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Chapter 1:

Dear Ms Granger,
Due to the recent Wizarding War, there has been a dramatic drop in magical population and therefore a Marriage Law has been put in place. We have already taken into consideration couples already in a long term relationship when we carefully selected each and every are the guidelines specified in the Marriage Law:
You cannot get divorced from your selected spouse
You cannot cheat on your spouse
You cannot change spouse
The couple must get married before the July 31st
The marriage must be consummated within the first month of marriage
If any of our mandatory rules aren't respected the offender will either be sent to Azkaban or have their memory obliviated and they will be sent to live in the Muggle world.
Your selected husband is Mr Fred Weasley. He has been chosen with our most advanced matching devices and he has been seen as your best match.
Please find attached the form to be completed and sent back to the ministry by the upcoming week, if it isn't an Auror will be sent immediately to investigate.

All our good wishes,
Ministry of Magic

Hermione couldn't understand this. How could she be paired to Fred? A panic ball rose into her throat, she was going to be kicked back to the muggle world with an oblivated mind, they were going to replace her memories of a false childhood. She would never know about Hogwarts or Harry or even the Weasleys.

"Well, we will go by age. Ginny you go first." Offered Mrs Weasley wisely, interrupting Hermione's thoughts in the process.
Ginny didn't need to answer nor did she need words as she ran and hugged Harry, a smile was evident on everybody's faces at the first match. They were both madly in love and had been for quite a while even if they both acted like stubborn mules, it would have been unjust for them not to be together.
"Ron, you can go next dear." Ron casually looked down his letter for a name.
"A person named Patricia." He said barely above a whisper with a frown set in place.

Everyone stared at him with shocked and Mrs Weasley were sure Ron would end up with Hermione just like Harry and Ginny had been, even if the two's relationship was strictly platonic. No one knew a Patricia and as if on cue, the newly installed doorbell rang. A childlike grin appeared on Arthur's face when the high sounding charm surrounded the house alerting everyone that a stranger had appeared, he was quiet impressed with the muggle device. Ron went to answer the door wordlessly and opened the door to a pretty witch with blonde hair and green eyes. Her hands were held in front of her as a smile stayed planted on her warm features.
"Hello, I'm Patricia." She said rather shyly. Ron smiled at his new bride and invited her into the house were introductions were made. Everyone greeted her warmly, and she was immediately accepted by everyone as she was a welcoming and funny witch. There was just a warm, mothering aura around her magic. She'd be absolutely perfect for Ron.

"Hermione, who did you get then?" asked Ron curiously noticing the attention had been shifted to himself and Patricia that the Marriage Law letters had been momentarily forgotten.
"Umm… I think there's been a problem with mine." She mumbled as she fingered the offending piece of paper.
"Hermione, there can be no mistakes with this new technology." Said Mr Weasley matter-of-factly.
"Well, umm… I'm being paired with Fred ... Weasley." Hermione added the surname just to silently point out as to why she thought something had gone wrong.

No one had anything to say. There had to have been a problem. Fred had been killed in the war. everyone had been and seen his body lie lifelessly on the Hogwarts school yard. She couldn't marry him if he was dead, It had only been a week since the end of the war and it just reminded everyone of their loss and they all were still strongly grieving for him. George got up to come read her letter and just nodded.
"Luna Lovegood is my match." He stated bluntly. "I'm off to St Mungo's with Hermione, maybe we can start an investigation there" And with that they both apparated to St Mungo's.

"What are we doing here George?" asked a confused Hermione.
"We're going to check on Fred, see if he's really dead, or if the doctors got it wrong, you see over the last few days I have had this slight hunch ..." George Weasley stopped his rambling hoping to not become as crazy as he surely sounded.
They marched into St Mungo's and asked to see the War Compound where all the dead from the war had been kept by the demands of the Ministry. Row 2994 was where the prankster now laid. They both knew the path only too well and when they reached the bed, they didn't know what to do. George still had tear streaks on his face. He hadn't come out of his room until today and now that he had, he had to come see his brother.

Hermione asked a doctor passing by to check on Fred, and make sure he really didn't have a pulse, but the doctor waved her off and continued on his way. This just annoyed Hermione even more, so she went to kneel by Fred's bedside, lifted the cover off and over his head, pressing two of his fingers onto his neck. First of all, he wasn't cold and then after a few minutes, she felt a tiny beat. It was almost nonexistent ... but it was there, she was sure of it. She hadn't realized the tears slowly rolling down her face until a crying George came over to hug her.

"He's alive George, the nightmare is over. He's alive!" Hermione said between sobs.
A passing shadow looked at them and came over rather concerned. Hermione looked up to see Luna standing there with a pity smile on place with not hearing any of the conversation between one of her best friends and boyfr ... Fiance.
"Hermione, George, are you alright?" Luna asked as she placed a hand on George's arm.
George stood up and hugged Luna.
"He's alive! Luna! He's alive and you're my wife, of course I'm alright!" George shouted almost too loudly.

Luna looked at George and then took out her wand out to summon a doctor. Not a moment later a superior doctor appeared as Luna explained the situation and asked him to check the pulse and bring Fred to a room.
"Hermione, can you go back to the Burrow and tell them to come immediately please?" Luna called gently over her shoulder before taking George to Fred's room

As Hermione apparated into the Burrow living room all eyes turned to her.
"He's alive" she managed to get out before the living room exploded into noise, of protests mainly. Mrs Weasley and Ginny burst into tears and everyone started asking the important 'why' questions.

The Weasley family plus Harry and Hermione rushed to St Mungo's and asked to go to Fred's room. Luna was waiting at the reception area to guide them. On the way there Hermione walked up the stairs with Ginny and Harry getting caught up on the rest of the Weasley marriages. Percy would marry Penelope Clearwater and Charlie would marry Katie Bell.
They entered the room to see Fred on the bed with three doctors and George bustling around him. George almost suffocating Fred in the process , it was to be expected. He thought his twin, his other half and his minion was forever gone.
"He was dead, but he found a new pulse. It's a miracle." Explained one of the doctors to Mrs Weasley.