Dream: Okay, I have finished figuring out the past of Mylene Farrow, and are now ready to publish it. *coughs* Shadow, it's hard to type when you have me in a headlock.

Shadow Prove: You're doing this on purpose! You want to embarrass us!

Lync: Is "us" you and Mylene? Or is it the whole Vexos?


Shadow Prove: *Scowls but lets go*

Mylene: I will never forgive you, Dreamflight.

Dream: *rubs neck* Okay.

Yumeí: Please remember that Dreamfight is the owner of me, and the story, plus all other OC peeps.

Mylene laid on rough black stone, unmoving and unfeeling. In hindsight, it was obviously stupid to have thrown the death bomb. And yet, she had done it.

Mylene knew perfectly well that it was her fault for her own-and Shadow Prove's-demise. All her life, Mylene had shifted the blame to someone else, but now felt empty. She was tired and didn't have the energy left to hate any more.

Mylene wondered if her loneliness was part of her punishment, for all the things she had ever done. It was as if there was no care for her, another futile and hopelessly corrupt person.

There was a single regret, highlighted against her otherwise lack of caring: she had never apologized to Cressedia for the terrible things she had said. Suddenly, more regrets surfaced, each one throbbing with guilt.

She felt a sentimental urge to look back. To see the road that had lead her to this fate. She resisted, but it was not long before the stone blocks of her will began to crumble with her weariness.

She looked back down the road of her choices, fully aware of where the nightmare of her world had begun.

Yumeí: This scene looks hauntingly familiar...Anyway, review and all that.

Dream: *Faints from lack of air*

Yumeí: Release!

Shadow Prove: Not happening.

Yumeí: Shadow. Eclipse. Prove. You are going to let go of her right now or...

Lync: He'll die?

Shadow: *drops dreamflight* Fine.

Mylene: My life is over.