Disclaimer: Any name you recognize does not belong to me.

Note: While this is not a sequel, it is in the same realm as my "The Secrets We Keep." I recommend you read that first, although it is not necessary.

This is my World-Of-Secrets dumping ground for oneshots and drabbles! Not full stories or plots or anything, just little short scenes that don't fit in anywhere else. Putting this one up first because I've been toying with Morgana lately, trying to figure out where she fits and what's going on with her, with respects to all the Secrets-y things happening. I'm going to be mentioning her at the end of "No More Secrets," and thought you may want to know where she stands before that.

So, in short, this is a double-drabble (200 words) fic-version of what happened at the end of season four, with respects to Secrets-which, in this case, only means that Aithusa is young and obnoxious at the moment. Heh.

Hope you enjoy, because will a little bit of luck, there should be lots of drabbles and stories where this comes from!

"That's IT!" Kilgharrah roared. "I'm TIRED of being your CHEW TOY. Get out of this cave and don't come back until you've done something SENSIBLE AND KIND." He threw Aithusa into the air, bespelled the cave, and settled himself in for a long nap, exhausted from helping Merlin with the mercenaries and sure his ward wouldn't be back for days.

Aithusa sulked for a while, then tried crying to get back inside. Kilgarrah was already fast asleep and clearly not intending to end the keep-out-spell soon. The White went for a flight to clear his head…and saw a woman staggering through the forest, dressed all in black, clearly dying from her injuries. There was so much darkness in her…bitterness, hatred…he could feel it on her, smell the rotting apples from the air. She fell, her breaths grew fainter and fainter.

Aha, he thought. Perfect… He landed in front of her, examined her still form for a moment, then blew on her as Kilgharrah had taught him.

When she woke, her eyes were clear and strong. No more rotten smell. Still dark, but a lot less of it. Satisfied, Aithusa launched himself in the air to tell his guardian what for.