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A brunette wearing heavy eyeliner and wearing a muggle outfit of entirely black sat at the counter picking at her fingernails absentmindedly. Her boss entered the shop and regarded her with disdain.

"Layla" he barked at the brunette and she gazed in his direction lazily. Unlike many others, she failed to cower under his intense gaze.

"What?" she replied callously.

"I do not pay you," growled Severus, "to sit around all day and do nothing."

"Why?" she countered in her heavy cockney accent, "Would you rather be doing something else, Mr Snape?" She threw him a suggestive glance.

Severus seethed. He was not in the mood for his employee's games. He had just brusquely ushered Hermione out of his apartment. He had panicked. He had woken up to see her staring at him and remembered all the events from the night before. He had no idea what to do. He had told her, somewhat awkwardly that he was late for work and implied greatly that she should leave. Even without legilimency he could sense her disappointment and that she had been offended by his actions. What did he expect her to do? Lie in bed with her and cuddle? Sit naked at the breakfast table whilst eating a cooked breakfast? She was a great fuck, he'd give her that but he wasn't suddenly going to change his whole persona to please her. It was a one night stand and it wouldn't happen again.

"Why you so late anyway?" Layla interrupted Severus's thoughts.

"That," he scowled, "Is none of your business."

She didn't look one bit affected, "Yeah, yeah, I know what you get up to." She threw him another suggestive glance.

He sent her once last intense scowl and was rewarded by her giggles as he stalked off and entered his private office at the back of the shop. He sat down as if suddenly exhausted and rested his head in his hands.

God this hangover, he thought, Fuck.

He opened his desk draws and found them devoid of his precious hangover potion. He groaned. Hermione popped into his head again and recollections of last night's sex replayed themselves all over again in his head. He was unwillingly becoming aroused. He was almost regretting the whole experience now. What had Hermione seen in him anyway? He was 20years her senior, an ex-death eater of all things and he knew he wasn't particularly attractive, especially to young women. How old was she anyway now? 21, he guessed. The only explanation for her sudden interest in him must have been the alcohol.

The next few weeks passed relatively normally for Severus's standards. He had not seen or heard from Hermione since their one night stand. That was until one Thursday morning, whilst he was in Flourish and Botts looking for a new edition of his favourite potions journal when he was momentarily distracted by the ass of a brunette who was standing on her tip toes attempting to reach one of higher books on the shelves.

Use your wand before I have to come over there and use mine, Severus thought darkly.

The brunette succeeded in reaching her book and turned around. Wearing a revealing tight red dress with a cardigan and black leather boots, complete with red lipstick was Hermione Granger. Severus was temporarily stunned.

She is so fucking sexy he thought without thinking and he felt himself grow hard in his pants. He was entirely grateful for his flowing wizard's robes.

"Severus" she breathed, clearly shocked as well, "What a …surprise."

"Surely you are not surprised to see me in Flourish and Botts, I do work in a shop down the street."

"Well no." she conceded.

"Well it's certainly not surprising to find the insufferable know-it-all in a book shop."

She eyed him suspiciously and said, "Well it was nice running into you, but I have to go."

He could tell she was still upset over the incident.

"Hermione." He said as she went to walk past him.

"What Snape?" she demanded. He noted her change from "Severus" to "Snape". She was pissed. "What do you want?"

"Hermione, let me," Severus fumbled for words, what did he even want to say? "Just explain."

She glared at him.

"Hermione!" a voice called. An attractive young man with messy light brown hair in his mid-twenties approached them and put his arm around Hermione. "There you are." His gazed reached Severus, "And this is?"

"Just an old professor from Hogwarts," replied Hermione coolly.

Severus suddenly felt thoroughly irritated and eyed the young man's arm around Hermione's waist with severe annoyance.

"Brandon", the young man reached out to shake Severus's hand. Severus grasped his hand and didn't give him a particularly friendly gaze. Brandon faltered slightly and released his hand.

"Anyway," Hermione's voice cut the tension, "Brandon and I have plans, so we'll be leaving."

"Miss Granger," Severus said in a way of goodbye and watched the couple walk off, his irritation growing.

She took a puff of the cigarette and watched lazily as the smoke billowed above her in swirling patterns. Severus, who was lying on his back next to her, in his bed, let his mind wander again. It had been a week since that encounter at the book shop and now found that he could not help but think about Hermione on a daily basis. And this infuriated him. He was supposed to be a master at controlling his thoughts and emotions and he felt like he was unravelling, his control was faltering. Layla, next to him, reached over to offer him a cigarette and he brushed her hand away, a little harshly. This action appeared to be that last straw. Layla bolted upright, dragging the sheet with her and glared at him angrily.

"What the fuck is going on Severus? All week you've been acting like there is a massive stick in your ass, and I know you're a grumpy fuck, but god what is your problem?!"

He shot her a furious glance.

"Severus, you're acting like such an ass! What the hell do you want?"


Her words and that singular thought spurred him out of bed and he eyed Layla angrily.

"Yes, Layla, I am quite aware of my insufferable nature or as you put it I am a "grumpy fuck". Well no one asked you to be here, do you think I get pleasure after riding your overused ass day after day, you little whore? It doesn't bother me if you're not here; I know you have plenty of other guys waiting for their cocks to be sucked. So don't come up here, fuck me and then pretend like you give a damn about me!"

Layla looked highly affronted and tears threatened to spill from her eyes, she scrambled from the bed, grabbed her wand and accioed her clothes, and then pulled her dress on, not evening bothering with underwear.

"Oh is that how you feel about me Severus?" she choked through her tears, "At least I can find someone that wants me! You on the other hand, are so fucking hideous, who would ever want you? Who would ever want to look at your fucked up face? No one!"

She glared at him, breathing heavily from her yelling.

"GET OUT RIGHT NOW!" Severus roared.

"Fuck you Severus!" she screamed at him before running out of the room.

Severus did not know how long he lay on his bed for, eyes open, wallowing in his own thoughts but he guessed it was probably a few hours. Something caught his eye. In the corner of the room something glinted against the moonlight. He grabbed his wand from his bedside table and accioed it. It was a diamond stud earring. He knew, immediately it was Hermione's and it was valuable. She would want it back for sure. He formulated a plan.