Brittana future family fiction ~ this is nothing but happy fluff so it's not Steinbeck but it is sweet and fun and happy and the world could always use more Brittana

No D/D, no real angst

Unedited – All mistakes are mine / I don't own anything related to Glee / The kids are my own invention.


Current age of the kids! Our ladies are about 33 years old.

Danielle Alexandra Lopez – 10 years old

Jason Santiago Lopez – 8 years old

Michael Rafael Lopez - 4years old

Abigail Lucia Lopez - 2 years old


Chapter 1 When We Became An Us

Every weekday after dinner, Brittany would take Michael and Abby upstairs for a bath while Santana would stay downstairs helping Jace and Dani with their homework. It was the perfect arrangement and the two women had their evening ritual down to an art form. Once Brittany had the babies bathed and in pajama's, she would bring them downstairs for a story. All the kids looked forward to the nightly story. The youngest would usually fall asleep during story time and Britt and San would each carry one of the babies to bed and tuck them in, and then come back downstairs for a little one on one time with the older kids.

Sometimes they played a game or watched a movie together until it was the older kids' bedtime. They would tuck them in after the older kids took their showers and brushed their teeth and then it was mama and mamí adult time. That usually consisted of a chaste good night kiss as they both fell asleep exhausted on the couch.

Brittany was home during the day with the younger kids and only worked at the gym on weekends and an occasional evening and gave private dance lessons for extra money. Santana had passed the bar exam and taken a full time job with a prestigious law firm downtown and Brittany was being supportive and loved being a full-time mom. The blonde loved being home when the kids got off the school bus all excited about their day.

Danielle was the chatterbox and her and Jace would storm into the house like a tornado. Brittany would lay out a snack and all four kids would sit around the kitchen table and talk and laugh. Abby adored Dani and would hang on her for attention while Jace and Michael would wrestle or play. It was sweet and adorable and it made the blonde's day complete.

Today had been different; Dani had not been talkative at all and had rather rudely brushed off her little sister which created a two year old meltdown of tears and pouting. The older brunette had felt badly about making the baby cry so she apologized and picked her sister up and tickled her until the little blonde forgot why she was upset. Dani had declined a snack and asked for permission to go to her room until dinner.

Brittany got the boys settled at the table with a snack and a stern warning to behave, she walked into the living room and put her little clone Abby in the playpen and went up to check up on her oldest child. The blonde knocked gently on the door and Dani told her to come in.

"What's wrong sweetheart? Did something happen today?" The tall blonde walked over and sat down on the bed next to Danielle. She leaned over and brushed her curly light brown hair out of her eyes, sneaking a feel of her forehead. She looked into glassy olive colored eyes and figured out Dani wasn't feeling well.

"No mama, I'm just tired." She leaned into her mama for a hug. She was not the most physically affectionate of the kids and that alone made Brittany more suspicious. She pulled back a little and this time really felt her little girl's forehead. She leaned in and kissed it and lingered there for a second.

"You feel a little warm to me sweetie, are you sick baby?"

Dani just shrugged unwilling to complain about not feeling well. It was a gesture so similar to Santana's that the blonde nearly laughed out loud. She tried again, "Does anything hurt honey; your head or your throat or your tummy?"

The little girl curled up in a ball like a tiny kitten with her head on her mama's lap as Brittany softly ran her fingers through the girl's hair soothing her immensely. It was one of the ways that the blonde calmed her wife down as well. The little girl spoke so softly that her mother had to lean over to hear her, "My tummy hurts a little bit. I'm just going to take a nap before dinner, is Mamí coming home soon?"

"I haven't heard that she wasn't going to be home so I think she should be on time honey. I'm going to go get some children's Tylenol and I want to take your temperature and then you can take a nap till Mamí gets home ok?"

Dani nodded pathetically as Brittany went to get the thermometer. She was running a low grade fever, less than 100 degrees so her mom gave her some of medicine and tucked her into bed and closed the door leaving her to nap.

Brittany texted her wife and let her know that Dani was not feeling well and was asking about her and Santana texted back immediately that she could come home a little early today, it was a slow day. The blonde smiled down at her phone, so grateful for her Latina and for what a wonderful mother she was. Nothing came before Brittany and the kids and the blonde loved that about Santana. She went into the kitchen and started to make dinner.


Santana was as good as her word and arrived home a little earlier than usual. She walked into the kitchen and kissed her beautiful wife sweetly and kissed Jace and rubbed his head and picked up her 4 year old and tossed him high in the air causing him to squeal and laugh. Michael was her tough guy and he loved to play rough, nothing scared him not even being tossed up in the air by his Mamí but he knew she would never drop him, he adored Santana.

"Where's my girls?" She asked Brittany as she leaned into her wife's back for a hug. She felt Brittany chuckle against her front, "Abby is crashed out in the playpen after giving me gray hair all day with her terrible two's and Dani is still in bed taking a nap."

Santana laughed softly, "Dani and Abby both quiet and napping at the same time, isn't that a sign of the apocalypse?" She jumped out of the way to avoid her wife's swatting at her with the dishtowel.

Jace, their resident genius looked up at his Mamí seriously, "What's a pock of lips Mamí?" Santana leaned over and hugged her son, "Nothing for you to worry about my smart boy. Can you go help mama set the table while I check on your sister?" Smiling sweetly he nodded, jumped up and started to pull dishes out of the cupboard. Santana watched him affectionately, he looked so much like her but he was all Brittany personality wise.

The two women exchanged fond glances and Santana turned to go upstairs and check on Danielle.


Entering her daughter's room quietly as not to wake her if she was sleeping, she crept over to the bed and found her daughter curled in a ball holding her stomach and moaning slightly, "Baby girl, what's wrong?" Santana said slightly alarmed. She reached over and turned on the night light and saw a very pale, very sweaty little girl.

"I don't know Mamí, my tummy really hurts bad."

"Oh baby, I'm so sorry, let's take your temperature again ok." She leaned over and grabbed the ear thermometer off the night stand and quickly took Dani's temperature. It was still hovering around 100 degrees so at least she wasn't burning up, "Do you have to go to the bathroom honey? I can help you, why don't you try sitting up for Mamí?"

Just as Dani sat up she threw up all over her horrified mother. Santana was an incredible mother and she loved her kids more than anything but there were just some things she could not handle and projectile vomiting was real high on the list. Her daughter looked at her miserably and started to apologize, "I'm so sorry Mamí, I didn't mean to throw up on you."

"It's ok baby girl, nothing for you to worry about. It's ok sweetie, let's get you cleaned up." She gently helped her daughter out of bed and into the bathroom. Quickly getting the soiled clothes off, she ran a washcloth under warm water and cleaned Dani's face and wiped her down hoping to cool her off. Wrapping her in a big soft towel, she had her wait in the bathroom while she went and got her some pajama's. She met her wife in the bedroom.

"San what happened?" Brittany asked in a concerned voice.

"Your daughter puked all over me." She teased Brittany quietly as not to upset Danielle further, "I don't like this B, I think we should call the doctor's office. She still has a fever and she said her stomach hurts really badly." She said turning serious.

"You ok here? I'll go call the pediatrician's office."

"It's cool I got it covered so go ahead and call and I'll get her cleaned up." Santana assured her wife.


The doctor's service had insisted on them bringing Dani into the emergency room. Brittany was beside herself, she couldn't take three young kids into the hospital emergency room and she didn't know who to call to stay with them on such short notice and at night.

"Go on San get her to the ER and I'll follow later when I get things figured out here." She kissed her wife and helped get Dani settled in the back seat of the minivan. Santana promised to call as soon as she knew something and Brittany promised to try to get to the hospital as quickly as she could.

Brittany had gotten Michael and Abby to sleep and she was sitting on the couch holding a worried Jace as she absent-mindedly ran her fingers through his hair as she thought about what to do.


Brittany was pulled from her thoughts by her son's sweet voice, "What buddy?"

"Why don't you just call Mrs. Morgan, she lives next door and she helped when you were dancing and we all had the flu, remember?"

The blonde looked down at her son in shock, how could she have not thought of Mrs. Morgan. The older lady was the sweetest person on the planet and had helped them out of a real jam when Brittany was on the road touring, she ruffled Jace's hair and kissed the top of his head fiercely, "You are a total genius baby, let me call Mrs. Morgan." She jumped up and grabbed her cell phone.


Dani and Santana had been taken back to a room but the little girl was scared and uncomfortable and even though Dani was 10 years old already they had never had to take any of the kids to the ER for anything. Santana was feeling a little freaked out as well but trying not to show it and upset her daughter. Seeing Danielle crying and not being able to help her was the worst part for the mother so she picked Dani up in her arms and sat down in the chair, wrapped her up in a blanket and held her.

The little girl clung to her mother and calmed down considerably as her Mamí sang her a sweet lullaby. Santana really wished Brittany was here with her but kept focused on keeping her daughter safe and comfortable. The doctor checked Dani out and after a few tests confirmed it was appendicitis and told the shaking mother that they would have to operate right away.

Santana texted Brittany the news and went back to be with Danielle until they took her to surgery.


Mrs. Morgan came over as quickly as she could and told Brittany not to worry about rushing home, just go be with her wife and daughter. By that time, all three kids were sound asleep and Mrs. Morgan teased the tall blonde and said it would be the most boring babysitting job she ever had and how was she supposed to spoil sleeping children.

Brittany hugged the kind older women tightly and thanked her effusively, promising to keep her updated on Danielle's condition.

Grabbing her coat, purse and keys Brittany ran out of the house and headed to the hospital to be with her wife and daughter.


The blonde walked into the hospital room and found Santana sound asleep in the hospital recliner with a sleeping Dani lying in her arms with her head on her chest. It was such a touching sight and so sweet and innocent that the blonde found tears running down her face. She went over and gently touched her wife's arm.

Santana quickly opened her eyes and smiled tiredly when she saw her blonde wife, "They gave Dani something that made her all goofy and cute and it put her to sleep. They are going to take her to surgery in a few minutes. I'm so glad you got her babe, she's been asking for you."

Brittany was too choked up to do anything but nod.

"Hey don't cry baby, she's going to be fine." Santana cooed to her wife tenderly.

"I know she will be, its just none of our babies have ever been sick or hurt before." Brittany hastily wiped her tears as Dani started to stir

She leaned over and brushed her light brown hair away gently, "Hey sweet girl, how are you feeling baby?"

Dani was clearly drugged, if the mothers' weren't so nervous it would have been funny, "Mama, you made it." She was slurring her words and her eyes wouldn't focus.

"Of course I made it baby girl, Mamí and I will always be here for you no matter what honey. I swear it, I love you so much baby." The blonde said softly.

Dani grinned a big goofy smile, "Pffft silly mama I know that. I love you too mama."

Santana grinned at her drugged daughter, "You have your cell phone handy B? I really need to tape some of this." She snickered at her daughter's adorable drugged state as Brittany scolded her, "You'll do no such thing Santana Lopez."

"Ohhhh Mamí is in trouble." Dani giggled and instantly turned green from moving too fast, "I don't feel so good, I think I'm gonna throw…." With that she turned and threw up all over Santana again.

Brittany giggled adorably while her wife just glared at her.


The highly amused nursing staff brought Santana some scrubs to change into and then it was time to take Dani down for her surgery. She looked so tiny in that big hospital gurney and she looked so pale and her olive eyes were big and round with fear.

"Don't be afraid mija, your mama and I are right here and we'll be waiting right here for you to open those pretty eyes and we'll be the first thing you see. I promise mi amor." She took Dani's hand and brought it to her lips and kissed it gently, "Be brave mi niña preciosa."

Dani held onto Santana tightly, "I love you Mamí." She said trying to be strong for her mothers. She turned and reached for her blonde mother and Brittany choked back sobs, "I'm right here baby, I'll be waiting for you to wake up." Brittany kept herself under control until Dani was wheeled from the room and then she turned and threw herself sobbing into her wife's strong arms.

"It's ok babe, It will be ok." She said as she rubbed her hand up and down her wife's back softly. She gently walked her wife back to the recliner and sat down holding Brittany just like she had held her daughter only minutes ago, "Remember how cocky we were about being parents."

Brittany laughed through her tears, "God we were so stupid back then."

Santana laughed with her, "That was probably a good thing because if I knew everything involved in being a parent I would have been too chicken shit to do it four times."



11 years ago

Brittany was ecstatic, they had done the insemination twice before and it hadn't worked. She had felt differently this time but didn't want to jinx herself or get Santana's hopes up so she kept it to herself. Just kept reassuring the Latina she was feeling fine.

Santana had just finished college and was applying to law schools and they had only been married a few months but it felt like the right time, Brittany knew they would be together forever and she wanted a family now. She had begged the Latina but in all honesty the brunette hadn't put up much of a fight. Santana wanted children too.

Wanting to surprise her wife, she took a pregnancy test in secret and when it came back positive, she made an appointment to go to the doctor and have it confirmed before telling her wife. She had been right, she was pregnant and she wanted to make the occasion very romantic and special for Santana.

Coming home from the doctor's appointment, she stopped and bought armloads of flowers they couldn't afford and some big steaks and baked potatoes and salad and a nice bottle of Santana's favorite wine. She picked up a nice table cloth and some candles and was all set.

She had everything ready for when a tired Santana came through the door, "Babe, what's going on, did we win the lottery?" She joked kissing her beautiful blonde girlfriend, "Wife, I can't believe it she's not my girlfriend anymore she's my wife." She thought happily.

"Can't I pamper my hard working soon to be rich lawyer wife if I want to?" Brittany flirted making Santana break into a wide grin.

"Anytime you wants to pamper me you just feel free Mrs. Lopez." Santana kissed Brittany again more passionately, "Babe that smells fantastic, do I have time for a quick shower?"

"Of course take your time. I'm going to sauté some onions and mushrooms in sherry for the steaks."

"Hmmm I love it when you talk food to me." Brittany giggled as she shooed her wife out of the room.


They were sitting at the table eating Brittany's fantastic dinner when Santana noticed that B wasn't drinking, "Don't you want any wine B? This is my favorite." She enthused.

"I know that's why I bought it for you but I guess I'm just going to have to wait for another seven months or so before I drink with you." She said softly.

"Ok if that's what you want, just means more for me…. Wait what do you mean seven months…why do you have to wait seven months to drink a glass of wine… it's not like…." Santana stopped her verbal musing and looked at her wife, "Oh my god, baby are you? I mean are we?" She stopped talking as tears filled her eyes as Brittany nodded yes.

Santana was in complete and total shock, after the last two times hadn't worked, she really didn't believe this day would come. She just sat and stared at her blonde wife who was starting to look a little nervous.

"San are you going to faint or throw up or something?" The tall blonde was a little unnerved; she had never seen the Latina completely still and silent even when she was sleeping.

The Latina stood up slowly and walked around the table and helped the blonde to her feet, she then screamed and whooped out loud as she gathered her wife up in her arms and spun her around in circles as the two laughed and laughed. She stopped suddenly, "Oh god B, I didn't hurt you did I? Or it? I didn't hurt it, damnit I need to be more careful." She set Brittany down carefully and put her hand on her still flat belly.

"We're not going to break San, I can still do all the things I used to do. It's ok you won't hurt us."

"Us…" The Latina breathed reverently, "B we are an us now!" she said in awe as she burst into tears.

Dinner was forgotten as the two women curled up in bed together and planned a whole future life for themselves and the new baby Lopez that would soon be a part of their lives.

End Flashback


Both Brittany and Santana had held each other and cried before making their way over to the family waiting room. They had called Mrs. Morgan who assured them the kids were all sleeping and she would be fine sleeping on the couch for the night.

It seemed like forever but the doctor came out and assured the worried mothers that the surgery had gone as expected, they had gotten it out without it bursting and Dani could go home in a day or two as good as new.

Santana had thanked the doctor profusely and hugged and kissed Brittany over and over again. Dani was going to be in recovery for an hour and then brought back to her room so they were to wait for her there. She would still be groggy and disoriented for a few hours.

The mothers had gone back to her room and waited. The orderlies brought a very pale and still Danielle which unnerved the mothers more than anything had that whole day. She didn't look like their Dani lying still like that. Santana sat on one side of the bed and Brittany on the other each holding a hand.

It was more than an hour after she got in the room that Dani woke up, she looked from side to side and saw both her mothers and smiled softly, "I knew you would be here. I wished for it and it came true."

"Of course baby, Mamí said we would be here when you woke up." Brittany reassured her groggy daughter.

"Mama can I have some water please I'm thirsty."

Brittany helped her daughter sit up and drink some water, "Drink it slowly baby ok?"

Dani sat up a little and turned to Santana, "Mamí?" Santana moved over closer and bent over and kissed her gently.

"Mi amor, I'm so proud of you." Dani nodded and then promptly threw up all over her Mamí for the third time and fell back asleep.

"Son of a b….." The Latina started.

Brittany giggled, "Language Santana, you're a Mamí now."

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