I know I have a bunch of ongoing fics that I swore I'd work on, but I opened my Tumblr ask to drabble protmpts and couldn't ignore this one from tiltingaxis: "AU. Finn, Rachel and a pair of handcuffs. Do with those what you will."

This is rated M for sex. I do not own the Glee characters, 42nd Street, or the NYPD.

Finn yawned as he awoke, conscious of the summer sun peaking in through the curtains of his bedroom. Much better than waking up to an alarm on a workday. Recalling that it was Sunday and (remarkably) he and Rachel both had off, he smiled at the thought of spending the whole day with Patti and Billy.

He had cursed the world - or at least the makers of Rachel's birth control - when she got pregnant during her senior year at NYADA. They both wanted kids, but it was just so soon. To Rachel's credit she didn't say anything of the sort, yet Finn knew that his wife was nervous about what this meant for her destiny of Broadway stardom.

When they found out they were having twins, he literally passed out in her ob-gyn's examination room.

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Having just finished college, Rachel was able to be around for the first few years of the kids' lives. They relied on trusted neighbor-turned-babysitter Mrs. Cohen and (a very willing) Uncle Kurt to provide their childcare once Rachel started going on auditions. Finn, meanwhile, had joined the NYPD after getting an associate's degree in criminal justice. By the time Rachel was landing steady off-Broadway roles, he had worked his way up to Detective and drew regular desk-job hours. The alternating work schedules meant less time with each other but plenty of time with their kids, who were now almost 8. Rachel had just finished her run in a major supporting role in the revival of 42nd Street.

Preparing to get up and face the day, Finn stretched his arms out above his head.

Except when he tried to bring his arms down, he couldn't.

His eyes flew open when he realized he was handcuffed to the headboard.

"Happy birthday, Officer Finn."

His wife was sprawled out next to him, leaning up on her elbow. Her hair fell loosely around her shoulders and she wore a sparkly black see-through nightie that she knew he loved.

"Rachel," he groaned in response to the softly-purred greeting while she straddled his thighs and began planting soft kisses along his naked chest.

"But my birthday isn't 'til Wednesday," he drawled sleepily. Despite the stirring in his boxers he couldn't help question the logic of the moment.

"Yes, well, I have two shows on Wednesday," Rachel said matter-of-factly, scooting up his body and biting his left nipple, "and you have work." She then bit the right one before moving up a little more so their faces were level. "And your brother won't be around to take the kids for the whole day."

Right, the kids. He knew it had been too quiet in the apartment when he woke up.

Rachel squinted at him seductively while he processed the information. "Now, are you going to cooperate? Or am I going to have to read you your rights?"

Finn grinned. "Whatever you say, ma'am."

Rachel had thought about "borrowing" Finn's handcuffs before, but the idea always seemed so cliché. Still, he was about to turn 30, and she was pulling out all the stops.

She hadn't expected their lives to turn out the way they did, but she couldn't be happier with the results. Their kids were beautiful and vivacious and intelligent; Finn was supportive and dedicated and hard-working… and really only seemed to get better-looking as they grew up and raised their family together. He deserved every bit of attention she was about to pay him.

After her request for cooperation he licked his lips in anticipation. Her initial ministrations had created an impressive bulge in his boxers, but she wanted to see how far she could take her little game.

Kissing her husband squarely on the mouth, she allowed his tongue passage into her own before nipping his lips and pulling away. She left a trail of wet kisses down his stubbly jaw and smooth neck, continuing down the center of his chest while she crept down his body.

She made sure that the hem of her nightgown dragged slowly along the plane of his stomach, leaving goosebumps in its wake.

Finn grunted when she kissed along the hem of his boxers, licking a trail to each of his hipbones and basically ignoring the now raging erection tenting his shorts.

"Pleeease… Rach…"

Her heart raced at the wanton desperation in his voice. "Please what, Finn?" she asked innocently, hiding how much the position of power was turning her on.

"Please… more…" he wriggled his hips back and forth as if that might alleviate himself of his underwear. It seemed much more becoming of a libidinous teenager than a grown man and harkened back to their days of hurried, inexperienced sex in small twin beds.

Rachel obliged by removing the offending garment, allowing Finn's length to stand alert, uninhibited.

Despite this newfound freedom she ignored it again, nipping and kissing his lower stomach and inner thighs until he was writhing underneath her.

"Rach… Godplease…" he keened breathlessly. Rachel bit her lip at the sight of muscular arms pinned above his head and chest and abs taut with need. For something that was supposed to be a birthday present for Finn, the experience was doing wonders for her as well.

But as much as she was enjoying his reaction, Rachel didn't want the experience to amount to actual torture. After planting a tentative kiss on the head she took his manhood into her mouth, gradually engulfing the entire length. Finn groaned, his hips bucking upward while she worked him with her lips and tongue. She continued doing so for a few minutes until she felt him trying to pull away.

"Rachel, wait, baby," he panted. "I need you," he added, running his foot up her inner thigh. "All of you."

Finn thought he was going to die.

He and Rachel had done some mildly kinky stuff before, usually involving food (sue him for wanting to combine his two favorite things) but nothing like this. She'd spent so much time teasing him, building him up with her feather-light touches and barely-there kisses. When she finally took him in her mouth he thought he was going to lose it right then. It didn't help that she was clearly enjoying the control she had over him, eyes full of lust when her gaze met his. He played along for as long as he could, but he needed more.

Luckily, it seemed like she was going to relent, but not before making a tantalizing show of stripping her nightgown over her head. He groaned as she stretched her arms above her head, perfect breasts jutting out above the flat plane of her stomach. You'd never know that she'd given birth to twins. For a split-second it flashed across his mind that he was the luckiest man alive to have a wife so talented and devoted and hot.

But that thought was quickly replaced by the idea that he might no longer be alive if she continued this torture.

"C'mon Rach..." he moaned. She obliged by straddling his waist, her hands tickling his sides and scratching over his nipples before resting delicately on his chest.

When she finally sank down on him his eyes closed on their own. He couldn't believe how deliciously wet she was. She moved slowly at first, easing up off of his length only to engulf him again, ever-so-gradually increasing the pace.

"Oh my god..." he moaned as he involuntarily pulled his bound wrists against the handcuffs and bucked his hips up to meet her movements. Not being able to touch her was really getting to him. He hadn't realized how much of their usual brand of sex was tied up (no pun intended) in his ability to thread his fingers through her hair or grip her tiny hips in his large hands. Rachel, meanwhile, was still taking full advantage of her free hands, lightly stroking up and down his chest while she rode him.

When her walls began tightening around him, Finn felt his release building. Ordinarily he would've communicated this to her by tightening his hold on her body and guiding their movements to mutual completion. Since he obviously couldn't do that now, he had no choice but to tell her verbally.

"Rach, I-I'm gonna-" He was so close he couldn't even form the words.

"I know baby, give it to me," she panted, obviously nearing her own orgasm as well.

"Rachel!" he shouted when he came, arching off the bed as he spilled inside her and the explosion in his loins radiated outward to the tips of his toes and fingers and to the top of his head. She seized on top of his tightened body, sighing breathily as she joined him in release.

He was fairly sure it ranked as the most intense orgasm of his entire life.

"Good present?" Rachel asked hopefully once they'd caught their breath.

Finn's face broke into a satisfied grin. "The best."

"Glad you liked it," she whispered, nipping at his ear before resting her head on his chest. They lay silently for a few minutes, basking in the afterglow and enjoying the rare occasion of a quiet weekend morning. Then she felt him squirming underneath her.

"Uh, Rach? You think you can uncuff me now? It's just getting a little uncomfortable."

"I don't know…" she teased, earning an eye-roll from her husband. "Fine," she acquiesced, reaching for the key and unlocking the cuffs.

He deftly slid out of them, wincing as he lowered his arms back down to his sides and rubbing one of his shoulders as if to loosen a cramp.

"Aww, I'm sorry baby. I didn't realize it would make you sore." She reached up to help alleviate his discomfort, rubbing his other shoulder.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, as she would reflect later on), doing so left her prone and she was quickly pinned beneath Finn's strong, firm body.

Minutes later, Rachel was the one handcuffed to the bed and he spent the next hour returning the favor of exquisite torture.

I already have an idea for a sequel. Lord help us all.