-Muse and Action

Green eyes looked down into the mug filled with tea, watching the spoon as she stirred it round and round.

The house was quiet, odd as it was, she minded. Missing Erasa and the constant noise she brought, whether it be her talking on the phone with her girls, her playing music loud enough for the people in west city to hear. Launch even missed the screeching from the bathroom as the blonde sang in the shower.

Erasa really was her child. She smiled. Those aliens from years ago did some good in the end. Saving Erasa was enough for Launch to thank them just as much as she would blame them.

Brushing her blue hair out of her eyes she took a sip. And now Gohan. "Who knows? Maybe those Saiyans brought Gohan and Erasa together," she giggled at the thought.

As quiet as it was, the giggle seemed to echo throughout the humble abode, subduing the bluenette's mirth. Joke all she wanted about it one thing remained the same.

Simply put, she missed her baby.

Sighing, she took another hot sip of tea. Hopefully she did the right thing, letting Erasa train with Gohan. Launch knew better than most what trials and tribulations came with associating with the Sons and the Briefs. That was the main reason she had hidden Erasa from that life but, as the saying goes, "You can run but you can't hide."

That life had found her anyways, the most exciting times in her life had weaseled their way to her through her daughter and she just didn't know how to feel.

Erasa was now befriended and consequently being protected by people who attracted danger like moths to a flame. Comforting and worrying at the same time.

Another sip.

There was a reason she had been subtly avoiding the questions Erasa had asked about her past life. The more the girl knew, the more danger she'd be in. And this danger was far greater than what her gun totting mother could protect her from. She was very much against the idea of putting her daughter's safety in the hands of another, no matter how capable they were.

She downed the rest of the tea.

She just didn't want to let her baby go...

The cup clattered in the sink as Launch went to find her jacket. She had somewhere to go.

Leaning herself on the door frame the sight once again captured her gaze. "It's impossible..." the Android mumbled. No matter how many times she witnessed the scene she was still amazed. There she was, lounged along the couch with one dainty (yet powerful beyond comprehension) teal arm draped over the back of the couch, her wildly curly fiery mane peeking out over the arm of the chair.

She used to be deliciously brutal, she still was when the time called for it, but now...

She was playing babysitter to appease the will of her...


Well maybe that was an overstatement. The only person she'd consider a friend without hesitation was the Son boy. He did free her from that narcissistic green grasshopper, and even though he'd done it by accident he was one of the two people who spoke in her defense when it came to killing her.

The other being that bald little stalker.

Luckily for her, he was in his own relationship now, some blue haired Bulma look-alike with an I.Q. that was the same as her cup size.

18, or Crystal now raised a perfectly primped eyebrow at her own thought.

Probably less actually.

The other human fighters avoided her for the most part, watching her, scrutinizing her every time the infuriatingly oblivious Son invited her to gathering after gathering.

The Briefs were different in a way, that blonde... it was scary how pleasant she always was. The two more intelligent Briefs were as interested in her as they were welcoming. Crystal attested the senior Brief's welcoming as obliviousness, while at first being very wary of Bulma's forthcoming nature. By now she guessed they were also friends.

The Monkey Princess, Vegeta, remained wholly indifferent to her, he'd surpassed her in power, that was enough but he did respect her strength to the extent that he chose to call her by her true name.

Piccolo was the a rival in power but little else, he was pleasant if gruff. Her main training partner due to their strength being close enough to permit it.

That was Gohan's ideology at least.

Two friends, one person's (begrudged) respect, and a rival.

Crystal sighed sitting her head in one of her hands. She was quite socially pathetic in all honesty. The old pervert had more acquaintances than she did.

And now this one...

Gohan's voice was in her head, goading her, directing her, and slowly convincing Crystal to make perhaps another acquaintance. A quick check showed their power was roughly the same. And from the quick mental scuffles they had, so was their wit.

She closed her steely blur eyes, taking in a breath before making her way to the couch and leaning over the teal alien.

Zangya's sapphire eyes met Crystal's steely blue orbs. "Can I help you blondie?"

Unflustered by the jab she gave her reply. "Come on, we're going out."

Giving a haughty chuckle, Zangya turned back towards the television. "Yeah? No."

"That wasn't an option. I'm tired of you wearing my clothes." Crystal turned the t.v. off, making her way to the door she undid the latch and opened it. "Meet me at the lobby in five minutes or you'll find yourself in much worse accommodations." She was gone with the light slam of the door.

Four minutes later Zangya had picked her short blonde hair out of the crowd and tapped her on the shoulder. "I guess I do need some clothes, you're sense of fashion is dreadful." Came the cheeky acceptance.

Crystal turned and nodded in understanding and hidden mirth before the two walked their way to the west city shopping district.

The girls had settled in to their two room capsule houses quickly. They'd met Gohan's brother Goten, the little bundle of energy was a constant source of optimism, youth, and naïvety. Always laughing and adorable as he idolized his big brother. The new people fascinated him, the "City Girls" as Chi-chi (Gohan's strict, very strict, mother) had called them.

In regards to Chi-chi, it was a... Struggle. Barely an hour and I just knew she was judging us. Videl was aware of the fact as well, I'm sure. Angela was still enthralled by the wide wonderland that surrounded the Son residence. I was too if I'm being honest, just the knowledge of having literal acres to ourselves, made me feel so small. So very... insignificant.

An hour after we had settled and had a quick but filling lunch, Gohan (and Goten too), the sweetie he was, had made us sandwiches for when we had arrived and packed a picnic basket for our first session of training.

Judgmental or not Chi-chi had raised one very sweet boy.

We followed him through a path in the forest. He told us to just close of our thoughts and simply absorb the surroundings around us.

It was beautiful. The moving shadows, the light rustle of the leaves as they blew in the soft wind. It was all very serene, and I let out a calm sigh.

I closed my eyes slightly as I let Gohan guide us. I could feel him. His presence, his aura perhaps? It was strong soothing and pure. An untainted gold radiance that warned my body. In its purity it was primal, hungry for something, searching as it swayed in my mind's eye. It was empathetic, healing even as it warmed me.

I don't think I'd ever felt so calm before in my life.

"Here we are," Gohan spoke up to get our attention.

"Whoa..." I heard Videl gasp.

The forest opened up and I opened my eyes to take in The beautiful lakeside we were at. The water was shimmering under the day's sun. On the side we were on was a sandy shore, and on the sides to the left and right, were veritable meadows. Wild flowers and tall grass waved in the wind with only nature as their gardener.

What really made the sight beautiful was the waterfall on the far side. It wasn't anything huge but it was definitely sizable as gallons of water cascaded into the lake. The sound was very soothing as the continuous crash sounded like the low rumble of thunder.

"Gohan, this is beautiful..." I whispered in awe, as if anything more than a whisper would break the picturesque scene

Gohan chuckled softly with his hand scratching the back of his neck as he was prone to do, "I hoped you'd think so. This is the place where my sensei and I meditate when we get the time. I'm surprised he's not here actually." he looked thoughtful for a second before speaking up again. "Okay guys which do you prefer? Beach or meadow?"

After some consideration we decided on the meadow, and Gohan lead us there to a mostly flat part, having us all sit down.

"So what's first teach?" Angela piped up excitedly.

"Well first I have to figure out how much you know about energy," Gohan replied.

"Energy? Like potential energy? Thermal energy and stuff like that?" Videl gave Gohan a scrutinizing look. "I thought we were learning how to fight, not physics."

Gohan's face set itself into a thoughtful frown, I don't think if was at Videl though. "Well that answers that question I guess," he sighed, "Do any of you know about Ki and Chi energy?"

"Ooh I know!" Angela rose her hand like she was in class and I smiled at her. "My mom wrote an article on crackpot theories once, talking about people able to do incredible feats, she interviewed Mr. Heater because his level of skill was so far above everyone else's. He said that he simply had more ki than most other people, and that it increased his abilities accordingly. She didn't believe him though she's an avid fan of Mr. Satan and said that stuff like ki couldn't exist because the world's strongest at the time hadn't said anything about that.

Gohan frowned again, this time deeper and more troubled. "You all believe that?" he scanned our group, and Videl and Angela nodded in the affirmative. I remained still. "What about you Erasa?" he asked curiously.

"I-I don't know really. My mom always told me stories about her friends from before and how much they could do and take. It sounded so much like a fairy tale though, it's hard to believe. Fights to the death, unconquerable training, impossible feats, it's just not realistic," I saw his frown form again but I wasn't done. "but I want to believe, I want to believe that there are this group of angels guarding us. Protecting us." I sighed as I finished, looking down and away. "I guess that's pretty dumb, huh?"

Gohan shook his head, "It's not dumb Erasa it's" he paused to gather his words. "It's quite beautiful really. Believing that someone will always protect you. And you're right to believe. Because it's true." All three of us went wide-eyed at the claim, with varying degrees of acceptance.

"I don't believe you," Videl stated pointedly. "I don't care how impossibly smart you are, or how strong. I can't believe in some sort of magical hocus pocus!" She was standing up now. Fierce as she always was during an argument. I came here to learn how to fight, not for a meditation session or some bullshit theory lesson, So! Teach! Me!"

She was standing there in his face eyes blazing, hands on her hips, letting out angry breaths. Mine and Angela's eyes were wide in shock. But Gohan just stood there. Looking right back in her eyes.

"Sit down Videl," he told her. No emotion in his voice.

"Not until you start teaching how to actually fight! My father-"

"You're father is the cause for the fall of any competent martial arts for the last decade." That sure shut her up as she stared, gawked might be a better word, at the usually timid boy. "You're father is not a warrior, he is a fighter, yes, barely. He is a performer, that much is certain. But he is no warrior. You spent years learning under him and yet you still lost to me, and you've asked me to teach you what I know. I will do as such in my own way, and if you will not or can not respect that I will ask you to leave," he had said the whole thing in an even tone, stating facts more than insulting. He took a breath before finishing. "My sensei would never take that type of disrespect from anyone, friend, foe, and definitely not student. And neither will I."

Videl stood there looking at his unnerving expressionless face for a long while trying to rationalize his words, trying to comprehend what she had just heard.

When it clicked in she snapped.

"Fuck you! How dare you belittle my father and me like that! I don't need you to teach me! My father is a great man, and the reason we're alive today! I don't need you at all! I can get better by myself! I can take on anybody! I'm Videl Satan, you're just some random country hick!" Videl had snapped, she swung a punch right for Gohan's face, which he caught. "I can beat you! You caught me by surprise last time. This time I'm ready!" she pulled her fist back and stepped back two meters, sliding into her most aggressive stance.

Gohan sighed as if frustrated instead of threatened. Videl smirked as he fell into his stance. "Time for you to eat dirt, Son." She charged right away, her patience from last time lost.

She charged with a straight punch that she pulled back on as she instead tried to kick at his thigh, he grabbed it and dropped it as he ducked under her follow-up high kick. She brought her leg down at the midst of her arc and tried to slam it down on his head, but he rolled out-of-the-way smoothly, getting back on his feet. She didn't leave him alone for long as she pulled her fist back and tossed a blow to his face that he dodged easily by tilting his head slightly to the side. She followed by wrapping her arm around his neck and spinning around him, surprised as he didn't fall, he wasn't even straining slightly against her choke hold. She pushed off of him before flinging herself back at him trying to connect a would be devastating elbow drop to his shoulder. Had he not dodged it of course.

It went on like this. Videl on the offensive with Gohan simply brushing her attacks off, dancing around her movements. It was sort of alluring to watch. As his face remained stern and his body became fluid. His movements weren't excessive just the bare minimum. Videl was sweating hard and panting harder as she brought a knee up to meet Gohan's stomach, which he pushed to the side deftly. She went with the momentum and use it to whip her balancing leg out in a kick which the Son boy stepped back to avoid. She spun as she landed and kept spinning to attempt a sweep kick that accomplished nothing. Using that momentum, she flung herself up and aimed a chop to his side which he caught.

"Stop it Videl. All that's been accomplished in the last half hour is you wasting energy. Make your way back to the capsule house. I'll train you once you're ready to learn, no sooner."

She looked about ready to argue but couldn't, she was so tired. Having been on a charge for so long. She looked up at Gohan's face seeing no signs of tiredness. Not a bead of sweat and just those eyes boring into her own.

She dropped her head as he let go of her wrist. Her knees buckled as she touched the ground almost making her fall before she caught herself.

"... Why can't I beat you? I'm supposed to be the strongest... I'm supposed to be the prodigy... Not you... Me..." Her tears welled up in her eyes and I could see some fall she turned back and ran to the house.

She was defeated. Not just by Gohan but by herself, her own expectations, her own pride.

She was fighting an opponent that totally outclassed her.

Gohan sighed as he watched her go, he really hadn't meant to make her cry. But perhaps it was the only way to open her eyes.

He turned to us and could barely meet our eyes. "We'll resume in five minutes. I'm sorry about that."

He walked back into the forest as our eyes just watched him go.


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