Hitomi age 10

I tapped on my reflection, and watch it vanish to reveal a boy staring back at me. It was Van. He smiled and motioned me over. I stepped into the mirror, as if it were simply a hole in the wall. But I was used to it, we both were.

"Hey" I said in his language "home come now?"

He laughed, but nodded. "Yes, I just got home" was what I understood. He looked at me expectantly.

He wanted me to say something else, and I frowned. It was a really very loopy language, which had me curling my tongue a lot. And the effort of extracting words and having to pronounce them crumpled my face up in concentration. "Um…dinner good eat…uh…fungus?"

Which earned me a long bout of laughter from the little boy prince. I threw a floor pillow at him mid-laugh. "Toorang guyng!" I said, which meant Ugly Lizard and was apparently really insulting.

He sat next to me and apologized, at least I think he did. "Yes, dinner was good, but we didn't have fungus." And I laughed with him this time.

"What do today?" I tried again.

"We practiced what I learned this month" he said with simple words "Master will be teaching me a new technique tomorrow"

It took me a while to understand this exactly, but I knew what he meant by the excited look on his face. This is all he ever talks about, really. "That good, you been wanting to"

He grinned and bolted up, swishing away with an imaginary lance. And in a minute I stood up and copied his motions. At the age of ten, I was really very impressed and jealous that he was learning how to use the sword.

We turned on each other pretty quickly after that, swishing away with exaggerated motions. I had him wounded on the side, but he got my arm first. I ducked as he swung for my head. When he missed I stuck my tongue out (having the same taunting effect there as well). I lunged at him, but fancy footwork training pulled off. I stumbled back, but a second later his imaginary sword went right through me. I made a pretty convincing pained groan. After the long enough theatrics, I let myself collapse on the rug, defeated but giggling all the while.

"Naarlope!" he said, which must mean "Victory!" He fell on the floor beside me, and we laughed together. On the floor we stayed and just talked until it was evening, as if we had our very own language, just for the two of us.

a/n: It's been a while since I wrote one. Haha it's fun writing a scene of a story, that doesn't exist.