Well, this is it guys, the concluding chapter to the epic story. Unless I decide to do more with it later. This will be the indefinite ending. Yes I wanted it to end like it could continue to go on, but I'm doing this in case I choose to do more. You never know, there might be a new crazy adventure in store for the future! To everyone who has been committed to reading this, Your support has helped me come a long way, and it has meant a lot to me. Enjoy the ending, and let me know what you think.


When the Road Ends... and a New One begins.

During the previous chapter, Magus endured a brutal battle against the Entity beyond Space and Time. He had no choice but to fight him alone, in the world where time collapsed. This plane appeared like a portrait of the historical monument where Crono saved his kingdom from absolute horror and doom. In this realm, which the entity created based on a broken timeline, the lone wizard of his fallen kingdom defeated the immortal, but the victory was just another test. At least the paradox sent him back to the end of time, but this entity forever observed the great warrior of magic, and all the actions of life. He forever hoped that humanity would strive to live in selflessness, and love.

As the scenery of the sunset world faded away, the dimmed lit end of time greeted the exhausted mage. Surrounded by the other, they gathered to welcome his return. Then Gaspar, the old man came to him, reaching his old wrinkled hand upon his shoulder. "Janus, welcome back. I take that you defeated the Entity beyond Space, Time, and Dreams." The elderly man rasped out, holding close to his cane in the center square of the alleyway.

Janus reached his ruby eyes out to him, as his lips formed a small grin. "Let's just say, I passed the test. I don't believe that we'll be seeing the 'entity' again anytime soon." He said softly, sounding calm, and at peace for the first time in his life.

Along with the old man, his sister, his spiritual brother, and Crono reached out to him, all thankful to see him alive and well, as the Namek gazed his darkened eyes upon Janus.

"Well, it's been one 'hell' of a journey, by all means brother," he chuckled lightly at his pun. "But all things must come to an end. I must bid you farewell." Piccolo said respectfully, walking into the gate that led to his home world. Before he departed, he glanced back, waving his last goodbye, until the shining array of light called him home.

Next to venture off to his timeline, was Crono, who made his final farewells to Janus and Schala.

"You've become so strong Magus, err Janus." He blushed strongly, and scratched his head. "Man I don't even know what to call you anymore."

The mage gave out a light laugh, patting Crono's shoulder. "You can call me Janus. Magus was the monster who ruled the mystics… I am no longer that demon who seeks out revenge. My deed is done, and I've changed for the better. Tell Marle and Lucca I wish the best for them both. Take care of her and your kingdom. Protect it from all harm, for I know you can do it."

Crono showed a hopeful smile, where he felt relieved by his kind words. "Thanks Janus, You've changed so much. It was great fighting beside you again." Then he turned his attention to Schala, uttering out, "It's been such a long and difficult journey, but you're free now to live your life in peace. Though it's been a treacherous one, I wouldn't take it back. I can go home now knowing you can go on with your life. You deserve it, especially after all that you've been through."

She nodded happily, saying, "Thank you Crono… your courage brought you this far, and if it weren't for all that you have done, Lavos would have destroyed our universe."

"Anytime… so if you guys ever need anything, just let me know. I'll be there," he gave out a wink, walking into his doorway to his home, where the light took him back to Guardia.

All who was left was Schala, where she waited for the call of her home. She laid her sapphire eyes upon him, letting go of all her sorrow. "Janus, I thank you for everything that you've done for me. I'm sorry, that I ever doubted you." Her voice went from a soft tone, to choking lightly of trying her best not to weep. She brought her head down as Janus reached out to her, holding her close and raising her face back to his ruby eyes. He formed a peaceful grin, which was something he had not shown since he was just a boy.

"It was all worth it, so don't dwell in sorrow. The time has come to leave our misery behind." he embraced her, comforting her with hope, and her emotions came at ease.

"You're right; it's time we do leave this behind. We can start over now. It's nice to finally see the thought of a peaceful life." She softly and happily said, letting go and facing the old man.

Janus also did the same, to tell him one last thing. "Thank you old friend; without your guidance, we would have never prevailed."

"But without your courage, faith, and your love for Schala, you would have not succeeded." The time watcher said to Janus. "All I did was open the doors, but it was you who decided to walk through and triumph. The time has come for you two to return to your world. May you two spend forever in solitude." After he spoke, he returned to his favorite chair, where he took slumber once again.

"Janus…" schala quietly uttered.

"Yes, dear sister." He replied.

"Are we to return to the fallen home?" she asked.

"Is that what you want?" he replied.

"I think I have somewhere else in mind." She decided.

"Where to Schala… I'll follow you wherever you wish to go." Janus said kindly.

"I wish to go to the mountains where we can live in peace, in the other world." She said.

They approached the gate, which directed them to the home of the Guardian of the mountains. Entering into the portal, they didn't think twice of their decision. The old man was left alone, where he continued his deep sleep until some other traveler may come forth for guidance.

Somewhere beyond the reaches of life and death, space and time, the spirit of the world's greatest hero watched over his world. Accompanying him, a great dragon; miles in length who previously granted countless wishes for the people of mother earth. Standing beside Goku, was none other than the one who was once a terrible foe to all existence. Originally the beast who fell from space, and the android, Cell, the entity and the pure hearted Saiyan spoke eye to eye.

"Goku, I see that you still watch over your world, despite leaving it all behind to continue your training." The entity said to the hero of earth.

"Life is precious, and there is good in the midst of chaos. I've learned that love overcomes it all, and those like Magus, Schala, and all my friends and family can share their kindness with everyone. Can't you see it; love is flourishing for the people of earth." Goku sat on the dragon's back, eying the entity, and showing a kind smirk.

"Indeed, which is why I allowed life to continue once again, but beware, there are more enemies out there that will test them in their life. Whether they succeed every time is beyond my control." Cell uttered grimly.

"Don't worry, I'll be there if that ever happens." The Saiyan kept his happy smile.

"Always eager for a fight; you do not ever change, Goku." The entity replied, as they shared a laugh together.

"Hey, you should help me out sometime; you're a great fighter, plus your infinite knowledge is useful." Goku insisted, but he knew that Cell would refuse to become a part of living affairs.

"Sorry, but that would defeat my intentions of seeing this life evolve. I would like to avoid intervening in other affairs of life… there is no need to unintentionally cause another paradox. I only want to see every living creature live and grow for a better cause." The entity stated.

"Welcome to the good guys, Cell!" Goku said cheerfully.

"I would appreciate it if you did not call me by that ever again. I am not Cell anymore," he grew annoyed by his former name.

"Well, what's your name then?" the one of a pure heart asked him curiously.

I am beyond a name or a title. I am the watcher of all the universes, all of everything, and everything of all." He proudly stated to himself.

"Yeah yeah, whatever you say." Goku threw out a laugh, as the entity did the same.

Meanwhile, in the world that the pure blood Saiyan watched over and protected, nearly twenty years have come and passed. For a long time, Janus and his dear sister spent their days in peace and solitude where nobody bothered them. While other enemies and powerful forces tried to conquer the earth, Goku and his friends saved their world many times. Eventually, Schala decided to settle into the guardian's lookout, but Janus would oftentimes return to the distant mountains, where he and his spiritual brother trained severely; to ready themselves if a new threat would come to attack them. Since Goku departed, it was up for them to defend all of life, and they made sure they were ready. During the time of daylight, Piccolo generally kept his watch over the mountains, but in the nightfall, Magus often filled in those steps, where he observed the world of the night.

It was one late afternoon, and the sun began to make its entry into the dark, to slumber for another day. Janus stood in an open valley near the peak of the mountains, where his ruby eyes kept a strong gaze into the horizon. He still showed his ghostly white face, but a few strands of graying lines started mixing in with his light ocean blue hair. While he still appeared chiseled from stone, his face appeared a bit more rough due to the progress of life. Despite having to accept the fact of becoming older, he still possessed the inhuman power that many enemies came to fear, and they ultimately suffered the dire consequences of his wrath. Nowadays, he changed his colors. He wore a black tunic, and a purple cloth stayed wrapped around his waist. In the wind, a dark sapphire cape flowed behind him as he kept his sacred blade close to his side, sharpened and still as powerful as ever.

But on this evening, he reminisced the long journey he underwent, and all the perils he endured.

'Hard to believe it's been so long... back then, I didn't think I could have imagined saving her, and being here now. Looking back I've changed so much, but at the same time, I know I'm still me.' he said in thought, feeling the cooler breeze from the north. 'She's been at peace for so long... I never thought I'd see the moment in my life when I could see her smile every single day, and knowing that nothing can take that away from her. I know Schala will live a good life, but I wonder what's left for me?' He glanced down, where he saw the fall of waters to his right, that trailed through a river that seemed to flow on forever. This time, he spoke to himself out loud.

"Am I meant to slowly fade away through harmony as well?" He questioned the thought of that. In fact he wondered about this many times throughout the twenty years of solitude. Sure he trained with the Namek, and spent plenty of time with his sister and the others, but there was a part of him who missed the journeys, the challenges, and the uncertainty. "Perhaps I'm no different from Crono after all... just wanting to go on an adventure of thrills that show no end. Or maybe, I'm just getting old..."

But something interrupted his deep ponder, and this time, it was not Piccolo. He almost forgot about this presence he started sensing; well at least until he remembered the days of the world martial arts tournament. While he chose not to take part in it again, he could not forget the grudge that somebody held against him those long years ago.

"Long time no see, circus clown." a rough, scratchy and arrogant voice echoed through the wind. The guy who uttered this out stood right behind Magus, but the mage stayed still, choosing not to stare him down, but that did not stop him from forming an amused grin.

"Vegeta... I must warn you... it's not healthy to hold grudges." Janus smarted off at him, finally turning to face the blue gi wearing Saiyan. When he did this the obnoxious prince gave off a taunting laughter at him. Folding his arms against his firm chest, the black-haired fighter shared his exchange of smarting.

"Who said I was holding a grudge? Maybe it's that old age getting to you. You're starting to sound like that Namek, Piccolo." the arrogant prince referred to the fact that Janus has shown a little sign of aging.

"Well, I guess my aging has become a bit obvious... but trust me, my enlightened inheritance allows me to live a lot longer than the normal human." Janus explained, but at this time, he was pushing around 50 living years old. "It's quite intriguing to see you unchanged, Vegeta."

"My race ages a lot slower than these humans do, so we generally keep our youthful form... but that's not why I came to see the clown." the cocky warrior snickered at Janus, keeping his cool, confident spirit.

"Then what brings you here to face me?" Janus asked sarcastically, placing his scythe to the ground, and tightly pulling his beige gloves. He had an idea of what he was doing there.

"How about a rematch, Magus? You haven't been the only one going through extreme training since Kakarrot left this world." Vegeta took on a stance that leaned towards fighting, itching for that second round.

"It would be a pity for you to lose a second time... but maybe you've got a chance at holding your own since we aren't limited to that small squared ring. Not to mention the distractions of all the silly fans who enjoy watching those fights." He readied himself for a position to fight, keeping his eyes focused on the Saiyan warrior.

"I'm much stronger now, clown... I won't let myself lose this time!" He yelled out arrogantly, powering into the Super Saiyan, and his golden aura flowed around him.

"Hmph, don't disappoint me." when he said this, his shadow aura flowed throughout his being. He started delving into his shadow energy. "Now give me your best shot! Prince!"

"You don't even have to tell me, Hah!" Then Vegeta charged to the fullest extent of his power, where a blinding light consumed the mountains. When everything cleared away, the powerful prince entered into the same form that Goku took on during the tournament, and the struggle with the paradox. He achieved Super Saiyan Level 3. He appeared like a great, glowing lion, and electrical pulses scattered in every direction.

"Hmmm, Impressive... you might be a challenge after all." Then Magus vented all of his energy, he his shadow aura turned ablaze, shifting from a crimson and gray wave of magic and pure power. "Now let's get this started!"

They dashed to the top of the world, where their fists collided, bringing forth a mighty, and powerful sonic boom. They seemed equally matched in power this time, and they delivered a spectacular fireworks show beyond epic proportions. Janus got the challenge he longed for during the years of peace, but none of them knew what the future would bring.

While their sparring match ensued, something else was going on in a different timeline. In the year 2310 AD, there was a secret research center that was in an area close to the center of the sea. Only a few knew about Chronopolis, the high-tech colony created by Belthazar, the Guru of Reason. Since Lavos was no longer a part of the timeline, this place remained in existance, and the guru's research continued on. In the mainframe information room, the old, long white bearded man kept his royal clothing on him as a reminder of the lush kingdom he deeply missed. In front of one of the large monitor screens, he scratched his bald head, before he decided to conclude his studying of a certain subject for the day.

"Computer, save all files and information of "Project Magus"." Belthazar stated to his intelligent database.

After a few blunt, high-pitched beeps and boops, the computer responded with an alto, monotone voice, saying "All files of "Project Magus", have been saved."

The former guru disengaged the main power, to allow his systems and devices to recharge since nightfall was coming close. While most of the compound could not be seen from the outside world, he always seemed to have that feeling when the time to rest was near. Alone in his dim-lit lab, he kept to himself in thought, finding it almost impossible to imagine that Janus found a way to rescue Schala from a place worse than death.

'If what Gaspar told me was true, then that means the data FATE received from Janus's traveling was also correct. It is most certainly fascinating that there is an alternate reality that reflects our universe. The thought of another Crono is very intriguing... perhaps someday I will take a trip down there. He told me that Janus and Schala chose to live in that world. How I would love to see her again. I've missed her so much.' he said in thought, only to get interrupted by the whooping alarm, and the red lights that flashed on and off.

"Warning, abnormal anomaly detected. Warning, abnormal anomaly detected." the guru's computer alerted, and it caught his attention quick.

"Computer, find the source of anomaly, and diagnose the cause immediately." Belthazar requested, growing more anxious by the second. What in god's name is going on here? Something this out of whack has not happened since...

It seemed that this abnormality happened in the same place that the guru stayed in. A blinding flash overtook everything, knocking the old man straight for the floor. Dazed, he tried to gain back his bearings, but his eyesight turned blurry from the sudden, brightening light. When he could finally focus, what came from the mysterious temporal event was somebody he never expected to see again. A being of some kind showed up, and it seemed this unexpected guest required an immediate audience with the man of Chronopolis.

"We need to talk, Belthazar. It concerns the one called Janus. We are in dire need of him." This visitor bluntly stated to him. At first he could not figure out who the strange guest was, but after a moment, it came together, and it scared and shocked him in terror.

"Wait... you are..." he stuttered out, trying his best to stop trembling.