Trying something new...AN at the bottom.

"And...pah! There we are!" The man bustled about the console, pulling levers and pushing a green button with a sense of finality.

"Ooh! Where are we?" Amy asked, grinning curiously.

"Out there could be anything. We could be in a distant galaxy. A time billions of years before people began thinking." He spun around to face his companion, smile not dissimilar than that of a six-year-old with a new bike, arms drifting in front of him as though the excitement couldn't allow them to fall to his sides.

Amy's inquisitive smile broke into a laugh. His energy was contagious.

The Doctor turned once again to the doors and set his hands on the handles. "I never get sick of this," he whispered. The Tardis hummed.

"Alright, world!" he exclaimed. "Well, maybe not world. Alright, place!" He flung open the doors. "The Doctor is here to-"

A pale woman in a lab coat looked back at him. She stood behind a desk, the papers in her hand mid-shuffle. "You, um, must be the new one, then."

The Doctor looked behind him at Amy, still standing by the console. He turned back with a less enthusiastic expression. "I didn't mean doctor doctor, not the kind who..." he drifted off as he realized how tangled his words had become. He pulled out his pad of psychic paper. "Clowns. The Doctor and Binky. You probably haven't heard of us, we're from...away."

"Do you have a patient therapy form?" the woman asked, trying her best to smile.

"Where are we? When are we?" the Doctor said, looking around the lobby that they had landed in.

"I'm sorry?" she said, blinking in confusion, smile fading slightly, as all fake smiles do.

"Hospital. We're in a hospital."

Her broken smile collapsed completely. "You sound like a friend of mine."

"Yes, well, still Earth, but not your Earth," the man said, turning to Amy. Amy bounded over to the door, putting her hands on the edge and peering out.

"What's your name?" Amy asked with a smile, trying to cheer up the nurse.

She stammered a moment before answering. "M-Molly Hooper."

Before I say anything else, this story is dedicated to my lovely friend TruffleHead, who recently got back from holiday. Lovely to have you back, dear! :)

Anywho, this is my first crossover, so I'm a little nervous to continue and kind of confused about the guidelines ("Can the Doctor still rewrite time? Is the TV show based on this universe? AGGH THIS IS TOO WIBBLY-WOBBLY.")

I hope you enjoyed (even a teensie bit)! I accept all criticism and hope to hear from you!

(^.^) GoggleBox