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He was filthy. His hair reeked of the smell of stale potions ingredients and cigarettes. His breath emitted the sickly scent of bourbon and a mix of grime and cocaine power lingered under his finger nails. His body smelt of sex and sweat, he had not bathed in days. If his current state had rendered him so unattractive and undesirable, he considered idly in his hazy hung-over condition, how come he woken up with the naked body of a female sprawled out across his chest. Severus gazed upon her nakedness in appreciation, revelling in the events of the night before; the young curly haired brunette was one hell of a demon in the bedroom. He groaned as he felt himself grow hard at the thought and she stirred upon his torso as she sensed the presence between her legs. She shifted a bit and gazed up, propping herself one arm and looked at him though the curls of her dishevelled hair. Hermione Granger gave him a small smile and breathed "Good Morning Severus".

They considered it bloody lucky that Harry Potter had been carrying around, a bezoar of all things in his pocket that night. Severus on the other hand vehemently disagreed; surely he should have died that night and would finally have his peace. But no the idiot boy, had messed up his life a hell of a lot more that night and saved him from dying from nagini's bite. He claimed Severus was a hero and worshipped him from there. Harry had even managed to convince the ministry to exonerate Severus and declare him a free man after 14 months of rotting away in Azkaban. Now two years later he had acquired a small shop in Diagon Alley and begun selling potion ingredients. He made a modest profit from this venture and this allowed in time to indulge in experimental brewing and research. He knew that he should be more satisfied with his life; he had plenty of free time, no burdens, no promises to old senile wizards who demanded so much from him and no inconvenience of friends or family to disturb him. He indulged himself in bourbon, scotch, whisky, whatever he could get his hands on and when he failed to seduce his attractive, promiscuous and uninhibited assistant Layla, he would head to one of London's busy nightclubs and deal an array of potions disguised as recreational drugs. He would spend the night attempting to pick up an attractive woman, wait til she was silly and drunk enough or simply horny enough and he would take her back to his place where they would fuck senselessly.

Hermione, offered a myriad of employment options after the war, took a high paying job in the Gringrotts Bank. Originally enjoying the large salary, Hermione soon began to resent her new job. The hours were long and boring, the work was under stimulating and the goblins were no joy to work with at all. Ron had been dropped from Chudley Cannons because of his poor form on the field and his lack of fitness. He remained unemployed for many months and began to resent Hermione and her superiority over him as she was now the "Breadwinner". Coupled with Hermione's frustration with her job, she and Ron's relationship gradually broke down. They had not seen or spoken with each other in five months. She was depressed and unsatisfied when she received a letter that changed the course of her life, a chance to be useful and reach her potential again. She jumped at the opportunity.

"Good Morning Severus". It was Hermione Granger, the buck-toothed know it all who was lying naked across him. Except now she was not a girl, she was a woman. Her bushy mop had been tamed into long silky dark brown mane with subtle curls, her buck teeth were no more, her curves were ever more present and she radiated desirability.

Severus struggled to grasp the terms in which Hermione had ended up here with him but it was so difficult within the haze of the alcohol. The bright flashing lights, neon blues and reds bounced off the walls, the music was pounding heavily and the room shook. He staggered to the bathroom when a group of young men eyed him from the other side of the room and approached him. They huddled in the corner. The transaction was quick and efficient. They invited him to join them. Shots arrived. A blonde in a tight black dress had her hand on his knee. The laughter of the younger men reverberated in his ears. More shots. White powder carelessly spilling on the floor. The blonde, her vodka breath. Those lights. Shots. Severus was spinning. Then he was standing, propped up against the wall, a glass of whisky in his hand observing the room full of swimming, dancing bodies.

"Professor?", Her voice echoed in his ears. He recalled his surprise at the sight of her, "Fancy seeing you here in a club." She giggled and looked up at him through her dark lashes. "Can I buy you a drink Professor?" her voiced slurred a little. He nodded his head without thinking. A drink was in his hand. Her body covered in a tight red dress. Her breasts sitting plump within the red material. They were dancing. Her lips, her hands, her mouth of his neck. His arousal , his need, his lust. Then somehow they were in his bed and he was groaning as he grounded into her and she moaned in response. Her heavy breathing has his hands found the place where she needed them most. Severus lost himself in that place, in that moment, in Hermione.

"Miss Granger", Severus replied as she watched him. His headache was fast developing. He jerked out from under her and her body rolled off him and she eyed him in confusion. He had woken up with a former student in his bed, a member of the golden trio, the insufferable know it all. He was in some predicament.