Data went onto the Holodeck with Geordi, his best friend. Data decided to run the Sherlock Holmes landscape. He decided to be Sherlock Holmes himself and Geordi as Dr Watson, his helper. They were in an old street with terraced houses standing near a gas streetlamp. Sherlock seriously sucked his pipe as he looked at Watson. "Watson, we have a problem" he said. Behind them the walls began to flicker and shimmer. In the foggy night a Gentleman with a tall hat emerged. He stood and stared at Holmes and Watson. Sherlock said "Arch." The Arch appeared in front of Sherlock and Watson. Sherlock went into the Arch to adjust the program. The Gentleman watched him carefully. Once Holmes and Watson had gone, the Gentleman said "Arch" as well. He began to adjust the programme! He told the computer to override everyone else's instructions and only obey his.

Just then Sherlock and Watson came back and the Man went into the fog. Sherlock and Watson followed him into the fog as well. Then Captain Sisko (from DS9 – a space station nearby) appeared in front of them with a Phaser and tried to stop the Man except he couldn't fire.

"We have another problem, Watson." said Sherlock.

Captain Sisko scratched his beard thoughtfully. He called Major Kira Nerys (a Bajoran) on his com. badge. Shortly she and the DS9 crew arrived. Dr Julian Bashir had a fire extinguisher in his hand. He had brought his wife- Ezri Dax to help.

Just then The Original series crew came. "Oh no!" said Sherlock, "Now we're REALLY in trouble!" "Hi," said Captain James Tiberius Kirk, "Where's Tuvok? Spock wants to talk with him." Tuvok came along with the Voyager crew. "We are Vulcans, you are illogical." He said at Quark. "WHAT?!" Said Quark. "What's the problem?" asked Jim. "Since you asked, I think the Holodeck is experiencing problems." Said Sherlock. "Never mind that," Said Picard. "We have a BIGGER problem to Solve." "What?! Where?" "In MY Bar!" Said Quark. Everyone laughed. "WHAT?!" They said (Still laughing). "What's in YOUR Bar?" Remarked Julian. "TRIBBLES!" Said a frightened Quark. "EEEEK!" Screamed Worf. "I DON'T LIKE TRIBBLES!" He screamed. "N-N- NEITHER DO I!" Screamed Quark. ( Tribbles are little balls of fluff.) "I'll go and check there," said Odo. What happened next was that Sherlock, Watson and Lt. Uhura went to investigate the Tribbles to see what they were doing. "Have you done anything with the Programme?" she asked. "We have not done anything with the programme." said a Tribble. "It was HIM!" said another pointing to the Gentleman (Although Tribbles don't point). "Ah Ha!" said Sherlock grinning to Watson. Then the Gentleman ran away. "AFTER HIM!" yelled Watson. Everyone ran after The Gentleman. They chased Him but they just couldn't catch him. Sherlock stopped and Watson bumped into him. " I know what to do!" he said. " follow me!" Watson followed Sherlock to Baker str. Once inside the chintz covered sitting room, Sherlock went to the fireplace and pulled the Bell. His servant came in bringing a tray of drinks. "How's this going to work?" queried Watson. "Ah!" pondered Sherlock, "watch this!" He poured his drink directly into the aspidistra. The lights in the room began to flicker and a strange sizzling sound was heard. The Gentleman appeared in the doorway. "What have you done?" he asked. "By my analysis, your life span is ending in approximately two seconds" remarked Sherlock. As Watson watched in amazement, the Gentleman slowly faded into the walls of the Holodeck. Sherlock went over to the arch and stated "computer end programme" The Holodeck was bare, all the characters were gone.

"Well done Data" said Geordi. Just then… the intercom was heard. "PICARD TO DATA. REPORT TO THE BRIDGE IMMEDIATELY. RED ALERT! "

The end