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Current age of the kids! Our ladies are about 38 years old.

Danielle Alexandra Lopez – 15 years old

Jason Santiago Lopez – 13 years old

Michael Rafael Lopez -9 years old

Abigail Lucia Lopez - 7 years old


Warnings: This chapter talks about Quinn's teenage pregnancy, and mentions teenage drinking, using drugs, and having sex. It also mentions the non-consensual spanking of a teenager. Santana and Brittany do spank their children among other forms of discipline. If you don't like it, don't read it, and if you do read it, please don't complain about it.

Some of this chapter was posted earlier, but I didn't like the way it turned out. I rewrote parts of it, and reposted it.


Chapter 10 ~ Drinking, Drugs, and Sex! Oh my! Or how Santana got her groove back!


"But baby of course I want you to go to your conference, it's just…" Santana held the phone between her ear and her shoulder as she rifled through all the papers on her desk looking for the Malik file, "damn it to hell.. no not you Britt, I can't find my file… I am not changing the subject. You want me to miss work…. Fine leave two hours early in the middle of the day for a week with me in the courtroom as lead attorney on one of the biggest cases this f…..." Finding the file she was looking for she yelled, "Finally! No I wasn't talking to you I found the missing file. I know your career is just as important as mine, it's not a matter of that Brittany and you know it, it's a timing issue. What about the Morgan's? I know they always help…. That is not fair Brittany, she does not see more of the kids than I…believe it or not I happen to a big shot down here in court… I am not being sarcastic…"

She kept checking her watch. She could not be late today, "I understand it's only once a year for a week, but it's just the wrong week this year…ok listen…It's dancing B, not brain surgery….." She held the phone away from her ear and cringed as Brittany took offense to her last remark, she walked over to the mirror and checked her teeth for lipstick, Judge Malloy was not only a perfectionist but loved to break her balls for no reason, "I'm sorry B, that was uncalled for….." She needed to be on fire during discovery, and she was already running late and distracted, "I love you more than life itself, B and you know that, but you are about to be married to an unemployed lawyer if I blow this lawsuit. Fine, an unemployed lawyer who sleeps on the ratty couch in the den…yes, I swear we will talk more when I get home tonight. I love you! Bye baby!" She huffed in aggravation, and hung up the call.


Discovery had run over, and Santana had come home much later than usual. She was tired, starving, and her feet hurt from being in heels all day. She just wanted to eat, and soak in a hot tub of bubbles, sip a glass of wine, and read a trashy book. A foot massage would be very nice as well, but she really didn't think she was going to get one after the brain surgery crack.

Coming in the back door and kicking off her heels, she walked into an empty kitchen. She could hear the soft droning of the television in the living room, but it was way too quiet in the house. Peeking in she saw Abby watching cartoons. Santana plopped down next to her, and snuggled up next to her baby, "Hi Abs, where is everybody?"

"Hi Mamí, I missed you at dinner. We had pizza, we saved you some."

"Where is everyone, princesa?"

"Mom took Michael to his karate class, Jace is upstairs in his room, and Dani is upstairs in her room."

Santana narrowed her eyebrows, "Are they trouble with mom?" She laid her tired head on Abby's lap, and stretched out on the couch yawning.

Just like her tall, blonde mother, Abby started to run her fingers through the long jet black hair, "I don't think so, but Dani's always in trouble so maybe." She shrugged and turned her attention back to Sponge Bob.

"You could at least be watching Diego or Dora!" Santana let loose a jaw cracking yawn.

"I already know how to speak Spanish better than Diego or Dora combined," Abby said proudly.

The Latina barely heard the answer she was already fast asleep.


Santana was rudely awakened by a bedroom door slamming, and Brittany yelling, "Danielle, I told you to be quiet your Mamí is still asleep."

The Latina looked at the clock and moaned when she saw it was only 8am, "It's Saturday, what the hell is everyone doing up at 8am on a Saturday?" She bitched as she swung her legs out of the bed and headed for the bathroom.

Taking a quick shower, and heading downstairs, she ran into her oldest in the hallway, "Why are you up this early on a Saturday?"

Dani rolled her olive colored eyes and scowled, "Because part of my punishment was going to bed at 7pm last night. It wasn't even dark out yet. SHE made me go to bed at 7 pm like some freaking baby on a Friday night."

"First of all, SHE is your mother so you might want to talk about her with a little respect and less attitude. That is, unless you want another week added to your grounding."

The teen was furious, "You don't even know what I was in trouble for! How can you say if it was fair or not? You know what never mind! Why would I expect you to understand, you always take her side!" She stomped down the hallway, and slammed her bedroom door.

"This is going to be a wonderful weekend, I can tell already."


"Good morning, babe!" She nuzzled up to her wife, and kissed her neck, "So why is Princess Charming grounded?"

"I am so sorry all the yelling and slamming woke you up," The blonde sighed.

"I got a note from school; she was rude and disrespectful to her teacher," Brittany said angrily, "Then when I punished her for that, she got extremely rude and disrespectful with me as well. So she wound up with two punishments instead of the one she would have had. That is, if she would ever learn to shut up for a change."

"Imagine that, our little angel rude and disrespectful? I find it so hard to believe," She smirked as Brittany smiled.

"So she had to miss the party, and go to bed early last night?" Santana asked.

"Yes, and she is grounded to her room for the rest of the weekend for being rude to me," Brittany finished.

"Ok, so who are you punishing, Danielle or me?" The Latina muttered as she went over to stand by the coffee pot.

"Why, have you been a bad girl, Santana Lopez? Do you need to be punished?" Brittany walked up behind her wife, and rubbed her front against her backside seductively.

"You are so lucky I'm exhausted, or I would take you right on this kitchen floor for talking to me like that."

Brittany laughed out loud, "Well I think we are going to have to make sure you get good and rested then aren't we, Mrs. Lopez?"

"Oh indeed we will, Mrs. Lopez," The two were kissing passionately when Jace walked into the kitchen.

"Do you guys have to do that stuff in public, it's so embarrassing?"

Santana gave a hard glare to her son, "This is not in public, Britt remembers that time on the picnic bench, at the park near the duck pond? We were completely naked and the park patrol…"

Jace got up with his hands on his ears humming loudly and red as a beet. He practically ran out of the kitchen.

"That was awful, Santana!" Brittany said laughing.

"No, what was awful was him getting between me and my beautiful bride, who I have missed seeing all week." She turned around and picked up her coffee, "By the way, I have solved our little family crisis. I have arranged a car to pick up our kids, and I have an intern setup to babysit until one of us gets home."

"I don't know, a stranger picking up our babies and sitting with them?"

"I've had the same intern for 9 months, Erin is a lovely young woman, and I'm thinking about hiring her as my assistant permanently. This is an employment test, if she can handle this group, she can handle me!"

"Look it's ok San, I'll figure something out."

"You know what, fine!" She slammed her mug down on the counter, slopping coffee all over and stomped out of the kitchen.

Brittany followed her out of the kitchen close on her heels.

"Santana! San, wait! What's wrong?" Brittany was genuinely confused.

The Latina stopped and spun around to face her wife, "I'm getting the feeling no one respects me in this house anymore, not you and not the kids. The kids are always so respectful with you, and you always handle the discipline; so they behave with you. They treat me like I'm their damn buddy all the time!"

She raised her hand to stop Brittany from talking, "When you were talking, oh excuse me, yelling at me about your conference this morning, you were talking to me like you talk to one of the damn kids! That is not cool, B!"

The Latina was tired, and frustrated as tears filled her eyes, "Then just now in the kitchen, I come up with a reasonable solution, and you dismiss it out of hand without even giving it any consideration. Like I would actually let a damn stranger pick up our kids and come into our home? I am your wife and partner, not your kid! I am not some idiot either, and I don't appreciate being treated like one!"

The blonde looked guilt stricken, "You're right, and I am so sorry. Erin sounds like a great solution. I was wrong to talk to you like that. Please forgive me, Mrs. Lopez?" Batting her sky blue eyes sweetly at her wife, she tried to be cute.

"Yeah, I'll think about it!" She grumbled, "But it will require more groveling than that. Some junk food and at least one full body massage, before I forgive you completely!"

"I forgot how sexy you are when you go all Lima Heights badass!" The blonde purred in her wife's ear, "maybe you can show me again later, when all the kids are asleep."

"Perhaps if you've sufficiently groveled by then, I can be persuaded." The brunette continued petulantly.

The blonde kissed her wife sweetly, "I am sorry baby, honest I am. Listen, I have all kinds of errands to run. I'm dropping Abby at Rachel's, Jace at the science museum with his friends, and Michael at the skate park to meet his friends. I'm going to be awhile. We can talk more when I get home. Maybe I can make it up to you then," she winked seductively, "If you're not too tired, can you throw in a couple load of laundry? I am so behind schedule."

"Of course, do you want me to take Jace or Michael for you?"

"No I'm afraid someone needs to stay with our grounded Princess Charming," Brittany smiled as Santana cringed.

"Couldn't you just tear my fingernails out one by one instead?" She said sarcastically.

Santana smiled against her will, when her wife giggled adorably.


After Brittany left, Santana made some breakfast and checked her email. Seeing nothing urgent, she headed upstairs to gather the laundry out of the boys room. She walked into the room, and over to the hamper. It looked and smelled disgusting. Peering into it carefully, she wasn't sure she wanted to stick her hand down in there.

Finally she decided to wait to do the boys last, so she headed to Abby's room and got half a basket worth of clothes. That wasn't going to be enough, so she knocked on Dani's door, she didn't get an answer. She knocked again and carefully opened the door a crack and looked in. Hearing the shower running, the Latina walked in and grabbed clothes out of the hamper. She found some more clothes hanging over her desk chair.

Taking her load down to the laundry room, Santana started to sort the clothes. She hadn't done laundry in a long time, it was actually kind of relaxing. She added all of Abby's colors to the first load, and added some of Dani's shirts. The load was still a little light, so she grabbed her oldest daughter's jeans and pulled them out of the basket. Something fell out of the pockets. She checked the rest of the pockets, and found a few pieces of papers and some change and threw them on top of the machine. She added the jeans into the load of laundry, and got it started. She bent over to pick up what fell but it was halfway under the washing machine. Kneeling down, she fished it out and was shocked with what she came out with. She held it up and it sure did look like one. She smelled it, and from what she remembered it sure did smell like one.

Still kneeling on the laundry room floor, she sat all the way down in shock. She was trying not to freak out, but could feel she was going to lose that battle. Standing up she stuffed it in her pocket, and headed up the stairs to talk to her oldest daughter.

Knocking hard, she still got no answer, "No wonder there's never any hot water by the time I usually shower on Saturdays!"

She walked over and knocked on the bathroom door, "Danielle, I need to speak to you. Wrap it up in there, now!"

She heard some grumbling but after a minute heard the shower shut off. The teen came out a minute later with a towel wrapped around her head, and another around her slender body. She looked concerned, "What is it Mamí? Is everything all right?"

"I need you to get dressed, and then come downstairs; I want to talk to you," Santana said calmly.

"But mom said I had to stay in here all weekend, she was very clear about what would happen to me if I didn't."

"Well then Danielle, let me be equally clear about what's going to happen to you if you aren't dressed and down those stairs in less than 5 minutes!" She said firmly with her eyes flashing fire.

Dani swallowed, she had seen her Mamí angry plenty of times, but not like this.

"Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, ma'am, I'll be right down." Dani said rushing around getting dressed, as Santana left the room to go downstairs and wait for her oldest.


Danielle sat on the couch, carefully watching her mother, she was acting very weird.

"Where was this party going to be held at?"

"It was at Amanda's house."

"Her parents were going to be home all night?" Santana was in lawyer mode.

"Why does it matter now, I didn't get to go because of stupid Mr. Telford."

"That's not what I asked you, Danielle?" Santana said sternly.

"Of course her parents were going to be home, or I wouldn't be allowed to go right?" The teen said, trying a few lawyer tricks of her own.

The Latina whipped out her cell phone and looked up, "What's Amanda's phone number?"


"Now Danielle, what's the number? I am not playing games with you, young lady!"

Santana watched as a whole tidal waves of emotion crossed her daughter's face. She could tell she was trying to come to decision.

"Amanda's older brother Paul and his girlfriend were going to be home. Her parents went away for the weekend," She was biting her lip and looking at the floor.

"So, you just lied to me! And, you lied to your mother and I about them being home when you asked if you could go to the party? Your mom said she called and talked to Amanda's mom." Santana was confused.

"Mom talked to Paul's girlfriend, Becky She was pretending to be Mrs. Shaeffer, so we could all go to the party."

Santana was furious, Dani had not only lied but it was a total premeditated lie with another teenager pretending to be a parent, "Is there alcohol at these parties? Are there boys at these parties?"

Dani just looked down at the floor, and shook her head yes.

"Are there drugs at these parties Danielle, like the joint I found in your jeans pocket when I was doing laundry?" She pulled the joint out and held it up.

Wide olive colored eyes shot up and stared in horror at the joint in between Santana's fingertips.

Santana saw the answer she was dreading on her baby girl's face, she looked guilty as hell.

"I can't even tell you how disappointed I am in you. Just go back to your room, Danielle!" Santana said sadly.

"Oh come on Mamí, I've heard the stories at the Glee Club reunions. I know what happened at those parties you and mom used to go to. Don't you think you are being a bit hypocritical?" She sassed defiantly.

Santana crossed the floor in three quick steps, yanked Dani up by her arm and gave her three very hard swats on her short covered backside causing the girl to yelp in surprise. She couldn't remember ever being spanked by her Mamí. She put a hand back, and rubbed the stinging away.

"I don't care what you've heard about my past, I am your mother and the adult here. I did all of that because I didn't have a family that gave a damn about me. But guess what little girl, you do! Your mother and I don't tolerate lying, drinking, drugs, or back talk from our underage daughter. Now before I really put you over my knee; get your little backside upstairs to your room. When your mother gets home we are all going to talk some more."

Danielle felt her heart sink. She was in huge trouble. She ran up the stairs and was careful not to slam the door this time.


Santana couldn't remember ever being this angry or disappointed in Danielle, and the girl had pulled some real slick stunts in her short life.

Grabbing the newspaper, she went into the living room, and sat down. Glancing at the stairs, she could only imagine the panic her 15 year old was feeling, "Good, let her suffer for a while! That girl is giving both me and B gray hair!" She smiled to herself feeling a little calmer.

Picking up her cell phone from the table, she dialed Brittany to let her know what was going on. The blonde picked up on the first ring, and Santana explained what had happened. Her wife was understandably pissed off.

"I actually had an idea I wanted to run past you. What would you think about Q coming over and talking to Dani about her experience with underage drinking, wild parties, and boys? I mean only if Q is comfortable talking about Beth and all!" She said quietly.

"I think it's a really good idea San. Danielle has no idea of what could have happened to her at an unsupervised party. Let her hear what a real lifelong consequence entails, as long as Quinn is up for it," Brittany said sadly, "I was going to head for the mall after I dropped Michael off at the skate park and hang out until he was ready to be picked up. I can come home now if you need me to."

"I'm going to call Q right now and see how she feels about it. I'll text you if I need you home earlier, if you don't hear from me just stick to your plans. I'm actually letting the little brat stew a little worrying about what we are going to do to her."

Brittany was very upset, "I wish I could laugh just a little about this, but when I think of what could have happened to her at one of these parties…. Having Paul's girlfriend pretend to be Mrs. Shaeffer? I just can't believe it! I wonder how many times she has pulled this on us?"

"Yeah, they have quite the little racket going don't they, for a bunch of little juvenile delinquents?" Santana sighed.

"Well, I'm calling Mrs. Shaeffer and filling her in on what's been going on."

"Ok Britt, let her know to spread the word and let any parent know that they are legally liable for underage drinking on their property. Maybe that will get some of them to pay attention to what's happening right under their noses!"

"I don't think we have any moral high ground to stand on San, it happened right under our nose as well!"

"I know B; oh that girl is in so much trouble! Drive careful, babe and enjoy the mall, don't worry. I'll talk to you soon."

"Do you need anything while I'm out San?"

"Hair dye, it's all turning gray!" Brittany laughed cutely, and gave Santana a loud kiss over the phone.

Santana hung up with her wife and immediately dialed her best friend's number.


Quinn had thought it was a very good idea. She loved the Lopez kids as if they were her own, and if she could prevent Danielle from going through what she did at 15, she was all for it. She hung up with Santana and agreed to come right over.

San opened the door when she heard Quinn knocking, "Hey thanks for doing this, are you sure you are alright with it, Q? I know how hard it was for you to get past all this. I don't want you to do anything that will upset you again, even if it is for Dani."

The blonde hugged her best friend, "I'm sure San, it's been a long time since I was that scared and hurt kid. If I can stop Dani from making the same mistakes I did, then at least all that suffering wasn't for nothing. Besides, I'm Dani's godmother, and she is old enough to understand."

"Do you want some coffee or anything?" Santana was clearly upset and distracted.

Quinn looked at her best friend with compassion, "I can see how upset you are but remember, she has you and B looking out for her alright? You are nothing like my parent's, or even your parents. You guys are involved in your kids' lives, you pay attention. They have love and discipline. It's going to be ok! We'll get through to her!" The hazel-eyed blonde leaned in and hugged her best friend closely really glad she wasn't raising a teenager, "How about bottled water for me and Dani? Then I'll head up and talk to her."

Santana grabbed two waters, and handed them to her best friend, "Good luck Q, I'll wait down here and let you two have some privacy to talk freely."

Quinn winked at her friend, and headed up the stairs, "Don't worry San, I'll put the fear of Jesus in her."


The blonde knocked on Dani's bedroom door softly and heard a muffled, "Come in."

She knew the girl had been crying, and it tugged at her heart. The blonde had spent many nights crying alone in her room at 15.

"Hey sweetie, it's Aunt Quinn," She watched in amusement as the amber haired girl popped out from under her covers and sat up quickly. She noticed she was right when she saw the red-rimmed eyes and the crumpled Kleenex on the night stand. She looked so young to Quinn in that moment, and looking at Dani now she saw a teenage Santana. Her goddaughter had all the same vulnerability, fears, and cockiness as her teenage Mamí had. Quinn just wanted to hug her and hold her tight, something Santana never would have allowed back then.

"Aunt Q? What's going on?" She frantically wiped her eyes and her nose trying to look like she hadn't spent the morning crying.

"Your Mamí told me what was going on, and thought I could help." The older blonde said seriously.

"Help how? It's too late!" She said dramatically. "I'm already in super huge trouble." Dani said trying not to sound pathetic. Her Aunt Q was cool, and she wanted to impress her, not have her think she was a little girl.

Quinn walked over and sat down on the bed next to the distraught girl. She reached over, and gently placed a strand of hair behind the girl's ear and out of her face, "Well that's exactly why I can help. It's true, you probably are in big trouble. I'm the expert on the difference between big and super huge trouble, and I think you're old enough to hear my story now."

Quinn placed the water on the night stand, and took her niece's bronze hands in her own pale ones. She took a calming breath, and looked into the beautiful olive green eyes. She proceeded to tell Dani about her own experience with underage drinking. She hesitated, crying when she got to the pregnancy, but wanting to prevent the same thing from happening to Dani, she continued bravely.


"So you see, my Beth is 23 years old now, and there isn't a day goes by that I don't think about her. It's still really painful sometimes especially around her birthday and holidays. I just wanted you to understand that the decisions you make today, can affect you for the rest of your life. I went from head cheerleader and most popular person in high school, to the 15-year-old pregnant loser. My parent's disowned me, and threw me out of my home. I had to depend on the charity of my friends, and their parents, to stay off the streets. I learned some really hard lessons, early in life. I would rather you not have to learn these kinds of lessons the way I learned them."

Quinn reached over, and grabbed a Kleenex and the water. She was surprised to find herself so emotional about reliving that time again. She wiped her own tears away, and sipped some water. She sat quietly, giving herself time to emotionally rebalance. Quinn wanted her story to sink in.

Danielle Lopez had sat quietly and respectfully, and listened to her favorite Aunt's emotional story. She was overwhelmed with feelings of sadness and pain, "How could your own parent's do that to you? You are so awesome are they stupid or something?" she burst out passionately.

Quinn laughed out loud; this girl was so much like her Mamí, "Well thanks, baby girl. Honestly? I don't know how they could have done it either, sweetheart. At least that's something you and your brothers and sister will never have to worry about. Your moms' would never do such a thing. Honey, getting pregnant is only one of the very serious consequences that could happen at one of these parties. There are some really bad things that can happen, and that's what your moms' and I are trying to prevent. Teenage girls are vulnerable to begin with, but a drunk and high teenage girl is just opening herself up to all kinds of danger and violence. Not to mention all the STD's, HIV, date rape drugs…"

Dani nodded in understanding, "I'm so sorry all that happened to you Aunt Q, it was so unfair!" The young teen said emotionally.

Quinn leaned back and cupped Dani's beautiful face in her soft hands, "Thank you for saying that sweetheart, but the point is I made some very bad decisions. We all love you, baby. We want you to be safe. Lying to everyone, sneaking off to unchaperoned parties with boys, drinking, and smoking pot; definitely not safe, honey. You're so much better than that! You're not a liar! What kind of example are you setting for the younger kids, especially Abby. She adores you! You need to make responsible choices, and smarter decisions, than the ones you have been making."

"But it's fun. Everyone else is allowed to go to parties. I just wanted to fit in and be popular," She said pouting.

"I know. I did a lot of stupid things so I could be popular. I regret them all. I never had the type of parents' that cared what I did. Not like you do. Was it worth losing their trust just to be popular?"

Danielle looked down at her lap, and chewed on her bottom lip, "I don't know Aunt Q, being popular is pretty awesome," She tried not to smirk but it just came naturally.

Quinn rolled her eyes. She put her hand gently under her niece's chin, and raised it so they were looking into each other's eyes, "This kind of popularity that you have now is based on stupid things that don't really matter later on in life. How much you lie? How much you drink? Who you sleep with? How many people you bully? Take my word for it; I have regretted all of those terrible things I did every day of my life. What's important is being honest, having integrity, being a person that others can admire and trust. Being a person who stands up for those who are weaker than they are! That's the person you want to be Danielle, believe me! In the long run, high school won't even matter. Unless you totally mess it up like I did," She leaned over and kissed her cheek, "I love you, and I always will. I won't stop because you make bad choices. I would really like to be proud of you too! That's a little hard to manage right now."

Dani threw her arms around her Aunt, and held her close. They both started to cry, as Quinn rocked her and stroked her light brown hair.

The young teen pulled back, "I'm pretty sure it won't matter now. I don't think I'll ever see another party until I'm like old, and in my thirties anyway."

Quinn's eyebrow shot up to her hairline, "30's is not old, Danielle Lopez!"

Danielle flashed her back the Santana smirk, but wisely kept her mouth shut for once in her life, "Thanks for telling me all that, Aunt Q. I promise I'll make better decisions from now on. If I get a chance I mean. I'm pretty sure I'm totally dead when Mom gets home anyway."

"Well if you want my advice; take your punishment without complaint, and then spend your time winning back their trust. They love you, and only want what's best for you."

"Thanks Aunt Q, I'll talk to you in like 10 years or so!" She said plaintively.

Quinn just laughed and walked to the door, "I love you Danielle, if they still have you locked up in a year's time, me and Aunt Rach will come spring you! I promise!"

"I love you too!" Danielle flopped back down on the bed dramatically, as her Aunt just rolled her eyes.


Santana was nervously pacing the living room waiting for Quinn to finish talking to her daughter. She stopped when she saw the blonde walking down the stairs, "How'd it go?" Noticing her friend had been crying she asked gently, "Are you ok?"

Quinn smiled at the Latina, "Can you please tell me how without the benefit of your DNA, that child is your clone in temperament, personality, and looks?"

The brunette smirked, "I'm pretty sure Brittany made a deal with the devil!"

Both women laughed out loud, turning when they heard the back door open. Brittany came through the door, guiding Michael in front of her.

Santana went over to her wife and kissed her. The blonde hugged her wife back, and smiled at Quinn.

Quinn looked at the two, "How about I take Michael back home with me? You three can have some privacy for a while. You can pick him up when you come to get Abby. Would you like that, buddy?"

Michael grinned crookedly up at his favorite Aunt, "I have some really cool new karate moves I can show you, wanna see?" Quinn smiled down fondly at him, ruffling his hair. She had lost Beth, and it still was an open wound. Having S and B's kids be part of her life, helped salve that pain.

Santana waved goodbye to her son, "Try not to talk Aunt Q's ear off, alright buddy? Q, no zombie movies!"

The two turned as one, and looked at Santana with the same fierce look and the exact same cocked eyebrow. The Latina almost took a step back, it was kind of scary. She turned to the tall blonde, "See what I mean, the eyebrow, the glare!" She said under her breath.

Brittany nodded her agreement as Quinn took off for home with Michael, both of them grumbling about Santana and her dumb rules.


Brittany walked into the living room and sat down on the couch as Santana sat down next to her. She put a comforting arm around her shoulders, "You OK, B?"

"No, not really. It's not a great feeling knowing we've been lied to like this. This is really very serious, and we need to be very strict with her. When I think of what could have happened to her…." She stopped talking as big blue eyes filled with tears.

"I know and I feel even worse. She totally lied to me, and manipulated me into asking you if she could go to the party last night. At least you know she respects you. I feel really stupid. As a lawyer, you'd think I would have seen this coming."

"Oh honey, of course you didn't. You trusted her, just like I trusted her. She's our first teenager, we really are just learning. I tell you one thing, as soon as I calm down I am going to tan that cute little bottom of hers, but good!" the tall blonde said sternly.

"Brittany? I've been thinking, she lied to me, not only once this week but twice. She used me to get to you, not to mention the drinking, and the drugs. I need to be the one that disciplines her. I want her to understand I am not her buddy. I am her mother, and I won't tolerate this behavior!"

"Honey, you are a wonderful mother. They do love and respect you. I've just always been a little stricter with the kids than you have. It doesn't mean I'm the better parent. You've just always been a little more laid back with them. I personally think we make a great team," Brittany said softly.

"I know, but I really need to do this," Santana's dark eyes looked deeply into the blue depths of her wife's eyes, conveying an entire conversation worth of meaning in just a few words, as they had always been able to do, "Besides it's not fair that you're the strict parent, and I'm the fun one. That's not fair to you or the kids. We have rules, they need to understand that we both make and enforce those rules."

"Of course Santana, I understand, honey. Besides, I think I know what to do with her lying to me as well!" She grinned evilly as the Latina laughed.

"Oh this is going to be good, I can tell already."


Brittany and Santana walked up stairs, and into Danielle's room to find her sitting on her bed hugging a pillow. Her olive eyes darted back and forth between her two mothers not at all thrilled to see them both looking upset and angry.

The tall blonde stood with her arms crossed, "Danielle Alexandra Lopez, your Mamí and I are not happy with your recent behavior in the slightest. First, you get in trouble in school by being disrespectful to your teacher, then you were disrespectful to me. Today we find out you've been lying to us about these parties. When has that behavior ever been allowed in this house? The rules have always been in place. We've talked about drinking and drugs. What on earth were you thinking?"

The teen just shrugged regretfully, "I am sorry, and after talking to Aunt Q, I see why you guys are so mad at me."

Brittany sat down on the bed, next to her daughter, "Have you had sex yet, Danielle?"

The teenager turned five shades of red, "No, I haven't really found anyone I want to be with like that. I do understand what a big deal sex is."

Both of her mothers' breathed a sigh of relief.

Santana sat down next to her wife, "Well, we are going to have a few very big talks about sex this weekend."

Danielle just nodded.

Santana leaned forward, "Well, you know the rules, and what happens when you break our rules. I'm afraid you broke some really big ones this weekend, Danielle."

Danielle looked up quickly, and her eyes grew big and round as she looked at Brittany, "Mama please don't spank me, I promise I won't ever lie to either of you again. Honest, you won't ever have to worry about me going to another party like that ever again. I only drank once and I hated it. It was awful and I got the joint from one of the football players. I've never even tried drugs. I just wanted to look cool." She tried to frantically look for a way out of the inevitable. Her mama never backed down, once a punishment was decided.

The Latina looked at her daughter firmly, "Actually Danielle, I will be spanking you this time. You not only lied to me twice, but you actually convinced me to talk your mom into letting you go to this party. You manipulated me, and used me to get around our rules. I don't appreciate that behavior at all."

"Mamí please don't, please, I'm 15 years old. I'm not a kid anymore, and spanking is a punishment for little kids, please….."She started to cry at the thought of being spanked.

The blonde said softly, "Honestly, Danielle? You haven't been acting 15 years old for quite some time. You've been throwing more tantrums than your 7 year old sister, and it needs to stop now."

"But…Mama…. but….. Mamí…" she looked helplessly between her two mothers, "Nooooo please! I don't want one….I haven't had one in a really long time." She wailed.

"I'm sorry, Danielle no one wants a spanking. You've more than earned this spanking, young lady." Santana said firmly, trying to stay fast, and not give in as her heart was breaking at her daughter's words.

Brittany as if reading her mind, walked over and took her hand and squeezed it, "Now, your punishment for lying to me!"

The teen's eyes shot open wide and stared at her tall blonde mother and she gulped audibly, "What? There's more? That's not fair!"

"It's more than fair, now listen up or I'll double it! Every day for the next two weeks before school, you are going to get up early, and go running with your Mamí and Michael. Then after school, you are going to come help me at the gym. You are going to clean it from top to bottom; scrub floors, wash the equipment and towels, and clean the bathrooms and showers. That should keep you out of trouble for a while."

"I can't run, I'll sweat! I hate sweating! I'll be all sweaty, and smell awful! I hate sweating almost as much as I hate cleaning! Can't you just spank me too, and get it over with?" She cried desperately.

Brittany just rolled her eyes, and shook her head, "No I can't! I will give you two some privacy. Oh and Danielle? For every complaint you make for the next two weeks either to me or Mamí, I add an hour of running and cleaning to your punishment. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Mama." Dani said sadly, resigned to her death sentence, "I'm going to be running till I'm 100!" She said under her breath.

The blonde walked over, and kissed her daughter on her head, "Be good baby!" and walked past her wife running her hand down her arm in support and pulling her into the hallway, "I'm going to go pick up Abby and Michael. Jace is getting a ride home later. I'll be back with dinner in about two hours. Call my cell if you need me alright? I love you!" She whispered to her wife, kissing her tenderly and squeezing her hand.

The Latina just nodded, kissing her wife back and taking a moment before heading back into Danielle's room.

"Mamí, please? Please? I swear…just give me one more chance, please you don't need to spank me I won't do it again, I promise. Mamí, I'm really sorry."

"I know you are sweetheart, but you really messed up this time. You need to understand that this cannot happen again. This is hard for all of us baby, but your mom and I love you and we care about you so much. That's why we will always be there for you and your brothers and sister. We would never abandon you like your Aunt Q's parents. That's also why we will discipline you when you make dangerous mistakes and bad decisions. Now, let's get this over with. I love you, mija," Santana said softly. She took her daughter by the hand, gently pulling her across her lap.


Brittany was driving Abby and Michael home from their Aunts' house, when she stopped at that store to pick up dinner. She turned in her seat to address her two youngest, "Now I need you both to listen to me very carefully. Danielle is in big trouble, and will be upset and embarrassed when we get home…"

Michael laughed, "Good, she's totally mean to me and Abby all the time, it's about time she gets in some trouble, I hope she gets it good!"

Abby saw the look in her mom's eyes and whispered to her dumb brother, "Uh oh, you made mama mad!"

"Would either of you care to share in your sister's punishment?" She said in her no-nonsense tone.

Both children violently shook their heads no.

"Good, then leave Danielle alone tonight and be nice. Next time it might be one of you getting in trouble, and you know how embarrassing it is, don't you?" Brittany said softly once she was sure she had their attention, "Besides she's the oldest so it's harder for her to be in trouble. I expect both of you to be on your best behavior tonight, or else!" She looked them both in the eye for a long minute, reminding them she wasn't kidding.

She went in to grab the pizza and salads, leaving her two youngest to ponder how embarrassing it is when you've just been spanked, and everyone knows.


Santana held Dani as she cried herself to sleep. The girl solemnly promised never to lie, drink or even look at drugs ever again as long as she lived. Santana smiled fondly at her daughter knowing no child of hers could ever be good for too long, it was just not possible. Lying down next to her daughter, they both took a nap until dinner time. Santana hadn't realized how hard it was to spank her kids. She was emotional and exhausted.


Later that night after everyone was asleep, and the house was quiet, Brittany lay quietly in Santana's arms.

"You're awful quiet B, are you alright?"

"I'm just a little worried that's all." She whispered into the dark room.

"Dani is going to be fine honey I promise. She's a good kid, and we caught her before she got in any life altering trouble," Santana said sincerely, "She won't forget today, or the next two weeks for a really long time."

"I didn't mean Dani." She said softly.

"Well you don't have to be worried about the rest of the kids. Did you see how wide their eyes got when they saw the trouble she had sitting down for dinner. I think we've scared the other three straight for a while as well!" The Latina chuckled.

"I'm not worried about them either. They definitely got the message tonight, I'm sure about that".

Santana looked down at the blonde head curiously, "Then what the hell are you worried about B?"

"I'm not so sure how I feel about the return of Santana "Badass" Lopez! She was a handful in high school. I'm thinking she is probably going to be more trouble than ever before!" She said trying to keep a straight face.

"Oh you want to see badass? I'll show you what trouble really is, baby!" Santana rolled over in one quick move. She flipped Brittany over and effectively pinned her wife under her. She started to tickle down her sides.

Brittany shrieked loudly as Santana laughed out loud. She pulled the blonde closer, taking full advantage of their private time together.

"Hey, B? What should we do with that joint?"

"Santana!" She slapped her wife hard on her naked backside, "Do you need a spanking now too?"

The Latina growled, "I'd like to see you try, blondie!"

"Oh, you are so badass!" Brittany moaned seductively.

"And don't you ever forget it again!" Santana dove in for her sweet lady kisses as Brittany squealed in delight.


Quinn was lying in bed crying when Rachel got home.

"Baby, what's wrong?" The little diva went over at once to comfort her wife.

The blonde explained about her afternoon with Danielle Lopez. She shared her concern and worry with Rachel.

Rachel, kicked off her shoes, and crawled into bed next to Quinn. She pulled her into her arms, and comforted her, "This brought up a lot of stuff about Beth, didn't it?" She smiled when the blonde shrugged. Some things never change.

"I can't even tell you how proud of you I am, Quinn. How proud I've always been. Even when we weren't friends the year you were pregnant."

The blonde turned in her arms, looking up at Rachel in surprise, "You are? You were?"

She nodded solemnly, "You were just a kid yourself, but you always put Beth first. You held your head up, and you did what was best for your child. I know it almost destroyed you, baby. Now, you are putting Danielle's needs ahead of your own. You are the most incredible wife, lover, friend, and Aunt in the world," the diva leaned over and kissed her wife on the head, "maybe it's time I stopped being selfish, and we have our own baby. That way you can be the best mommy in the world as well."

Quinn gasped loudly, "Really? Rachel, are you serious? I thought you said… I thought that we agreed…"

Rachel laughed, and kissed her wife on the top of her head, "You are so cute when you get flustered."

The blonde was still crying, "I just always thought it was something that would never happen for us."

"Quinn, is being a mother something you want? Something you need to feel complete?" Rachel asked seriously.

"I honestly don't know, Rach? It felt really special today, being someone important to Danielle. I just have never even considered it. I don't want you to do something you don't want to do, just because I'm being emotional tonight. Besides Rach, we are 38 years old. There is no guarantee either of us can get pregnant."

"I know, if it didn't work, we could always adopt, it is all the rage in Hollywood these days, "Rachel continued running her fingers through the long blonde hair, she stopped to scratch her scalp, "It's not that I never wanted them, baby. I just thought in my business, it was a really bad idea. Lord knows, I am selfish to begin with," She gently smacked the top of her wife's head when she snickered, "I see my peers having it all, even Britt and San are doing an amazing job having careers, and a family. Maybe I was wrong."

"Maybe you were what? Not sure I caught that?"

"Haha Quinn Fabray, are we having a serious discussion, or do you want to act like a teenage boy?"

The blonde chuckled, "I love you so much, Rach. Why don't we take our time, really think about it? You can make a PowerPoint presentation," she gently teased, "I'll make a pro's and con's list.

"Well, whatever we decide; you would be an amazing mother. You might have saved Danielle from a very big heartache, and a lifetime of regret. Even though it hurt you to dredge up the past, and talk about Beth."

Quinn sat up, "Thank you so much for saying that, Rachel Berry-Fabray. I love you so much."

Rachel looked seriously at her wife, her big, doe eyes wide, "I know, what's not to love!"

She winked playfully, and got up to shower, "You can show me how much you love me in the shower if you want," she said over her shoulder.

She squealed, when Quinn leapt out of the bed, and picked up the petite woman. She put her over her shoulder, and carried her fireman style into the bathroom.

"Thank God for Sue Sylvester and the Cheerios," Rachel squealed again when Quinn smacked her sharply on her backside, "If you want to get laid tonight? You seriously don't want to talk about Sue Sylvester!" She stood the diva on her feet.

Rachel sweetly pantomimed zipping her lips, as Quinn moved in for a kiss, feeling better than she had all day.


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