Brittana future family fiction ~ The kids are my own invention, Glee is not!


Current age of the kids! Our ladies are about 33 years old.

Danielle Alexandra Lopez – 10 years old

Jason Santiago Lopez – 8 years old

Michael Rafael Lopez – 4 years old

Abigail Lucia Lopez - 2 years old


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Chapter 10 Halloween with the Lopez Family


It was October 31st, and the Lopez household was in an uproar.

"Mamí, all the best costumes are going to be gone!" Michael yelled.

"We haven't even bought candy yet, all that's going to be left is the really lame ass candy," Jace complained under his breath. He cringed when he saw his Mamí raise her eyebrow sternly at him.

"I'm hungwy," Abby was in Santana's arms, having a two year old tantrum, "I hafta potty, I wanna be a pwincess!" She screamed loudly, wiggling and fidgeting.

"I'm not wearing some pathetic princess costume, if all the good stuff is gone!" Dani yelled with attitude.

Santana had finally had enough; this had been going on all morning. She narrowed her eyes at her oldest daughter, "You won't be going trick-or-treating at all, if you don't lose the attitude little girl. So go to your room and think about that for a while. NOW!" She shook her head, as her daughter stomped up to her room, and slammed her door, "So predictable," she said to herself.

"Jace, we don't use that language in this house. Would you rather taste soap, or candy?" She said firmly at her lookalike son.

"Candy…" He muttered with his head hanging down.

"Good, you can go to your room and think about your language. NOW!" she sent the boy off with a glare.

"Michael, you will be staying home with your sister, and handing out lame butt candy if you use that tone with me again. Four minutes in the corner, now!" She pointed with her free arm, as Abby clung to her like a little baby monkey, sobbing and screaming in her ear.

"And you, princesa, let's get you to the potty."

"It's too late," The toddler wailed, "I had a accadint." She buried her head shamefully in her Mamí's shoulder.

Santana rubbed a soothing hand up and down her back, as she cradled the distraught girl, "Hey, it's ok big girl. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. You haven't had an accident in a long time, even at night. Don't you cry Mamí will fix everything! Besides, it wasn't your fault, honey. I had to deal with the monsters!" She said in a creepy Halloween voice, noticing the uncomfortable wetness seeping through her shirt, "Let's both get changed, and then I'll get you a snack."

She had Abby in the bathroom when her cell phone rang. It was Brittany, "Babe, where are you? The villagers are getting restless. Remember that scene in the Frankenstein movie, the villagers with the torches and pitchforks trap the mad doctor in the windmill? That's your kids and me!" She moaned, sounding slightly crazed, "I've become the mad doctor."

"Technically, you're a mad lawyer," Brittany giggled adorably, "You can handle it, I trust you, baby."

"Please tell me you're coming home soon?" She begged, holding the cell to her ear with her shoulder, as she helped Abby get cleaned up.

"It's awful quiet there, where are all the kids? You didn't kill any of them, did you?" The tall blonde teased.

"Haha! Danielle and Jace are in their bedrooms in time-out, Michael is in the corner, also in time-out, and Abs is getting changed, and about to have lunch, then it is naptime. I might start drinking heavily by noon."

"Don't you dare!" Brittany could hear the frustration in her wife's voice, "Honey, I'm so sorry, but I have bad news. I'm not going to be home anytime soon. You need to take them to the store to get candy and costumes. I'm so sorry," She cringed, waiting for the explosion. The silence was even scarier.

Finally, Santana had calmed down enough to speak, "Why?" Was all she said in an eerily calm voice.

"Rachel is freaking out about the dance changes we added to tomorrow's matinee. She is the star, I really can't leave." The blonde said apologetically.

"Fuc… I mean, the heck with Rachel Berry," She quickly changed course, staring straight into the big blue eyes of her toddler, who was clearly listening to every word.

"San, you know I can't just leave. The show is good, but these new changes to the choreography make it excellent. It could be so good for us if the show is a hit. I'm talking good money, babe."

"We have plenty of money," the Latina grumbled, "I need you here, more than Berry needs you there."

The money comment was a bit of a blow to her ego. She was making good money as an attorney, but she was still paying off her student loans. It stung a little when she couldn't buy her wife or one of the kids something they wanted.

"I'm talking pay off the house money," Brittany said seriously, "Besides, I'm under contract. I can't just leave."

"I know, I know. I'm sorry. I sound as whiny as the kids," The brunette apologized sincerely.

The dancer smiled at the phone, "I'll trade you our four naughty children for one naughty Rachel Berry-Fabray?" She teased her wife, already knowing the answer.

"Oh hells to the no!"

"Santana!" Brittany scolded at the same time Abby exclaimed, "Mamí!"

She just rolled her dark chocolate eyes at the two blondes in her life, "That gives me an idea! I gotta go, babe. You WILL be home for trick-or-treating?" She said more than asked.

"Of course I will, babe. I have to draw the line somewhere with Rae, or I'll be here all night long."

"Love you, B."

"I love you too, San. Kiss my babies for me!"

"If I don't kill 'em first," She muttered softly.

"I heard that!"

"You were supposed to! Hurry up and get home, or I cannot be held responsible for my actions."

This time, Brittany rolled her eyes.


Abby and Michael had gone down for a nap, Jace was playing video games, and Dani was looking through fashion magazines in her room. Santana had collapsed on the couch. She looked up when the doorbell rang.

She pulled herself up, and opened the door, glaring at her best friend, "Jesus, tubbers, it took you long enough to get here!"

Quinn Fabray raised her HBIC eyebrow, "First of all, I haven't been a tubbers for over 18 years," she growled, making finger quotes at the hated nickname, "Secondly, I can just go back to my nice, quiet home if you're gonna be a bitch." The blonde pushed past her best friend, and walked into the kitchen, "Got any coffee made?"

"I haven't had time, but I'll make some. Have a seat," The Latina pointed to the kitchen table, and turned to make a fresh pot of coffee.

"So, what's the big emergency?" Big hazel eyes looked cautiously at her friend.

"We have to take the kids shopping for costumes."

"Oh no WE don't, there is a reason I don't have a household full of kids. I have my hands full with just Rachel," The blonde stood up, and grabbed her purse.

"God, Q please! I can't do this alone," She grabbed the blonde by her arm, just short of begging.

Quinn looked at her friend, amused by the terror in her eyes, "they are children, Santana, your children to be exact. How bad could it be?"

"Yes, my children, in a store full of hopped up on sugar little monsters and their frustrated, angry mothers. Please, Q? I'll never ask you for anything again, ever!" She begged, desperate times called for desperate measures.

"I see your point," Crossing her arms, the blonde stared hard at her friend, "If, and I mean if, I do this for you; you can never call me tubbers again, as long as we live."

"Fine! Done!" The Latina sat down relieved.

"And… you have to talk Rachel into letting me go with you to Vegas for your convention."

The Latina shot out of her chair, "Q? You know that both Rach and B forbid us from ever going to Las Vegas alone together. Rachel said even she couldn't pull enough bail money together."

Quinn smirked, that sounded like something the diva would say.

"I can't convince Berry to let you go with me, and B will kill me if I try," She said hating the petulant, fearful tone in her voice.

"Too bad, it's Vegas or I walk!" The blonde said stubbornly.

"Come on, Q! Have a heart! You have to do this; you're Dani's godmother for heaven's sake. At least just take her?"

"Nope! No Vegas, no Halloween shopping." She leaned against the counter, waiting for the Latina to capitulate.

Santana dramatically plopped her head down on her crossed arms, "You're the worst best friend ever."

"Well sadly, I'm the best you could get. It's a thankless job, Lopez but someone has to be your friend," She smiled when the Latina growled, "So, what's it going to be? I want to go to Las Vegas and have fun for once in my life. That is not going to happen with Rachel there."

The Latina's head shot up, "You have to do this fom me! This is the dwarf's fault anyway! She's the one being demanding, and keeping B there with her all day."

"Don't call her a dwarf, or I'll tack on another condition in addition to Vegas." Quinn said angrily.

"Fine, you win! You suck by the way!"

"Have you been talking to Rachel?"

"Ewwww, just don't go there, ever! I don't need that image in my head," Santana cringed, "Let me go get everyone ready," She huffed as she headed up stairs," and they call me Satan, pfft…"


Party City was a nightmare; kids were running around unchaperoned. They were screaming, yelling, and ripping costumes off the racks.

Quinn and Santana stood at the front of the store staring, their mouths hanging open. It was absolute mayhem. The blonde wondered if getting to Vegas was worth all this.

Danielle had a different opinion, "Sweet!" She whispered awestruck. Quinn looked down at her niece, and shivered. She was so much like her Mamí it was scary.

Santana straightened up, and went on the attack, "Quinn, take Abby and Jace to get their costumes. Abby wants to be a princess. Jace will pick something, I trust him," she leaned over and whispered to her best friend, "You know how much like Brittany he is? Don't let him be a unicorn or anything too…"

Quinn scoffed, "You're a lesbian, and you're worried about your son picking out a girly costume?" She whispered back so Jace wouldn't hear the conversation.

"I didn't say that tu.." She stopped short at the look on her best friend's face, "I don't give a rat's ass about girly. I'm worried about him getting teased for the rest of his life. He's too gentle, like his mom. They need people like you and me to keep them safe. I know how bullies think, unfortunately."

Quinn immediately lost the smirk. They did indeed understand how bullies thought. Brittany and Jace would be targets without people like her and Santana to look out for them, "Don't worry San, we'll find something cool."

The two friends shared a knowing glance, renewing the pact made in high school; to always protect B and now Jace from the cruelty of a world they would never fully understand.

"I'll take Dani and Michael," she looked at her watch, "we meet back here in an hour. Oh Q, grab a big bag of candy, not the lame stuff either. Find something really good, Jace will help you." Her heart warmed at the big smile on Jace's face. She leaned over and high-fived her lookalike son.

Quinn grabbed Abby's hand, "Come on my little princess, let's go find the best princess costume. Jace, you ready, buddy?"

"Sure Aunt Q, let's go Abby," he answered sweetly, taking his 2 year old sister by the hand, "Do you want to be Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, Ariel? Disney has the best princesses, Abby. I'll help you pick."

Quinn smiled at the 8 year old. He really was so much like Brittany. It was hard not to love Jason Santiago Lopez. He was sweet and kind to everyone.

"What kind of candy should we buy, Jace?"

"I like chocolate bars; any kind really… Hershey bars, but I love Snickers bars the most, oooh maybe Reese's cups. Whoever invented putting peanut butter inside of chocolate was really smart, don't you think, Aunt Q?"

"Jace, you are a man after my own heart," She smiled over at the boy.

Abby looked up at the two, "too slow, pwincess now!"

Quinn looked down into big, blue eyes that were currently not happy with her, "Sorry, baby girl, princess aisle here we come," She picked the little girl up, and kissed her nose, "One thing though Abby, princesses are always really nice, and have very nice manners. Don't they, Jace?"

The raven hair boy looked at his Aunt in awe, she was so cool. He shook his head quickly, as Abby had turned to look at him. She thought she might be being tricked. Grownups were very sneaky sometimes.

"So we need to mind our manners, ok princess?"

"Ok, Auntie Win," the little girl said seriously.


Santana took her two unruly monsters with her. Even she couldn't do that to Quinn. She decided to be tough from the get-go. She squatted down, and looked into Dani's olive green eyes and Michael's hazel eyes, and was firm, "When you find a costume, I want you to ask yourselves, would mama let me wear this?"

She glared at both of them, "If the answer to that is no, don't even ask me if we can buy it. Do you both understand me?" She expected the eye rolling and attitude, so she ignored it, "¿me entiendes," she asked again sternly.

"Sí Mamí," they said in unison. All the Lopez children were fluent in Spanish, a fact that thrilled Brittany. She loved that all her children were so smart.

"All right, let's go. We have one hour. If you don't find a suitable costume in one hour, no trick-or-treat," The Latina figured the best defense was a good offense. Although, honestly she wasn't sure that was a threat she could make good on. She loved trick-or-treating, and she just knew Brittany would make her stay home with whoever was grounded and hand out candy.


An hour had passed, but there was no sign of Quinn. Santana was getting irritated, "what a wimp Fabray is, I even gave her the easy kids." She said to no one in particular. Dani and Michael looked at each other and smiled. They loved the ever constant battle between their Mamí and Aunt Quinn.

Santana looked in the cart again, as she waited. Both her kids had done really well picking out costumes. Dani had picked out the Pink Power Ranger, and Michael was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Santana thought the costumes were really cool, she had been watching the two shows with her kids since they were born. They had found a few bags of good candy left as well. She checked out her stash, Brittany would be very proud of her.

Suddenly Jace ran up to the cart, his black eyes wide with fright, "Mamí, we lost Abby."

Quinn was right behind him, pushing the cart frantically trying not to run anyone over, "San, San…" Her eyes had a glazed, crazy look that Santana hadn't seen since the woman was a pregnant teenager, and the brunette stole a bite of her bacon cheeseburger.

Santana's heart leapt to her throat, "You lost Abby? Fabray, how did you lose my baby?"

The blonde nearly burst into tears, "She was in the cart, I swear to God. I looked at a tiara for one second, turned around to put it on her head, and she was gone. I'm so sorry, San, I am so sorry."

Santana was hyperventilating, "Ok the key is to not panic, we need to not panic."

She searched around the immediate area with her eyes, "So many people, so many kids…"

Dani tugged at her sleeve, "Mamí, we need to call the police," Her little chin was quivering, "right away!"

"Right, of course, thank you sweetheart!" she whipped out her phone, and dialed 911, "Quinn, hurry, go tell the store manager. They probably have some alert system or something."

Quinn nodded frantically, and took off at a run.

Michael, being only 4 years old, and not understanding the importance of what was going on, wanted to see what kind of costume his older brother found. He needed to make sure his costume was better anyway. He started digging in the cart.

He found a sleeping Abby at the bottom, all curled up like a baby kitten under the mound of costumes, coats, and bags of candy.

"Mamí?" He called out loudly.

Santana was on her phone, talking frantically to the police department. She waved her hand for Michael to be quiet.

The 4 year old tried again, only louder, "Mamí?"

She put her hand over the receiver and hissed, "Michael Rafael Lopez, Mamí is on the phone."

The little boy's eyes filled with tears, as he wiped them away harshly. He would tell Aunt Quinn, she always listened to him. Waiting until Santana went back to her phone call; he turned and walked the way his Aunt had headed.

Dani and Jace just looked at each other like he was crazy. Both had gotten in big trouble wandering away from their mothers in stores before. It only got you a long time in the corner, and an early bedtime. It was definitely not worth it on Halloween.

Dani whispered to Jace, "Someone should go with him. He's too little to go alone."

"You go, you're the oldest," Jace said logically.

"Mama will be really mad, and we won't be able to go trick-or-treating."

"She'll be even more madder if we let Michael go alone, and he gets losted like Abby."

"Abby's not lost, dummy." Dani said fiercely.

"Yes, she is. That's why Mamí and Auntie Q are acting so weird," Sisters were so dumb sometimes.

Dani took Jace by the arm, and roughly tugged him to his cart. She pointed at the peacefully sleeping toddler. Both kids peered over the cart. Jace shook his head, "So why is everyone freaking out?"

"I think Michael tried to tell Mamí, but she yelled at him. I'm pretty sure he went to find Auntie Q."

Jace looked at the crowd of crazy people in the store, "We have to find Michael before he gets lost for real. I'll tell Mamí that Abby is napping, and you go find him."

Dani sighed, she really hated being the oldest sometimes, "Fine but if mama sends me to bed early, you go too! Deal?"

Jace nodded his agreement solemnly.

Dani ran after Michael, "Brothers are the biggest pain in the butt."


Michael walked up and stood behind his Aunt Quinn. She was yelling and waving her arms frantically around, the young boy smiled. She looked like an airplane.

Quinn was ready to smack the bored and harassed teenager behind the counter, and she had called her Ma'am. What the fuck was that about, she wasn't old enough to be a ma'am. The girl looked around, and said with the exasperated patience you used on crazy people, "Ma'am, look around, all the kids are running around. I'm not sure what you want me to do?"

Quinn nearly screamed in the girl's face, "She's two years old. She's too young to run around by herself, you stupid, little, …."

She was stopped by Michael tugging on her sleeve, "Auntie Q? Auntie Q? I found Abby, she's not lost anymore," He yelled over the noise.

"What?" Quinn said stupidly.

"She' napping in the cart, under the coats. Honest, she's fine."

The older blonde nearly collapsed in a heap on the ground, she was so relieved, "Oh thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus."

Michael glared at the teenager who was giving his beloved Auntie Q dirty looks.

Quinn leaned down and pulled Michael into a huge hug.

"Auntie Q, can't breathe…"

"Oh, baby I'm sorry. I'm just so happy." She picked him up, and spun him around. The blonde didn't care at all what anyone thought. She hadn't lost her niece. Abby was safe and sound. Michael had come and told her; she looked around, "Michael, where is everyone, your brother and sisters, your Mamí?" She stood up and looked around in confusion.

Glancing down, she saw the guilty look cross his face, "Oh no. You didn't come find me by yourself, did you?"

"Mamí was yelling, I had to come find you. She wouldn't listen to me."

"Santana doesn't know you found Abby?" Her eyes got wide and crazy again, "God, she's going to kill me. I've lost two of her kids in less than an hour. Let's go, we have to find her." She grabbed his hand, and started to pull him along with her, when she spotted Dani.

"What on Earth are you doing here?" She said exasperated.

"I couldn't let Michael wander around the store alone, I'm the oldest."

Quinn nodded in shock that actually did make perfect sense. She grabbed the hand of each child, and started to walk very quickly back to Santana Lopez. She was pretty sure the Latina was going to kill her no matter what.

When she found Santana, the young mother was holding a groggy Abby in her arms. She was laughing and crying at the same time. It occurred to Quinn that she had looked just as nuts about 10 minutes ago. Jace was standing next to the cart looking embarrassed at his mother's outburst.

After counting heads at least three times, the two adults, still in shock paid for their purchases and drove home in complete silence.


Brittany walked into a very, too quiet house. She found Santana and Quinn fast asleep on the couch with a grinning Abbey sitting between them watching a Disney movie. The sweet toddler clapped her hands happily at seeing her mama, and lifted her arms up. She wanted her mama to pick her up.

The tall blonde chuckled, and lifted up the babbling toddler, "So my little princess, where is everyone? Did all you naughty babies wear out Mamí and Aunt Q?" she cooed sweetly.

Dani stood at the top of the stairs, calling out quietly, "Mama? Is that you?"

Brittany walked to the bottom of the stairs. She peered up curiously at her oldest daughter, "Are Jace and Michael up there with you, baby?"

"Yeah, we're all in time-out until we are 30 years old, that's what Mamí said."

"Oh boy, what did you guys do now?" The blonde asked curiously.

"You better let Mamí tell you, but please make sure you let us tell you what happened before you punish us?" Dani said seriously.

The blonde smiled sweetly, "I promise."

The little girl smiled sweetly, "Thanks, mama. I better get back in my room before mamí wakes up."


Brittany and Rachel wound up taking all the kids out trick-or-treating. Santana and Quinn stayed at home handing out candy. After about ½ an hour, Santana turned off the porch light and grabbed a beer, "You want one Quinn?"

"Yes, please."

Santana collapsed next to the blonde on the couch, "I can't see any more yelling, screaming kids in costumes. It's just too horrifying. It used to be one of my favorite holidays," she said sadly, taking a long gulp of her beer.

Quinn shivered in fear, "I think I have Post Traumatic Stress, can you get that from kids?" she whispered fearfully.

"Just my kids," She looked at Quinn fearfully, "It's why I always take B with me."

They sat there in silence staring at the television playing old Halloween movies for over an hour.

Santana turned to her best friend, "I'll make sure that you get to go to Vegas with me. Thanks for coming with me, and taking care of my kids."

"When I thought I lost Abby, I wanted to die. I've never been that scared in my whole life. Thanks for not hating me."

"I could never hate you, Q. We're family."

Quinn nodded, "I'm pretty sure I've lost about ten years off my life."

"Yeah, my kids will do that to you."

Quinn snorted and finished her beer.

The two were sloppy drunk when Brittany, Rachel and the kids got home.

"Our big touch HBIC's, run into the grown by four little kids," The diva said disdainfully.

The blonde had a good idea what Santana and Quinn had faced today, having done it for years. She just smiled and nodded.

A disgusted Rachel, with Brittany's help got Quinn into the car and took her home.

Brittany walked in the living room to find Santana asleep on the couch surrounded by her kids. They were hanging all over her, eating candy and watching television.

The blonde stood there sternly with her hands on her hips, "What am I going to do with you guys? I've told you a million times not to drive your Mamí crazy. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You know how much she loves Halloween."

Four gleeful, chocolate-smeared faces looked up angelically at their mama and smiled. Brittany pulled a blanket over her sleeping wife, and grabbed a handful of popcorn, "Move over you monsters, who has the snickers bars?"


Thanks for reading, Happy Halloween…..