electrical impulses in every direction as the ground cracked in fear of the reaper's dark power. "I have waited this whole time."

"Very well," replied the old man. "Allow me to lead the way."

"Humph," Magus murmured.

Leading him away from the cape, they both traveled a short distance through the remains of the fallen kingdom. Entering into a recently developed forest, they followed the narrow road. Even though the green woods were young, life blossomed into the broken world of hope. As they continued their stroll, the Guardian of time guided the wizard of impatience to the path's end.

"Leading me to a dead-end... what a waste of time," Magus groaned in frustration. "Have you become senile over the years old fool?"

Ignoring the insults of the hot-headed Magus, he snapped his two fingers, forming a blue colored sphere. Quickly expanding, a time portal came to light.

"Hmm... and I thought all the portals ceased to exist... How some things just never change." Magus said out loud, pondering at the sight of the time warp.

"Afraid to step in Magus?" jokingly asked the retired Guru.

Catching him off guard, the old man pushed him into the gate, hurling him helplessly through the portal. Jumping right behind him, Magus and Gaspar ventured through time. Finally, a new journey began.

Traveling through the colorful acid trip, helpless shouts and screams from the confused reaper echoed throughout the tunnel of time. Once the Scenic ride came to an end, Magus found himself laying down face first into the hardwood flooring of the end of time. Only a small, dim-lit alleyway remained in this era, with a few hall ways and doors which most of them lead to other eras of time, and to parts unknown. Once Gaspar casually arrived, he offered to help the stumbled reaper off the ground.

"Was that necessary?" Magus mumbled. Refusing his help, he returned to his feet after kissing the hard wood floor. "Do not ever... put your hands on me again." snarled Magus, mildly upset at his incident. "So is this how you treat all your guests now?"

"Only the rowdy ones." declared the cane holder, laughing at him hysterically. "But we have more important issues to attend too."

"Indeed... now tell me... what do you know of Schala's whereabouts?" demanded the stumbled wizard.

"I must ask you," started the man of elderly, raising his left eyebrow. "How badly, do you wish to save her?" Looking deep into the eyes of Magus, he saw nothing but determination from him.

"If it means sacrificing my life so she can find peace, then I will do whatever it takes." Magus bluntly stated. 'Schala,' Magus said thoughtfully, trying to hold his emotions intact. 'You were the only one who was ever there for me. Always have you been my true friend.'

"I see your determination Magus."said Gaspar calmly, standing in the center of the squared alley way at the end of time. "Your desire to destroy Lavos is all you have lived for. Let me tell you Magus, your sister still lives," explained the old man. "In fact, she no longer exists in this world like you suspected. Her soul drifted into another plane of reality: Another dimension, which lives in sync with your world."

"So an alternate reality then?" asked Magus, intrigued by his new dose of information.

"That is Correct." said the old man, ready to tell Magus of some further bad news. "There is also something else you must know."

Curiosity struck Magus, "Explain yourself."

"I do not know how to put this out any other way... but ..." the old man paused, hesitant to bring forth the dreaded news. "Lavos, also still lives."

"Humph, so I was right." Magus said quietly, "Deep down within, I had a feeling Lavos managed to survive. I guess fate is not on my side at this time... what a pity. So how did It survive?"

"After you and Crono defeated It, a remaining fragment trans-warped itself into another reality, taking the soul of Schala with It." Gaspar explained. "Beware; she and Lavos are now linked. In other words, her soul became attached to the beast."

Continuing in deep thought, he took note of every word Gaspar stated. "If only I knew of this sooner... what a persistent fool that ignorant monster is." the wrathful wizard stated, discouraged by the thought of the savage beast still lurking in the universe. "This time... I will see to it that the reaper takes claim of his greatest prize."

"Hey!" yelled Gaspar. "You must also know, that the broken fragment of Lavos reformed its being, plunging deep into the earth of that world, millions of years ago, resuming its deep slumber and absorbing all the knowledge and life force of that world." the old men explained grimly.

Magus laughed, expressing a menacing grin, "Very well, I will just bring forth an end to the dirty fool once again."

"Fighting Lavos alone will be your downfall, Magus." Gaspar said.

"Then so be it," Magus snickered. "If my fate is to perish, I must simply laugh. Destiny is like flipping a coin: If it lands on heads, one side is the victor, if it lands on the other, then the opposing force reigns victorious." stated the caped warrior.

Taking a seat nearby, crossing his legs, he gazed into the eyes of Magus, sensing the deep pain he kept bottled up inside. It was clear, that Magus still possessed a beating heart. Determination was all that remained in him, and there was nothing that anybody could do to make him change his mind. Making preparations to leave, Magus waited no longer on the old man.

"I need help... from no one." the dark wizard said obstinately, showing his blinding pride and arrogance again. "My power and my blade... that is all I need. Anyone who dares try to aid me will only be an obstacle. I take this path alone, you old gruff."

Taking his stand, Gaspar smirked lightly at Magus. "You are stubborn as always. Follow me; I shall guide you on your next step."

Strolling through the dim-lit hall ways, he led Magus deeply into what appeared like a never-ending tunnel of darkness. Once they arrived at a hall way's edge, the old man took hold of the knob at the door. He slowly opened the door. Squeaking loudly, the opening door showed a rather small, unlit closet.

"So what is in here?" Magus questioned the old man. "I just see a drab closet... what am I supposed to do, lock myself in there?"

"No reason to rush." Gasper chuckled, snapping his fingers while an aura of energy formed in the small-sized closet. Finishing its development, it expanded, creating a blinding light. Within a few seconds, the blinding light cleared away, and in its place, a green colored glow emitted from the once empty closet.

"This is an inter-dimensional rift." the wise one said. "This requires far more power to support its stability. It won't hold together for long. So make haste and decide quickly. Are you up for the task at hand, Magus?"

"Looks like I have no other choice."Magus uttered, slowly walking towards the portal. Looking back at the old man, he calmly said, "thank you... old friend."

"Before you enter the gate..." the time watcher prepared for another explanation. "You must understand that you do not try to defeat Lavos on your own. You must seek the Warrior of The Sun. Shall he aid you in battle; you two might be able to earn the victory."

"Very well then." Magus responded quietly. "So, who be this sun warrior you seem fond of?"

"He is Crono, but in that world, he goes under a different name." the former Guru explained.

Widening his eyes, fascination and confusion struck hard on his thoughts. He knew fate wouldn't allow him to battle alone, yet he did not realize that the world he was approaching was vast with power. Gazing into the portal, the only thoughts flowing in Magus's mind was sending the foul beast, Lavos into oblivion. He longed to reunite with the long-lost sister he cherished dearly; to bring her peace and prosperity.

'Schala... do not give up on me.' speaking in thought, he felt the fateful day draw nearer. 'I will save you, even if it takes an eternity... I'll be damned if I let anybody come in my way. After all these years of searching for you, and all my efforts; I will not let this be in vain.' Tensing his fist, and holding his weapon of choice tightly, he formed a grin with anticipation. For the first time, hope and encouragement befriended him. 'So, my fate is to battle along-side Crono again... this will be interesting.' speaking to himself out loud, his eagerness grew greatly. Slowly walking into the portal, he glanced at the old man one last time.

"So what name does he really go by?" the caped warrior halted, requesting to know the true identity of the alternate Crono.

"Time has that answer, but that I cannot tell you now," the wise elder winked. "One last thing you need to know is make sure you watch out for..."

Without hesitation, Magus took his leap of faith into the portal, unable to hear his final warning.

"I was going to warn him about the mountain guardian." Gaspar shrugged his shoulders. "Oh well, I have faith in him" he said to himself, returning to the center of the alley way. "Fate seems to always find a way to work everything together." after he spoke, sleep settled in. He drifted into a long slumber.

In a blink of an eye, the dark secluded realm of the end of time replaced itself with the lush, open world of the earth. In the new world, Magus found himself surrounded by the thick green beautiful mountains which reached to the top of the skies. Appearing blue as the ocean, the skies seemed limitless in-depth. He embraced the warmth of the bright sun, which towered above everything at the height of noon. Feeling Mesmerized in the paradise that welcomed him, he nearly lost focus on the purpose of coming to this world. The gentle cool breeze flowed gently through him, easing his nerves. For a moment, Magus's mind and body was at peace.

'This world... it feels almost like being home again.' Magus said in thought, breathing in deeply the fresh, clean air of the mountains. Hearing the sounds of the flowing rivers, it was as if Magus returned to catch a glimpse of his home world. "It is a shame such a great kingdom crumbled so quickly by the hands of the corrupted heart." Finally coming to his senses, he focused his thoughts and cleared his mind, feeling the rich living force of the earth.

"I can feel them... there's at least a dozen beings here, each one of them possessing inhuman power." Magus said to himself, focusing on the humans of super power. "What kind of world is this?" he asked himself, trying to find the Warrior of The Sun. "Humph, there seems a few who have far greater power than the others. Perhaps Crono is among them. Unbelievable! The pure energy that I am sensing; it has been years since I ever felt such power..." Observing his surroundings, Magus knew that Schala existed somewhere in this world, but where? He knows not. Continuing to gaze from one end to the next, the amulet radiated brightly, quickly becoming warm within the hands he held it.

"The Amulet," he muttered, holding it close to his heart. "Never have I seen it emit such brightness. That must mean she is near." Unable to feel her presence, he could still feel the faint energy of Lavos buried deep within the bowels of the earth. "So It remains in slumber. Then that means the day will be coming soon. I have no time to waste. I guess it's time to find Crono." Before Magus leaped into the skies, he suddenly got an uneasy feeling in his gut that somebody was watching him.

"Someone is near... he possesses great amounts of pure energy; could I be under observation?" Magus asked himself out loud, as a deep rumble echoed through the land. Listening carefully to this reverberation, he felt the earth respond to it, as if the mountains acknowledged where that deep sound originated from. Magus discovered that he was not alone.

"It's about time you showed up... I've been waiting for you, my friend." the deep sound spoke through the caped warrior.