Brittana future family fiction ~ this is nothing but happy fluff so it's not Steinbeck but it is sweet and fun and happy and the world could always use more Brittana

No D/D, no real angst

Unedited – All mistakes are mine / I don't own anything related to Glee / The kids are my own invention.


Current age of the kids! Our ladies are about 36 years old.

Danielle Alexandra Lopez – 13 years old

Jason Santiago Lopez – 11 years old

Michael Rafael Lopez -7 years old

Abigail Lucia Lopez - 5 years old

Chapter 2 First Day of School ~ 2029

Santana Lopez stood at the bottom of the stairs with one foot on the bottom step and her hand holding the railing. She looked up the stairs in aggravation and yelled loudly, "Danielle Lopez if you don't get your skinny ass downstairs I am coming up after you!"

She felt a slight stingy slap to her leg and looked down in shock to see her 7 year old son Michael glaring at her with his big brown serious eyes, arms crossed, and one eyebrow raised, "Language Mami, Abby is listening." He said sternly as he pointed to his little 5 year old sister.

Abby Lopez was just cute as a button, she had blonde hair and big blue eyes and she looked up at her Mami and grinned a mile wide crooked smile and giggled sweetly whispering, "Mami you said ass!"

Santana smiled down at her little girl and said, "Sorry baby and don't say ass! Go into the kitchen and see if Mom needs some help with breakfast," She turned her little blonde baby around and sent her into the kitchen with a gentle swat to her backside. "Michael, no more hanging around your Aunt Q, that eyebrow, it's scary, have you seen your brother?"

"Jace is in the basement feeding his stupid fish." Michael turned and went into the kitchen quickly to see if he could help, he had his Mami's temperament and seemed to always be looking for a fist fight.

Santana worried about him, she understood what it felt like to have that kind of temper. It had taken her decades to learn to control it, decades and an angel named Brittany Lopez. Lucky for Michael, that very same angel was his mother and if anyone could help him cope it was Britt.

She looked back up the stairs and her face screwed up in irritation and she started screaming up the stairs again, "Danielle Lopez, I am counting to three….!"

In the kitchen Brittany heard the irritation building in her wife's voice and went to see what was going on. She came up behind Santana and wrapped her in a hug, "What's up babe?"

Santana growled and pointed up the stairs, "Danielle." Brittany stifled a grin and nodded, "I'll go see what's taking so long." Just as she headed up the stairs, Danielle Lopez headed down. She was 13 years old and a natural beauty. She had long light brown curly hair and stunning olive colored eyes with naturally bronzed skin and she had her mother the dancer's long lean build. The only thing that detracted from her beauty was the perpetual scowl she wore on her face at all times.

She floated down the stairs in her private school uniform; a skirt she had rolled at the waist, a white short sleeved shirt with a collar, a vest and knee socks. She was texting on her phone and had one earphone in blasting music so loud Santana could hear it standing two feet away. Danielle looked right at Santana as she walked past and smirked, "Jeeze take a pill already, I was coming." Santana closed her eyes and counted to 10.

Brittany leaned over and kissed her full lips gently, "Go grab Jace from the basement would you sweetie?" Santana leaned forward to give her wife another peck on the lips and headed off to the basement in search of her older son.

"Jace, it's time for breakfast, we don't want to be late on the first day of school do we?" Her sweet boy turned around in excitement from the fish tank he was staring at, "Mami, hurry, come look!" He took three running steps toward Santana, grabbed her hand and pulled her back forcibly to stand in front of the tank.

"What are we looking at buddy?" Santana bent over at the waist and peered into the tank not seeing much of anything.

"My angelfish laid eggs Mami, look! I've been trying forever and I finally got the perfect breeding pair." He pointed excitedly to a piece of PVC pipe on the bottom of a smaller tank.

"Where are the mommy and daddy fish? All I see is the eggs, those little clear things ARE the eggs right?"

Jace started to explain patiently about having an egg hatching tank and how you needed the pump to blow the bubbles over the eggs to stimulate them and how if the eggs turned white it meant they died and he really didn't want that to happen. He continued on about how hard it was to breed tropical fish but he was certain he had a perfect breeding pair this time.

Santana listened in wonder; he was only 10 years old and so smart already. Out of all the children he looked the most Latino. Jace had black glossy hair and dark eyes and was so outgoing and happy. He had been the perfect baby; calm and happy and as easy going as his blonde mother. He loved to read and was always talking about all the new things he was learning in school. It amused Santana to know that teachers actually looked forward to having a Lopez in their classroom.

"Hey, I want to hear all about it, really buddy I do, but we have to all be on time today ok? I promise I will come back down after dinner tonight and you can tell me everything."

Jace looked up at his Mami in adoration, "Ok, let's go get breakfast I'll tell you more later." She took his hand and they headed up the stairs.

They sat at the table with the rest of the family and ate some fruit, granola and yogurt. Britt handed San her black coffee and she sat back in her chair and looked around at her family. La familigia, it was the most important thing to her and Brittany, everything else took a distant second place. Jobs, career, friends, possessions nothing mattered as much as the bunch around the table, even on those days when Santana thought that perhaps aliens had stolen her sweet Danielle and left this evil teenager in her place.

Brittany was an incredible mother, but then when Santana married her and Brittany raised the issue of children she had never been in doubt of how lucky any child would be to be raised by Brittany S. Pierce Lopez.

"So, your Mami and I packed your lunches and they are on the counter, don't forget to grab them on the way out. Dani and Jace?" Two sets of eyes swiveled immediately to Brittany, "We are going to drop you guys off early at the middle school and Mike we will drop you off just a little earlier than normal at the grade school so both your Mami and I can take Abby to her first day of kindergarten. No messing around, you go inside the building immediately and stay there, no playground!" She stared at Michael first, "And no bleachers!" She turned flashing blue eyes and pointed a finger at Dani.

"How about the library?" Jace said through a mouth full of granola. "The library is fine baby." Brittany smiled softly at Jace, "Don't talk with your mouth full."

"So are we all clear about what's going to happen this morning?"

"Yes Mom." All three kids said in unison. Not one of the Lopez children had the heart to upset Brittany. They were all as protective of her as Santana was.

Santana got up and walked over to the pantry for a few minutes and came back holding a cupcake with a burning candle in it and started singing to the tune of Happy Birthday, "Abby's first day of school, Abby's first day of school, You're going to make so many new friends dear Abby, cuz you are so cool!"

Brittany had grabbed the camera and was shooting pictures of Abby's big day.

Everyone was laughing and Abby turned bright red and giggled harder than anyone, "You're so crazy Mami!" She blew out the candle and Santana cut the cupcake up so everyone could have a bite. This was a tradition in the Lopez household for the first day of school whenever anyone started kindergarten.

Brittany clapped her hands together, "Dishes in the sink, upstairs to brush your teeth, everyone back her in five!"

There was a mad scramble up the stairs and out the door to the minivan Santana still couldn't believe they bought. It was embarrassing to own that thing but turned out to be a necessity.


Brittany and Santana walked Abby into the building holding hands. San looked more nervous than Abby did, "You remember everything I told you right mija?" Abby nodded her head, "It's fine Mami, Jace said kindergarten is really fun."

Brittany and San smiled at each other over their daughter's head.

"You have your bookbag? Did you pack all the supplies we bought? You have your name tag? We didn't forget your lunch did we?" San was rattling off questions a mile a minute and Brittany could tell she was making Abby nervous.

She rubbed San's back in a soothing motion and said softly, "She's going to be fine sweetie, we've already done this 3 other times and everyone survived."

The Latina swallowed her fear and leaned over and pulled her baby into a tight hug, "te quiero mija." She kissed the top of her blonde head and squeezed her until her mother rescued her with a laugh, "No hogging the baby, it's my turn."

Abby looked up to her mom in gratitude. There was nothing worse than when their Mami got all emotional and mushy. It was downright embarrassing. Brittany hugged her baby close, "I love you honey, have so much fun today. I will make you a super surprise for dinner tonight, what's your favorite meal ever?"

Brittany looked at her with her eyes twinkling. She knew, San knew and all the kids knew what Abby's favorite meal was, "Could it be liver and onions?" grimaced in horror and so did her Mami. "How about tuna fish sandwiches?" Abby held her nose and shook her head no. "San would could it be?"

Santana put her chin in her hand and pretended to think, "Is it Brussels sprouts with meatloaf?" Abby's eyes grew wide in disgust, "Oh wait, I know what it is!" All eyes turned expectantly to her, "It's tacos and chocolate cake for desert!" Abby squealed in delight and hugged her Mami clapping her hands.

Brittany looped her arm through her wife's, "Have fun and behave. I will be right here to pick you up when school is done, love you sweetheart."

Abby turned around and went right into the classroom like she'd been doing it forever. Santana choked back a sob and swallowed hard, "Our baby, B, she's in school, she was just born yesterday. What the hell happened? She's so tiny; we won't be able to watch her. Anything can happen, the school can catch on fire, she could choke, maybe she's allergic to Elmer's glue, I don't know, do you know?" She turned suddenly to her tall blonde and at the moment very calm wife, "we need to get her B and take her back home, she can start school next year. She is just too young and too small and we rushed this, it's too soon."

Brittany started to maneuver Santana towards the exit before she made a scene. She was talking very softly to her like you would talk to a mental patient. All she had to do was get her to the car and they were home free.

The blonde helped her crying wife get into the front seat of the dreaded mini-van. She clicked San into the seat belt and headed around to the driver's side.

Their elderly neighbor, Mr. Morgan used to be the bus driver for many years and now was the neighborhood crossing guard walked over to Brittany, he loved the Lopez family, "Abby's first day of school?" Brittany nodded. "She's feeling a little empty nest syndrome eh?" Brittany smiled, "A lot I think." Mr. Morgan chuckled, "I see it a lot around here on the first day of school."

Brittany nodded. "Take her home, make her some hot tea and give her a back rub and let her cry it out. It will be OK, I promise."

The blonde leaned over and hugged her neighbor, "I better get her home."


Brittany finally came downstairs and sat at the kitchen table exhausted. San had cried all the way home. The blonde took her wife upstairs and held her while she cried, "Our last baby is in school Brittany, this is awful, next thing you know they will all be gone and we will be so old and then we will die!" She wailed.

"Honey, don't you think you're rushing things a little? Abby is only 5 years old. We have lots of time with her before she moves away."

San would not be pacified, her baby was in school and everyone knew it was all downhill from there. She cried for hours while Britt held her and rocked her and kissed her head, just like she did for one of the kids after a nightmare. Santana finally fell asleep and Brittany went down to clean up the kitchen before the kids all came home and everything was a mess again.

She sipped her cold coffee and looked around and couldn't believe how lucky she was to have the woman of her dreams and the perfect family, a great job and everything she always wanted out of life.

The blonde was blessed and she knew it. She looked up at the ceiling and whispered a thank you to whoever might be listening.

To be continued…. Any ideas or suggestions, send them along, what do you want to see happen with the Lopez family, no angst, remember fluffy bunnies