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The sound of gentle snores filled the room, echoing off of the small bedroom's walls, filling the corners and spilling into the silent nooks and crannies. The corner of Lucy's mouth quirked upward as it fell open into a small 'O'. It was an odd expression and one in which her partner would have liked to examine had he not been in the middle of his own dream world. She barely made a ruckus anymore when she woke to find the man curled up like a lost boy on the edge of her bed. His habit had burrowed its way into her routine and it was as natural as brushing her teeth in the morning. Happy came too but some nights he simply found other places to frequent, like Wendy's quarters. Charle and Wendy shared a dorm room and it happened more often than not that while attempting to spend more time with his female counterpart he would get locked in the dorms after hours. No one was to enter or leave when the lights went out. Tonight was presumably one of those nights as the little blue cat was nowhere to be found.

Natsu comfortably rested his head near the edge of the bed, pressing his broad back lightly against Lucy's arm. The latter rolled closer, wrapping her arm around her muscular body pillow. Her eyes ran circles behind her eyelids as she rocked her hips slightly. Somewhere, deep in the subconscious of Lucy Heartphilia, she was embracing a man without a face or voice, and she was loving it. Have you ever had a dream so fuzzy and vague that you can't tell up from down, but there lingers such an overpowering emotion and atmosphere that you find details aren't necessary? Propriety, guilt, and reasoning are thrown to the wind. Lucy was living in that moment and nursing her growing need for satisfaction.

Natsu groaned in his sleep as he rolled back around, his nose attempting to root out the source of that delicious smell. It was intoxicating and even in his deep slumber he found it irresistible. It evoked reactions from his body that he hadn't seen in quite honestly longer than most men would be willing to admit. Perhaps that's why Lisanna popped into his mind's eye.

Let's face it, Natsu was a guy and they all have urges at one point or another. Given little guidance in how to handle these situations in tandem with his history with Lisanna, she had become the natural embodiment or representative, if you will, of what Natsu assumed he needed to think of in these moments. Though over time he found her less appropriate to fit the role and had stopped his personal fulfillment all together. Even though these urges to masturbate only rarely made themselves known, Lisanna always seemed to end up being his go-to image intentional or not. It was confounding and one garbled mess that gave him a headache if he ever allowed himself to stop and think about it, which was inevitably not often.

Lucy... Well he didn't know what to make of it. She was Lisanna and more. She went beyond the physical need to satisfy himself and existed on a plain he created just for her. To him, putting her in that same category as Lisanna was just too bizarre and just down right sacrilegious so ultimately she didn't really make an appearance in his most heated moments. Oh she was pretty and nice to look at it, but his mind seemed to put a block beyond that, as if too afraid to develop the thought floating around in the far reaches of his brain. But to be honest, thinking of these things in detail wasn't something the fire dragon slayer attempted to do if at all. It was just an inherent gut feeling, difficult to explain to himself much less an outsider. If he was barely able to wrap his head around it how could he expect someone else to get it? No one ever really made clear to him that orgasms and love are not two entirely separate entities, but necessities in a successful romantic relationship.

All of that aside this aroma floating in the air was triggering something in his body, producing familiar feelings and physical reactions but there was something so unbearably different in the same breathe. Natsu continued on in his now-heated dreams as his arm instinctively snaked around his partners waist, pulling her closer. Emitting a soft hum of pleasure she responded by running her fingers lazily along his arm; the limb automatically tightened and the scent became headier. A soft head of blond hair nuzzled its way under his chin as their breathing slowly became heavier. Hands grew lives and wandered freely, bodies were completely running on instinct. Natsu's lips somehow managed to find that sweet junction where Lucy's shoulder met her neck and very lazily he ran his tongue around in a small circle before topping it off with an open-mouthed kiss. Lucy purred in her sleep, feeling impressed with the faceless man's move. She reached for him wanting to feel him pressed between her legs. Slowly, she wrapped one leg around his waist and pulled him closer to her heat. Finally the mystery man groaned and there was the first moment of recognition, but she forced it down, enjoying herself far more than any of her other dreams. The both of them writhed against one another playing out a primal dance that required little direction.

Natsu's dream world was in chaos. This was new. He never felt this kind of hunger before. The smell had transformed itself into a persistent drum beat, beckoning him to find and claim it. It was on such a deeper level of desire that everything he had felt up until that moment paled into a ghostly reflection.

The blurry outline of Lisanna began to touch him more boldly in ways his imagination never could have thought up on his own. She had never actually touched him before believe it or not, only as someone to look at but not touch. Natsu's lack of experience didn't really permit him to see her in the positions he heard about in the lewd discussions at the guild and he never was overly interested in spending the extra effort to find out. All he knew was that a female needed to be involved with the process. Not long after Lucy appeared, a bridge of understanding started to take shape albeit at an incredibly slow pace. Fate was getting impatient with Natsu's density.

Instincts grasped the reins, pulling on his strings as though he were a marionette. With a swiftness only a dragon slayer could muster in sleep, Natsu flung his partner under him and proceeded to roll his hips against hers, pressing into her, trying to answer a call he couldn't quite fathom in this state.

It was finally then that Lucy left behind her dream world and sleepily started to fill in the mystery man's features. The moment was prolonged as he leaned down, his face hidden, to suckle her through her pajama top. The damn thing was too thick, she conceded as her brain stalled further comprehension of the man hovering over her. Her fingers threaded through his hair, holding him tightly to her as the pulsing warmth began to spread. She looked down with half-lidded eyes only to have them widen in recognition. Another wave of pleasure hit her at that very moment as his hand managed to access her shorts. He cupped her through her panties, trying to gain admittance. His head groggily lifted in frustration.

Natsu's face looked nothing like she had ever seen before, his eyes were closed as his brow was subtly knit together in intense concentration. The jaw tightened and loosened reflexively, dancing to an unheard rhythm. Gone were the mischievous grins and goofy faces, all that remained was an intensity that Lucy only recalled seeing in battle. His hands worked as those of an amateur, not always sure where to grab or with how much force, but it was backed by such desire and need that Lucy barely took note of his sleepy eyes, now half open and looking through her.

Natsu Dragneel was asleep and quite effectively making love to her.

All she could do in her own sleepy state was go along with it and ride one wave of pleasure after another as he hungrily nibbled his way down her neck, gently prodding her below, seeking out her entrance again. His hands had somehow managed to discard his pants as the shear heat from him pressed demandingly against hers. Lucy's head fell to the side, gasping for air as the room began to feel like the inside of a furnace. Her own needs were screaming to be met. Finally, she conceded to his silent request and hesitantly pulled her shorts and panties to the side and opened up wider, guiding him home. Lucy flinched but was grateful her barrier had already been broken from her excessive horseback riding when she was younger. Her mind went blank as he filled her roughly and with such force she was having difficulty finding her air. Never had she felt so stretched and filled before, it was an incredibly intimate connection, one that took her breath away. As Natsu finally found what his body sought out, one name rolled from his lips as the blindfold of sleep began to fall away from his eyes.


Lucy froze, paralyzed with mortification. It was as if someone had dropped her into a giant tub of water. The remnants of sleep had all but vanished.

"Natsu..." Her voice called him to her, pleading with him that she had misheard. For his part it took much longer for Natsu to become lucid enough to grasp the situation he was in. Pleasure coursed through him as his eyes began to focus on its heavenly source. He saw her. He smiled. He paused. Then he saw her large eyes and trembling lips, tears barely even visible. It hit him like a silent train. The last word he had said in his half-conscious state and his beautiful partner beneath him. He felt his heart drop in his chest knocking its away around his rib cage. What had he done? How did this happen? And Fate laughed at him.

Lucy saw his face fall and panic take over, guilt and disbelief were continually being exchanged one for the other. She was sure her own pained expression mirrored his and all she wanted to do was curl into a ball with his arms around her. She noticed he had suddenly gone lax and another stab went straight for her pride.

He was horrified. Not that it was Lucy beneath him, in fact he loved that part, but this situation was completely outside his perception of his relationship with her. It was literally uncharted territory and it was as if the strings that had carried him here suddenly were cut and he woke to find himself stranded. He literally had no clue what he was doing and what to do next. How could a guy stay active with that weighing him down?And to top it all off, he had unwittingly thrown Lisanna's name into the mix. He groaned as he pulled away, desperately trying to find the fastest exit, seeing as there was no other option.

Lucy could physically feel Natsu was slipping away from her and it was probably the fastest she had ever processed a situation in her entire life. Let's break it down. In her mind it was a high speed race: We just had sleep sex (sort of). He just said Lisanna's name. Does he love her? No, that's not what his face read. He's running! Process faster! I'm PISSED. But I care for him, maybe love... Pause for longer time to process... Continue. If he gets out that door, I will probably never see him again, especially with that speed... Wow, look at how fast he's moving! Refocus. Unacceptable. I won't allow it. This.. Whatever this is, is not over! Anger and indignation then realization. I still want him. Natsu glanced at her hotly as he almost lost his balance in the dark. And from the looks of it he still wants me too. Quick rush of heat. Lisanna aside, someone is going to pay and he's making the world's fastest getaway. Processing complete. Natsu finally twisted his legs into his pant legs, hopping around on one foot and lunging simultaneously for the door.

"Hold it right there!" his hand froze just as it was reaching for the knob. Slowly he turned his head, fear radiating as his eyes widened. Her head was bowed and she knelt still on the bed, fists clenched in her lap.

"Where do you think you're going?" he started to answer but quickly saw this was a rhetorical question and clamped his mouth shut with a snap. Her voice was low and annunciating every word. "Take some responsibility for what you just did." Natsu frowned. He was completely lost as guilt wracked his body. "You just took my first time and leave right in the middle?" Slowly she placed one foot on the floor and then the other. She let the tension build as she approached the frozen dragon slayer. Gently, but firmly, she took hold of his extended wrist and pulled it away from the knob.

"Be a man and finish what you started," she ground out as she launched at him and wrapped her arms around his neck. It was a kiss of anger and hurt and Natsu took it all in. His eyes widened with surprise with his hands hanging limply to his sides. This turn of events was baffling, and his previous anxiety was continuing to reign supreme. Lucy sensed his hesitance and pulled back. Examining his face in what little light was available she didn't see disgust or resistance, but an expression of pained nervousness. Below she felt their bodies pressed together and something was noticeably still missing. She felt a new wave of stubbornness as she felt her confidence temporarily falter. No, she was going to take her own advice and finish what she started. She never would have made this gamble had she thought he didn't have any latent feelings for her as well.

Gently pushing him backwards against the door he had only moments before tried to flee through, she locked eyes with him as she slowly lowered herself to her knees and began to grapple with his newly acquired pants. Natsu's eyes widened and was about to protest only to stop as she raised an eyebrow. What in the gods' names was she going to do? Lucy knew enough from what she gleaned at the guild about the size and mechanics of a man's organ but seeing it in person gave her pause. She felt Natsu staring at her in embarrassment while he twitched slightly as her breathe hit him. Well at least he wasn't running... yet. A blush crawled up both of their cheeks as she swallowed her fear and slowly took him into her mouth. Natsu's own fell open as a silent groan seemed to come out. His eyes slid shut as his hands automatically gently cradled either sides of Lucy's head. It was a feather touch, afraid she would stop if he pressed too hard.

A jolt of confidence ran through her as she felt him tense and finally reach full attention. The newfound power she held over this dragon slayer made her even more daring, wrapping her tongue around the tip he let out a guttural sound. She could feel his legs shake as he pressed his backside against the door and lean forward to grope at her back and shoulders. She increased the speed of the strokes of her tongue and mouth. Natsu no longer sensed she would stop and firmly grabbed hold of her and started gyrating his hips. He straightened his back a little to allow his head to fall back against the door with a small thud. He licked his now-chapped lips as a fine sheen of sweat started to appear on his upper lip, his eyes screwed tightly shut. Oh gods don't let her stop. He never knew it could be like this. He always thought it was an exaggeration or a joke when the guys made such dirty comments but this... This was no joke!

He felt a growing wave on the horizon and it was swiftly approaching. His physical hunger reached new peaks as the tsunami came closer. Suddenly, Lucy pulled away. She too felt his tension rising and was unsure of how to proceed. Was she supposed to keep going? What was supposed to happen now. She barely had time to think it through as Natsu swept her off into the mattress and sea of blankets. She couldn't even see his face as he devoured her lips and at that moment she realized she had poked a sleeping dragon.

Clothes were discarded in record speed, one article after another became a decoration in the small bedroom until there were none left to throw. He lapped at her nipple, tugging with a hidden urgency. She tangled her fingers into his oddly colored hair pulling him closer. Lucy would lift her head as if listening to something only to let it fall swiftly back onto the bed.

"Natsu..." he pulled away and mumbled something about it being his turn. Skipping past her belly and straight to her entrance he stopped. How the hell was he supposed to do this? He glanced up nervously to see if Lucy noticed. She smiled encouragingly despite her first time anxiety as he hesitantly kissed her. She moaned and he felt cheered. With more purpose he kissed harder, opening his mouth to let his tongue copy what he had felt from her. Her body jerked and he pulled away afraid he had done something wrong but her legs wrapped around his shoulders, preventing him from moving further. Two hands came from above him and guided him back.

"It feels wonderful. Don't stop, Natsu," she croaked out. He was only too willing to oblige. Within minutes he had her soaring high to the top of a mountain and at the very precipice, he stopped to stare at her. She was near frantic with passion.

"Lucy, I want to...," he attempted to put into words what he felt and what he craved. In answer he was shoved backwards, nearly hitting his head on the bed post at the foot of the bed. Above him sat an angel. A halo seemed to erupt all around his vision as she lowered herself onto him.

"Aaaah, Lucy!" A small smile made its way onto her lips as they whispered, "Thats better." painstakingly slow she rose up on her knees, nearly pulling away all together before slamming back down on him. "Say my name again, Natsu," she pleaded. Their eyes connected and Natsu felt his redemption flow back into him as he lovingly whispered her name. "Louder," she demanded quietly as she rocked her hips gently. The sound of their bodies rubbing together made the air even headier.


"Again..." she braced her hands against his chest as she picked up speed. He quickly acquiesced. If this was his punishment for earlier he would take it a million times over. She panted heavily as their bodies grew slick. Feeling his own rhythm beginning to form, Natsu sat up on an elbow and grabbed hold of her hip. He attempted to lunge into her that way but found gravity to be his nemesis. Falling back down he grabbed both of Lucy's hips firmly and rolled her under him. She let out a small surprised shriek as he buried himself as far as he could into her warm depths. His toes splayed against the mattress as he tried to gain some traction. He couldn't seem to get close enough to her and it was this that drove him over the edge as he began to pound into her rapidly. Their grunts and moans mingled indiscriminately in the air as they both sprinted the last leg of their journey, fighting to keep up with a silent beat. They were two amateurs struggling to find their nirvana, and whatever they were doing, it was working. Finally, they reached the precipice as a warm feeling seemed to rush through them running its way up their spines and cascading over the top of their heads.

In the wake of their orgasms they were left completely drained as Natsu collapsed on top of Lucy. He gasped for air as did she for it seemed a lifetime. All one could hear was an occasional rustling of blankets and calming attempts at inhaling and exhaling. Suddenly Natsu began to chuckle quietly in between breathes.

"What's so funny?" asked Lucy some of her previous insecurity coming back as she tried to get a better look at him despite most of his face being buried in the blankets. His weight on her felt good.

"So that was what all the fuss was about," he gasped with a big grin. It took a moment for what he said to register and once it did she couldn't help but smile a little as well.

"Was it what you expected?" Natsu's demeanor sobered slightly as he ran his fingers along her arm.

"I didn't know what to expect." He leaned up to hover over her as his gaze raked over her exposed torso. She blushed and was about to blurt something unladylike at him when she froze. She felt his semi twitch still inside her.

"Natsu?" he grinned and shrugged as though he couldn't help it only to roll and adjust his hips. She felt it rub tantalizingly against her inner most sensitive spot. Natsu frowned gently not sure where this reaction was coming from. Experimentally he ever so slightly shifted his position, emitting a groan from the stellar mage. Her hands clasped his shoulders.

Going with the flow, Natsu pushed in as far as he could, rubbing his pelvis against her.

"No, stop Natsu, I can't. Not again..." An impish grin formed across his lips. To be honest he was exhausted as well but he'd never seen Lucy so wanton and vulnerable and a strange pride shot up in him knowing he was the only one to put her in this state.

"I beg to differ. I think you can do it again." He leaned in and whispered into her ear with a low rumble. "And again. " He nudged her eliciting another choked off moan. "And again..." He felt himself growing harder and he was in wonderment. If he ever came before it was only once and it hadn't left this satisfied glow afterwards. He'd never done it more than once, he'd never had a reason to. Looking at Lucy's flushed face and swollen lips, he found his reason.

With this new discovery, he felt a drive and excitement he only seemed to feel right before a battle. Gently but firmly he pulled out and turned Lucy on her side and spooned her from behind. She gave him a questioning look as he lifted her upper leg, pulling the knee to her chest and proceeded to enter her from behind. Eavesdropping on bawdy conversations at the guild was starting to pay off, Natsu thought thankfully. She gasped. Natsu directed her hand to hold her knee in place as he used his now free hand to examine where they were joined. He slowly cupped her as he did before while moving slowly in and out. Lucy's voice began to grow in volume as she felt the pressure start to rise again. Natsu pressed his forearm against her belly to hold her tightly against his body. The other arm snaked under to pillow her head. Not far in, Natsu began to acknowledge they were making a lot of noise, most definitely enough for some poor neighbor to overhear. A possessiveness seized him. No one was allowed to hear Lucy's voice like this. No one. He clamped his hand over her mouth and rolled them onto their stomachs without losing their connection. His weight was pushing her down further but he consciously attempted to give her enough room to breath as he proceeded to take her from behind. It felt so incredible. Her legs were squeezed shut as he found his way back in every time.

Lucy's mind was blown. Twice?! Two times in a row! At this rate she felt like she might fall apart at the seams but she would go with a huge goofy smile on her face, that was for sure. She jackknifed her body a little giving Natsu better access. He grunted at the new change in angle and nearly lost his grip over her mouth. His other hand paused in its administrations. Lucy found it strangely tantalizing having him muffling her cries for more. He grew more feverish in his movements. Still getting the hang of the new position. It would take some practice. She mentally smiled. It would need a lot more practice. A gentle breathe of air in her ear made her shiver. The words uttered sent her over the edge.

"Lucy, I'm going to cum inside you now." she tensed and nodded her consent. He said it as if it were set in stone and it only heightened her lust for him. His thrusts grew heavier and faster. Just don't stop! She wanted to scream it at the top of her lungs. Finally with a growl he felt his mouth fall open as he released his seed into her for a second time. Swiftly he leaned down and gently bit the nape of her neck. She was too far gone to even feel the dull pain, swiftly following him over the cliff.

The morning light wedged it's way through the bedroom curtains to bombard the two sleeping lovers. Lucy glared in her sleep as she yanked the covers up over her eyes. She wrapped her arms around her stuffed animal and frowned yet again. It wasn't near as soft as it should be. Suddenly she felt a warm, wet tongue languidly brush her exposed chest. She groaned and squeezed her legs together and rocked her hips.

"Gods Lucy, you're making that smell again." the insult woke her up to a crashing wave of memories.

"What the..." she threw back the covers as Natsu blinked rapidly against the sudden light while brandishing his signature smile.

"Wh...what smell?" she said furiously. Natsu inhaled dramatically with his eyes closed, as if savoring a delicious meal. Letting out a gust of air he grinned hungrily at her.

"The kind that makes me wanna eat you." Her eyes widened.

"No Natsu wait!" Her protests went ignored as he pulled the sheets over them. She shrieked in outrage only to quickly be silenced, presumably from a very passionate kiss. It was quiet for a few more moments before more shifting occurred under the blanket followed by several bouts of moaning.

"Natsu, we can't. We need to get up. Happy will be..."

"still at the dorms." he finished for her in a muffled voice as his body shifted further under the blankets.

"What are you doing? Hey!"

"Just relax. I got this..."

"No, that tickles!" Lucy squealed. Her laughter was cut short as Natsu suddenly clamped his hand over her mouth again. At first she thought he would take her like the night before. She quickly wrapped her legs in his and pulled him into her. He gasped. But still didn't move even as she pulsated her hips gently.

"whansmong?" he looked confused. In frustration she wrenched her head from behind his hand. "What's wrong? I thought this is what you wanted." she reached down and grabbed hold of his round bottom and pulled him closer. His eyelids fluttered shut but still he didn't move.

"Um I think you were right Lucy." She ran her tongue along his neck to his earlobe. A small hiss escaped his teeth.

"Why's that?" she sucked on an area of exposed skin.

"Happy's here." Lucy paused and stopped breathing. She desperately pulled the sheets back to see a curious pair of eyes peeking at them from outside the window. With a high-pitched scream she was up in a flash and bolting for the bathroom. Natsu had just enough time to nab a pillow and cover himself. He grinned while scratching the back of his head, not sure what to do next.

Oblivious to what he had just interrupted, Happy clawed the window pane like any other domesticated feline. Sighing, Natsu grabbed hold of his discarded pants and put them on before moving to unlatch the window. The exceed shot through with eyes wide, tearing up.

"Why didn't you wait for me? I wanna cuddle with Lucy too!" The aforementioned person made a reappearance in a bathrobe as she nervously wrapped her hair up into a knot in the back.

"We weren't cuddling!" she denied. "We were..." she hesitated as she took in the big innocent eyes of their flying companion.

"Training!" interjected Natsu, taking pity on her.

"Training?" exclaimed the exceed and stellar mage simultaneously.

"Yeah, training. Secret training," he said quietly as if afraid someone might hear. Lucy caught on quickly.

"Natsu offered to help me get stronger so we have been training in secret," she amended. The exceed eyed them suspiciously, deep in thought.

"But why were you training without clothes? It looked like sex to me..."

"And how do you know what that looks like you stupid alley cat!" Lucy snapped. Natsu waved his hands back and forth appeasingly.

"It's a special kind of training only for stellar mages. Not even the spirits know about it," his tone changed dangerously at the end. Lucy glanced sharply at him. What was that? A cloud seemed to settle around him. Happy thought it wise to not say anything else on the matter. Instead he went along with their little lie.

"If it's a secret, are you going to train a lot?"


"Yes." Lucy felt a giant drop of sweat making its way down her temple.

"N...Natsu, maybe we should take it slow. I've never had this type of training before," she said shakily as a small ache yelled at her from below. The devilish smile he threw her was not comforting in the least.

"You know what they say, no better way than to just dive in."

"Who are they?" she yelled. Happy laughed and sat on the window sill.

"Come on Lucy. The training can't be that bad," he said, poking her further. Natsu was grinning ear to ear as Lucy's face turned ten shades of red.

"Get out!" Two figures were ejected through the window at top speed. One with wings and the other half naked. Happy quickly grabbed hold of Natsu's pants and flew off in the direction of home.

"You guys did it, didn't you?" he felt more than saw Natsu beam with giddiness and took it as a yes.

"You better know what you're doing Natsu. I'd sure hate to see Lucy get hurt." The dragon slayer sobered immediately and refused to say anything.

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