Here is the sort of long awaited beginning to Volume Two. For those who don't know this Volume takes place in the world of Yu Yu Hakusho. The chapters this time around are shorter but on the plus side, it is infinitely better written, with the possible exception of chapter one. As far as progress, I am in the middle of writing chapter ten. This story is going to be longer than Volume One. I have changed my update days to Monday's. I didn't want to always keep it the same. Anyway, enjoy!

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Chapter 1

"Hey!" yelled a voice. "Open up!"

The door that was being smashed in with a fist belonged to a motel room that Gnocx had been occupying for the last three days. Said occupant was lying on the sole bed in the room watching the television. After hearing the assault commencing on his room's door, Gnocx shut the television off and got up to answer the door.

"Hurry it up!" the voice demanded.

That voice… Him again? Gnocx thought as he recognized the voice of the one outside his door. He undid the latch and opened the door to reveal Kazuma Kuwabara, a teen he had met when he first arrived in this world three days ago. Behind him were two people he didn't recognize. One was a teen who was shorter than Kuwabara and wearing all green. Green pants, green shoes and a green jacket similar to Kuwabara's blue uniform jacket. He had brown eyes and black hair that was gelled back. The other person was a girl who, strangely enough, had long blue hair in a ponytail. She was wearing light red pants with a darker red jacket and was wielding a baseball bat.

"I-It's you!" Kuwabara yelled pointing at Gnocx.

"Uh… Yeah," he replied. "And it's you, my stalker. Now why are you here?"

"You know this guy Kuwabara?" the dark haired teen asked him with a curious tone.

"I'm not your stalker, you jerk!" said punk yelled in Gnocx's face, completely ignoring his friend, only to receive a blank stare in response.

"May we come in please?" the blue haired girl asked after shoving Kuwabara out of the doorway.

"If you promise not to bludgeon me with that bat, sure you can," Gnocx replied and backed into the room.

After leaving Kuwabara in the park three days earlier, Gnocx walked aimlessly around until he found a little motel like place and asked the attendant for a room. After paying for it with the funds he stole from Vexen before fleeing Castle Oblivion, he was taken to the room. The room was decent for the type of place it was. There was one bed that was big enough to keep two people on it and there was a nightstand on either side with lamps on them and an alarm clock on one. Across the room from the bed was a dresser with a television on top as well as more lights and a bible. Then on the end opposite the entrance was a door that led to a small bathroom with the essential shower, sink, and toilet.

After he was left alone, Gnocx decided that it was too late to go out and explore the area of the new world he found himself in. So, he just lay on the bed and turned on the television. He made due with watching the news until about 11 at night. 'Must still be on my schedule from Hogwarts,' he thought as he shut the TV off. After that he took off his coat and hung it on the back of the door that served as the room's entrance. With that taken care of he shut off the lights, pulled back the blanket, laid down on his stomach and fell asleep.

The next day Gnocx made good on his plan from the night before and left his room to gather some information about where he was. Turns out he was in the country of Japan which was just a series of small pieces of land on a vast ocean that led to bigger continents.

Having obtained plenty of information, he went to a small store and bought a few food items to keep him sustained throughout the day. He learned that people around his age are normally in school during the day, so he thought that wandering during school hours would draw attention to him. So, he went back to the room and tried to keep himself entertained with the television. It wasn't until sometime in the afternoon that he left the room. The weather was nice, so he spent a few hours wandering and mentally mapping out the area for future reference.

All in all, that day was highly uneventful. The same could not be said for the second. All seemed normal until Gnocx made his way into the park where he met the awkward teen when he first arrived. He was just about to leave when he heard a scream. The scream didn't get his attention, but the looming sense of darkness that he sensed from the same direction as the scream put him into gear. The scream came from inside a more wooded area of the park, so Gnocx turned toward the shriek and bolted for the tree line.

Quickly maneuvering through the woods, he came across another path that went through the park. Following his senses seeing as how the screaming stopped, he happened upon a small group of heartless, there were the garden variety shadows, but some of them had noticeable differences in appearance. There were about eight regular shadows, but then there were three that looked like shadows except their bodies looked more humanoid. They had the same yellow eyes, but their antennae stretched to about half of their body length, which was at least twice the shadows. The dark creatures were slowly circling and encroaching toward a young girl who by the looks of it, had fainted. Not wanting to be seen, Gnocx knew he needed to make this quick. Without a second thought, he disappeared in a flash and reappeared by the girl on his knees. He held his two fingers out and a bolt of yellow electricity arced from the digits and crashed into three of the heartless, dispatching two of them and leaving one of them stunned. The one that was left stunned was one of the humanoid heartless, Neoshadows. Taking the distraction provided as the rest of the heartless look to where their comrades had been before being eradicated, Gnocx picked up the girl and warped outside the circle about a dozen yards away. He gently laid her next to a tree, then turned and ran back to the crowd of enemies. Not wanting to take the chance of someone showing up, he manifested one of his blades, the black rapier, and spun on his foot as he neared the enemies. He swung the sword in a wide arc and a wave of compressed air surged forth and cut through the ranks.

"Air scythe," Gnocx said evenly as he assessed the damage he did.

Three more shadows had been vanquished and the neoshadow he had stunned previously had been done in. All that remained were three more shadows and two Neoshadows. Gnocx then swung his sword in the opposite direction and a wave of black and white energy flew toward the shadows and one of the neoshadows. The creatures seemed to finally gather their meager wits because while two of the three shadows were destroyed, one of them had sunk into the ground becoming a literal shadow. While the shadow was in the ground, its more evolved counterpart jumped in the air to avoid the attack and dove toward Gnocx, claws extended. Gnocx jumped and met it in the air, his sword clashed against its claws. Thinking quickly like the strategist he is, he manifested his white rapier and expertly parried the claws with his black one while slashing upward with the white. The creature went skyward only to be met with a crushing blow as Gnocx had warped above and behind it and used both blades in a hammer strike, sending the victim crashing to the ground where the impact dealt the fatal blow and it disappeared in a dark wisp. Gnocx landed on the ground only to bring up one of his blades to block a charge from the final neoshadow. Once again he parried the blow, but this time he ran his other blade through the creatures head, destroying it instantly.

He was about to turn to look for the remaining shadow, but was cut off by a pain in his leg. He looked down to see the shadow had emerged from the ground and had raked its claws through his pants and deep enough into his skin to draw blood. Gnocx ignored the minor pain and plunged one of his blades into the ground, impaling his attacker and defeating it.

After the thing vanished, he dismissed his weapons and bent down to look at his leg and his newly destroyed pants that he bought to blend in.

"And I just bought these damn pants," he complained as he held his hand over the wound.

The underside of his hand then started to glow green and tendrils of green energy left his hand and made its way to the scratches. After a few seconds the wound closed up and he wiped the remainder of the blood away.

After tending to himself he looked over to where the girl lay against the tree. The Nobody walked over to her and checked her. She seemed to be alive and had no noticeable injury, so Gnocx assumed she must have just fainted. She was a short girl dressed in what Gnocx had come to recognize as a female school uniform. The uniform was a blue shirt and blue skirt. She had medium length brown hair and looked to be no older than 14. Deciding not to leave her there, he picked her up and carried her out of the wooded area. Once he got back onto the path he was on before the scream, he walked until he found one of the parks many benches. He carefully set her down so that she was sitting on the bench. As soon as he sat her down she stirred. He stood back and just watched her as she slowly woke up. She blearily blinked her eyes and jumped. She started looking around expecting something to attack her.

"They're gone," Gnocx assured her.

His words broke through her panic and she calmed before looking at him.

"Did you save me?" she asked him.

"I found you and fought off the things attacking you," he replied.

"What were they?"

"I don't know, but they weren't friendly," he lied.

"Well, Thank you anyway, I owe you,"

"No you don't. Don't worry about it."

Gnocx then started to walk away.

"Wait!" she called.

He stopped and without looking back, waited for her to continue.

"My name is Keiko Yukimura, Thank you again, sir," she bowed in gratitude.

"Gnocx," he replied.

"That's a strange name."

"So I've heard," Gnocx replied dryly as he walked away.

The whole time he was unaware of the person who was watching the whole affair from above.

The third day was also significant. Gnocx had waited until the afternoon to go out and buy a cheap pair of pants like the last he had. He also went to the store and stocked up on just a few basic necessities. He was on his way back with a couple bags in one hand. He cut through an alley as a shortcut to get back to his residence. He made it about halfway when he felt something behind him. He turned around to see a teen looking at him. The teen was tall and wearing a school uniform. Gnocx had no doubt that he was there to pick a fight.

"Can I help you," Gnocx asked the thug.

The thug's response was to charge. With a sigh, Gnocx set his bags on a dumpster that was in the alley before ducking under a punch. He grabbed the arm that was to hit his face and gave a tug. The teen was then flipped over and Gnocx slammed him into the ground. It was then that Gnocx noticed something was off. He bent down to get a better look.

The teen that had attacked him had discolored skin. His skin was completely blue; it was as if someone dumped a can of paint on him. Not only was his skin discolored, but his eyes were too. His eyed held the hue of blood. As he knelt closer, however, his skin and eyes gradually turned back to normal. Before Gnocx could ponder this further, he was met with an even stranger sight. The teen's mouth was hanging open and out of it crawled what looked to be an insect. It was a long insect with wings and it had what appeared to be a mosquito's mouth on its head, only that it is proportionally sized to its body. The insect tried to fly off, but Gnocx grabbed it before it could get away. It tried to struggle, but was stopped immediately when Gnocx clenched his hand lightly and the insect was coated in a thin layer of ice. Dropping the now dead bug on the ground, Gnocx proceeded to smash it with his foot. Having the seemingly possessive creature dead, he picked up his bags and left the unconscious teen in the alley.

Gnocx had backed into his room and the three teens followed him in and shut the door.

"So," Gnocx began, "what could you possibly want with me?"

"Your help."

Fans of the series should already know who is at his doorstep. This is during the beginning of the Saint Beast arc and I plan on keeping Gnocx here until after the Rescue Yukina arc. He won't be here as long as he was at Hogwarts. See you next Monday.