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Chapter 6: Dinner

"I still don't understand how you could do it." Trassimma Overstrand, Marcia's mother, said.

"But mum, I've already told you-"

"I know, I know. You 'can't'." Trassimma replied and pursed her lips mockfully.

"If you know, why did you have to invite me here?" Marcia asked. Trassimma pulled a hand through her raven-black hair.

"You see, Marcia, I've talked to Tantibus-"


"Augustus Tanner, also called Tantibus." Trassimma sighed irritated, "And do not interupt me, Marcia... However, it's not too late. Not yet."

"But mum, I have already said no." Marcia protested. Her mother did a dismissal (and somewhat sniffy) gesture.

"Marcia dear, please!" Trassimma said, "You only get one chance like this..."

"And I only gets one chance to be ExtraOrdinary Wizard... Mum, I don't want to be a part of the Wise Seven- I want to be the EOW." Marcia replied, "And honestly, is it your or my chance we are talking about?"

Trassimma decided to play a foul card. "Neither Rodrian or Maximilian would say no"

"But I'm not Rodrian or Maximilian, mum.."

"You should try to act more like them."

"I don't want to." Marcia said. "Look, mum, if you're only going to rant on about that 'I've made the biggest mistake of my life' because I said no to to join the Seven, I don't want to stay here."

"Don't be silly, Marcia." Trassimma replied, "Of course you won't leave. We're not even done."

"Done with what? Trying to make me feel bad for myself?"

"Marcia." Trassimma said reproachful tune, "I am not trying to feel bad for yourself; I'm your mother."

Marcia rose up and opend her mouth to say something, but right then someone opend the door.

"Hi, mum." Maximilian said, as he entered the room.

"Goodbye, mum." Marcia said. She rose up, and stormed past Maximilian and Milo Banda, who was about to enter the room.

"Marcia, wait!" Trassimma shouted, "Please!"

"No!" Marcia shouted back, and dissapeard.

"What did we miss?" Maximilian asked. Trassimma shook her head.

"Nothing." she sighed, and also she left the room. "Tell me if she comes back."
Only a few minutes later, Maximilian and Milo heard piano-music from Maximilian's parent's bedroom. Maximilian recognized the melody; the lullaby his mother used to sing for him and his siblings when they were young.

"What's with your sister?" Milo asked. Maximilian shrugged.

"I don't know. Some fuss about that she is the ExtraOrdinary Wizard's apprentice, I suppouse. Why?"

"I meant that she looked kinda' sad. Shouldn't we go and look if she's alright?"

"Nah... Marcia can do fine on her own. I don't even think that she likes me." Maximilian said.

"C'mon, Max," Milo said, "This is why you never get a girl; you barely ever show any emotions!"

Maximilian grimaced. "I've already said that she don't likes me. She'd just begin to yell at me."

"Coward." Milo replied.

"I'm not!" Maximilian snapped. "Fine, then. But if she yells at me, it's your fault."

Milo and Maximilian found Marcia crying in the Snake Slipway, a few yards from the house Maximilian and Marcia's parents lived in. That Marcia cried surprised Maximilian very much; the last time he had seen Marcia cry was when she had ran away from home a few years earilier, and the time before that was when they were twelve. And both time, Marcia had only cried in frustration.

"Mar..." Maximilian tried, but Marcia interupted him.

"Can't you just leave me alone!" she yelled. Maximilian gave Milo a look that said what-didn't-I-tell-you? And took a step closer to Marcia.

"Marcia, what are you so upset for?" he asked.

"As if you didn't know!" Marcia hissed, "Mum has surely told you everything about it from her point of view, and she has probably talked to dad and Rodrian, too."

"I have honestly no idéa about what you are talking about." Maximilian replied calmly.

"Liar!" Marcia cried.

"Calm down, Marcia, please." Maximilian begged, and grabbed Marcia's wrist. "Let's go to mum and-"

"I won't go back to her, Maximilian." Marcia hissed, "Whatever you say, I won't! This is the last time. I am so tired of her, always trying to make my life as she wanted her life to be."

"I understand, Mar, but-"

"You don't understand! You will never understad, you and Rodrian has always been her two favourites." Marcia snapped. Something stung inside Maximilian; what Marcia said was completely true. Trassimma had always seemed to lie him and his brother Rodrian more for some reason.

"That's not true." Maximilian lied, "She likes us all equally."

"Honestly, Max, do you think I'm dumb?" Marcia said. She slapped him so that he letted her go, and then she ran away. Maximilian glared at Milo.

"What didn't I tell you?" he asked. Milo shrugged.

"Things are always worth a try." Milo replied, and Maximilian roled his eyes.

Alther Mella, ExtraOrdinary Wizard, found his apprentice crying outside his door.

"Marcia, what are you doing here?" he asked.

"Can... Can I come inside?" Marcia sobbed.

"Sure." Alther said, and letted Marcia come inside. Marcia settled down in one of the chairs, which she had chosen as her 'favourite', and burried her face in her hands. She sobbed violently.

"Marcia, what have happend?" Alther asked carefully.

"First Augustus Tanner and now his daughter! I don't know if I can handle them anymore- they're everywhere!" Marcia cried.

"Wait a second..." Alther said, "With Augustus Tanner... Do you mean Tantibus the Emperor?"
Marcia nodded her head.

"Tell me; what has happend?" Alther asked. And Marcia explained everyhting, from when she had been at that feast at Augustus's ship to where she was then.

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