Benjamin Sisko says, "Welcome to Deep Space Nine. I have a folk tale written by my first officer to tell you. Mission begins."

Once upon a time, in a galaxy, far, far away, there was a Bajoran/Cardassian hybrid named Tora Ziyal, who was up, locked, in her room. Her evil father, Skrain G. Dukat, wanted her to marry Damar, but she wanted to marry Elim Garak, a tailor, who was a friend of Julian Bashir. Kira Nerys, my first officer, decided to go and rescue her. She asked her best friend, Jadzia Dax to come with her. "Really?" asked Jadzia, after Kira told her what happened. "Do you really think it's safe?" "Oh sure," answered Kira. "Anyway, I'm positive that Captain Sisko will let us go." I was not sure. "Are you sure this is a good idea?" I queried. "Definitely." replied Kira. I went away to think about it. At last I made up my mind. "Alright, you can go." Before I had finished speaking, Kira and Jadzia were in leaps and bounds. "Thank you so much!" said Kira excitedly. "I haven't even finished speaking. Thank you. Now, you will need a lot of things. Here they are." I gave them a bundle of things, all in my hand. Kira and Jadzia took them. "Well, we'll be off then." said Kira. "Bye!" "Wait!" I called, "I haven't given you transport. You can take the Rubicon." "Thanks. Let's go." The runabout was in docking bay 8. Garak stopped them before they left. "Make sure you get Ziyal back safe and sound. Now I'll let you go." He went off. Kira and Jadzia started the runabout. The runabout left docking bay 8. They were on their way. The runabout had to go through a Bajoran wormhole. Somehow, they got into a fight with a Cardassian freighter. The runabout suffered heavy damage. They got to Bajor, Kira's home planet, to make repairs. While Jadzia was fixing the runabout, Kira decided to ask anyone where Ziyal was. She first asked a young Bajoran girl. "Go to Cardassia." said the girl. Everyone Kira asked answered, "Go to Cardassia." She asked a Bajoran woman if she knew where Ziyal was. The woman answered, "Go to Cardassia. You will find her in her father, Gul Dukat's house." "Thanks." said Kira. She told Jadzia. "We'll go as soon as I finish making repairs." answered Jadzia. She finished the repairs and she and Kira were on their way, to Cardassia. When they got to Cardassia, they were met by some surly faces. There were 14 Cardassians, 7 male, 7 female. The females were not wearing military outfits, and they did not have unfriendly faces. The male, however, were wearing military outfits and they had hostile faces. They led Kira and Jadzia out of their territory. "Go away." they said. Kira and Jadzia went into a cave. Kira wished she didn't have to come on this away mission. Back on DS9, Garak was wondering where Ziyal was. "My dear doctor," he said, "That I, Garak, have not a clue where my sweetheart is." "Don't worry Garak." reassured Julian. "I'm sure that Kira and Jadzia will bring her back safe and sound." Kira and Jadzia saw where Ziyal's room was. It was high in the ceiling of the cave. You could easily try to climb in. Kira and Jadzia tried to climb in, but there were two military officers guarding it. Kira knew what to do. She got a rope and tied one end to her climbing belt. She tied the other end to a grappler and hooked that to the ceiling of the cave. She swung and hit the C.M.O (*) over, knocking him to the ground. Jadzia copied her. The same thing happened to C.M.O (*) number two. He too, was knocked to the ground. They ran up to Ziyal. The trio hugged. "Thanks!" exclaimed Ziyal. This made Dukat very angry. "KIIIIRRRRAAAA!" Dukat roared. "Sorry, but you're going in the brig." said Kira. And he was. When they got to Deep Space 9, Garak was overjoyed, happy that Ziyal was free. As for Dukat, he was locked away in the brig by Odo, the security officer.

Sisko says, "Mission ends."

* = Cardassian Military Officer.