-Morning Rush

I jolted out of my bed suddenly, a cold sweat covering my body.

Goosebumps were covering my limbs in fear and from shivering. I didn't understand the dream-the nightmare-but it scared me nonetheless.

That stare piercing into me.

As if they were relishing in the chaos around me.

That was all I saw.

Two sadistic eyes, and an apocalyptic city.

Wherever I turned the eyes blocked my gaze. Wherever I ran the eyes followed relentlessly. They enveloped my senses. No matter what I did, that glint of gleeful sadism remained in my view, behind the icy purple irises.

Even in the tormented setting the eyes were calm. Even going as far as to close their eyes the, seductively long eyelashes replacing the stare as a content sigh was heard from all around.

It should have been better than the eyes but it wasn't.

Such a calm expression covering the view of the turmoil laden area. It was highly disturbing.

Everything about them haunted me.

I got out of bed on weak legs. Making my way out of the darkness that enveloped my room and into the equally black hallway.

Shuffling my slipper clad feet down the hallway, I soon reached the kitchen. Turning on the light, I inwardly cheered when I saw the kettle on the stove.

Hopefully tea would help me relax.

The kettle was half-full, mom usually had a late night snack to help her get to sleep. The chamomile tea always seemed to do wonders for her.

I heated up the tea, and got myself a mug. The steam from the tea whipped around as it was poured into the my faviourite mug. The smell hitting my nose, a calm, content sigh escaped my full lips.

'It's working already,' I thought happily.

I brought the hot beverage cautiously to my lips, taking a quick sip. The drink slid easily down my throat. It's soothing effect working instantly.

I felt a lot lighter after the much needed drink, the calming drink was doing its best to put my mind at ease. Putting the mug away along with the now empty kettle, I turned off the light and walked back to my bedroom.

My head landed softly on my pillow, my eyes were heavy, and my mind was calm, from both the tea and the late hour.

My eyes were about to close, whisking me into a, hopefully, dreamless sleep, when a low rumbling reached my ears. Quiet screams were in the distance. My window reflecting a wild light.

I let out a heavy sigh.

It was happening again.

'So close,' I groaned.

"Liar! Fraud! Phoney! Liar! Fraud! Phoney!" The crowd was chanting angrily. Like they did every month.

The mob of Satan haters.

They paraded through the streets with their signs high and their chants loud throughout the night. When they did it at first the whole group received hefty fines for disturbing the peace.

That was just under five years ago.

After a while the police stopped handing out fines and started arresting only those who were being overzealous. Then they started to give up all together.

There was no stopping them, and as annoying and loud as they were, they were gaining numbers.

Their rallies, protests, and speeches slowly have more and more people convinced that they're on to something. And the more people who join, the more people show interest.

I looked out my window, pushing the red curtains aside gently to get a clear view of the mob.

I brought a dainty hand to my mouth as I silently gasped.

This was their largest late night rally yet. It took up half of the street and it was as loud as ever.

"Why are they so uproarious?" the soothing voice floated through my ears. "They're fighting for a truth that they want to believe. Yet they know none of the facts. It seems quite pointless to me."

I turned to face my mother, her face framed by her bountiful navy locks. "I don't know mom. I just wish they would stop!" I whined letting out a sigh. "I thought you'd support them, because you know what really happened."

"Goodness no! I'm not one for rallies and riots and all that," she explained, "I guess I'm not down there because I understand simply knowing is not enough, you have to take what you know and make it relevant to you."

"What do you mean?"

"I know who did it, I understand how they act, and I understand why they did it," She flourished a hand towards the passing mob. "This isn't it. They say they are different because they act out against the people who blindly and religiously follow Mister Satan. Truthfully they're simply two sides of the same coin. It's saddening really.

I nodded in agreement. My mom always had her little nuggets of wisdom, especially when she was talking about her friends from before I was born. Her voice would become wistful, her eyes happily glazed over, and you could tell that her mind was reliving fond memories.

I always wondered why she never went back to them to visit or simply say 'hi'. I never thought to ask her about it. She had her own reasons for that. Maybe she'd tell me someday, maybe not.

The mob passed by painfully slowly. The light of the torches became duller as they made their way away from our street. Their chants being enveloped in the shroud that loomed over them.

Soon it was blissfully silent again.

It was also six in the morning.

I let out a very unladylike groan. I had to get up way too soon for my liking.

"Remind me to talk to the school secretary in the morning, okay sweetie?"

"Huh? Why?" I gave a long yawn.

"You have an appointment in the morning, you won't be able to come in until later in the day."

"I didn't know about an appointment..."

"Yes. An appointment with the Sandman. He's making a house call," She gave me a playful wink.

I gave a groggy giggle as I gave my mother a tight squeeze.

"You're the best, mom!"

"Only the best for my Erasa."

I gave her a peck on the cheek before making my way back to my bed.

"I want you in school after lunch, okay?."

I nodded pathetically my tiredness enveloping my form, "Sounds good."

"I love you dear."

"I love you too mom."

I drifted off to sleep, again, as my mother quietly made her way out the room. Shutting the door and making her way to the master bathroom. She turned on the tap, tested it with a soft hand and jolted back when it scalded her hand.

"Oh!" she exclaimed wincing slightly in the passing pain.

She adjusted it again before slipping her light nightie off of her shoulders, letting it slide down her womanly body, creating a puddle at her feet. She shivered when the cold bathroom air touched her nude body and quickly hopped into the shower to escape it. She let out a bliss filled sigh as the water started to massage her.

She let the water cascade down her body for a few minutes, relishing in the refreshing feeling, before grabbing a luffa and squirting a jasmine scented body wash on top of it.

She lounged in the shower, letting the water relax her body for a long time. She relished in the feeling of relief the water brought her but she knew that she had to leave for her job.

She'd learnt so much being a teacher. It was fun, paid well, and she had no problem keeping her students in line, except for a few of the more uproarious ones. She took it all in stride though always with a small, content smile on her face.

She applied lotion to her skin before slipping on her outfit for the day. The black knee-length skirt hugged her thighs nicely, the white blouse completing the sophisticated look she was going for. Her purple jacket took her away from that, but she couldn't bear herself to do away with the leather article. She made a note of the time on her way out of her bedroom.

Six forty-eight.

Just enough time to make some soothing mint tea and a nice buttered bagel.

It was fifteen minutes before she had left her house, and another before she had made her way through the lightly trafficked streets to Orange Star High.

She walked into the office to check her mailbox for any important letters, informing the pleasant secretary of her daughters 'appointment'.

The clicking sound of her kitten heels echoed as she made her way to her classroom, her green eyes scanning the small stack of mail she had received.

One was a letter for students in her opening class regarding the annual school wide martial arts tournament. The tournaments had been active in Orange Star High ever since Mr. Satan's victory at the Cell Games, and the creation of 'Victory Month' to honour his triumph.

Reading the second letter she let out a small gasp in surprise. She pushed the door to her in class office open as she scanned it over one more time.

Dear Staff,

One Gohan Son will be attending Orange Star High as of April, 3rd. This letter is to inform all-

She tossed her letter on her desk in carelessly, making dust rise up from the old desk. She clasped her hands in delight, a small reminiscent smile on her face as she recognised the name. Her expression was wistful, as she remembered her past adventures.

The dust rose up and tickled her nose.

Her content expression was contorted as she took in a breath before sneezing lightly. Her hair changed from a it's calming navy hue to a fierce yet beautiful blonde, her eyes holding a slightly more mischievous look instead of the innocence they held seconds before.

The change was smoothly ignored by her as she continued her thoughts. 'I wonder what baldy's been up to, and the old man, and that broad and Goku?' She smirked. "This teaching gig just got a whole lot more interestin'"

She wore her smirk well, fitting with both her personality and the devious playfulness in her eyes. Her hands worked smoothly as they pulled her laptop from its case.

Past or not she had work to do. The smirk, however, never left her lips.

The large campus caught his eye easily, The gaudy orange star on the black flag sticking out against the otherwise well kept school. His wild black hair waved as he cut through the air in towards the three story building.

He was fortunate that there was an entrance to the school on top of the roof. He opened the heavy door easily, jogging down the stairs until he entered a main hallway on the third floor. The halls were filled with students, but he weaved through the crowd with ease. Remaining invisible to the student body was easy, his strategically drab outfit allowed him to hide himself within plain sight.

He, unlike his father, did not like to be the centre of attention. He enjoyed his solitude, though he did like to hang out with his father's friends.

He made his way to the main office, his schedule as well as a badge matching the flag outside of the school were there for him to pick up. His trip down the stairs was silent but his mind was working full force, observing his surroundings, and the people within them for any threats, as improbable as those would be.

His significantly heightened senses were turned on, taking in all of the life around him.

He had the mind of a chess player, and no matter how much his mother had tried to repress or deny it, there were always two sides of chess; the thinker...

As well as the warrior.

He made it to the office soon enough and looking at the watch on his wrist. Five minutes until the bell rings, it was already eight-ten.

He made his way to the secretary's desk. The woman, who looked slightly younger than his mother, gave him a once over before deeming that she didn't know him.

"Can I help ya sweetie?" she asked kindly.

"Yes miss..." he looked at her nameplate, "Surce. I'm Gohan Son and it's my first day here. I was told to get my schedule and school badge here before class."

"Of course dear. Let me just print it for you."

"Thank you."

"It's my job hon," she said kindly as her fingers flew over her keyboard. "Says here that you're a bit of a prodigy. Got perfect on your entrance exam, and your I.Q. Scores from previous years are stellar." She handed him his schedule.

"Thank you miss," Gohan was lightly blushing.

"No problem hon, I hope you like it here."

"I'm sure I will. Have a pleasant day."

With that Gohan left the office making his way to room 134.

The bell had rung while he was in the office so he increased his pace while walking to the class.

He found the classroom after a small amount of searching. He steadied his anxious breathing and knocked on the door.

He was welcomed by the scrutinising gaze of an older man with greying hair.

"Hello Sir. I'm Gohan Son, the new student."

"Ah yes I heard about you. I expect great things Mr. Son."

"Yes, of course sir."

"Come in. Let me introduce you to the class."

They walked into the amphitheatre styled classroom.

"Kids today we have a new student in our class. He received perfect test scores on the entrance exam. A lot of you can learn from him." The teacher droned, "That's your cue boy."

Gohan bowed his head a little, "My name is Gohan, pleased to meet you."

The teacher gave a nod. "You can go sit anywhere you like, Mister Son."

"Thank you, sir."

Gohan looked over the classroom to find an empty seat. There were quite a few in this class. He made his way up to a row near the back. Sitting next to a girl with black hair.

She heaved a sigh.

Gohan let a confused expression appear on his face but he decided to let the girl's reaction, or lack thereof as it were, slide.

The teacher resumed class as soon as Gohan was seated, going into the morning's history session.

The atmosphere on the class had changed. It was more tense, the focus on Gohan. All eyes were on the new boy. Whispers were being tossed between classmates, the opinions settling on him being classified simply as a geek.

Gohan tried to ignore the sometimes harsh comments and just kept his face forward. He did let out an inward sigh though. A warrior's mind did not mean a cold heart, and his already ached for some sort of reprieve from the tense atmosphere of the classroom.

'It's going to be a long day.'

I decided to revamp my story. Rereading it while making the next chapter, I realised that I didn't like the feel I got while reading it. It felt so detached. I didn't feel like I was a part of the characters. So I redid this in my usual style which I think is leagues better than the original version.

Thanks for reading... again!