Detective Garibaldi: The case of the missing toys.

One night on Babylon 5, Ivanova was getting into bed when she realised Miss Chevious, her precious bunny rabbit, was missing. Also Na'Toth's bear had vanished into thin air at that same time. Sheridan asked Security Chief Garibaldi to investigate.

Garibaldi was busy trying to solve the mystery over the next few days. First he asked a few questions: what happened last night? When was the last time you saw your friends? Who can give us any clues? Garibaldi promised Sheridan that when he'd solved the mystery, he would get to fight the culprit.

Meanwhile on the Zocalo, Londo was trying to get Ivanova's attention as she strolled past, by telling her the league of Non-Aligned Worlds had gotten into a fight because she didn't put ships from the White Stars to patrol their systems! Ivanova was too upset to talk.

Next, Delenn's rubber duck called Duckie disappeared. She didn't see it vanish because she was bathing baby Anna. Anna started crying and Delenn saw that the duck had gone from the top of the toilet. Sheridan walked in to find them both crying and asked what the matter was. Delenn told him that her rubber duck was missing.

Garibaldi requested assistance from Marcus and they looked everywhere for clues. First their suspicions led them to Morden, who worked for the Shadows and was a mean and creepy guy. Next their information took them to Emperor Cartagia of the CentauriRepublic. Cartagia was a complete nutcase who was Morden's aid.

Garibaldi and Marcus asked both of them questions about the toys. Morden denied any involvement. Cartagia said that he only kept the boxes and threw away the toys. Marcus spotted Na'Toth's teddy bear in Morden's pocket and pointed it out to Garibaldi. Garibaldi asked Morden where he had hidden the rest of the toys. Morden cried out: "They weren't for me, they were for my friends!" pointing to his two invisible friends. Garibaldi and Marcus rolled their eyes in despair. Morden continued,"I have a machine which uses toys fluff to power it. I'm going to destroy Epsilon 3 with it!" "WHAT?" exploded Garibaldi. Marcus contacted Sheridan on the com link. Sheridan had Morden locked up, the toys returned to their owners, the machine destroyed but the 'friends' disappeared.

Ivanova screamed with delight when she saw Miss Chevious again and Delenn hugged Duckie happily.

The End