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He actually was here. And he didn't even look a bit surprised. Neither did Ron, actually. And why was everybody smiling at them?

She was home. She'd come back. She'd come back for- But no. Not for him. She'd come back for her family. The family he was practically living with. But it didn't matter. She was home.

Why was he looking at her like that? Shocked and at the same time not surprised at all, and he just kept looking, and why wouldn't he say anything, and why was everybody so quiet all of a sudden and-

Why couldn't he just say something? He had practised the words he would tell her as soon as she got back a hundred times, and now all he could think of was that she must've outgrown him.

And why did she look at him like that, so… Almost curious, as if he was supposed to know something, do something, anything whatsoever. And why didn't he say anything? He could just tell her he was glad she'd come home, or-

She couldn't take it much longer. And why was Ron looking at the both of them like that? What was he thinking? What was he thinking? Why wouldn't anybody say something? Why did everybody stay so silent, why-

"Oh. Hi. Ginny. Well, I should get going, see you next time." He finally managed to blurt out. The next thing he knew, his feet were carrying him away from there, while his head was screaming at him to go back, to tell her, to let her know, … But his feet won.

He looked over his shoulder and could almost imagine her watching him leave – but she wouldn't.

So he just kept going.

He left. Just like that. Without even really saying hello – they hadn't seen each other for a year goddammit! And "hi" was all she got? After a year? No – scratch that – after years of waiting for him to live up to his promise? And then he just left?

She could feel the rage build up, as she thought back at the past four years, four years that were supposed to have gone so differently.

Four years that she had been waiting for him to fulfill his promise, or at least tell her it wouldn't happen.

Four years.

But she'd had it now.

She had, without a doubt, taken more than enough of it and she was sick and tired of just waiting around for him to pull his head out of his-

She stormed out of the door, wand at the ready, and determined to get this over with.

He was an idiot.

A complete, utter, clownesque idiot.

He had no problem fighting the world's biggest monster, but he chickened out of telling a girl how he felt.

He should be ashamed of himself.

He didn't even know why he wasn't already returning to the Burrow, until he noticed his feet had (once again) done the thinking for him.

He saw that she was just walking out of the door, and now she saw him, he would man up, he would tell her, he would-

"Harry bloody Potter!

Have you gone absolutely bonkers? I haven't seen you in a year and you say hi? HI? That's all I get? That's all that promise was worth?

A promise that you will come back to me, then practically ignore me for three years straight, don't see me for a year and all you have to say for yourself is HI?

I'm waiting for the love of my life to come back from a suicide mission and you say HI?!

I go across the ocean to get over you, and when I come back you say HI?

I see you for the first time in a year and you can't even be bothered to say anything else than hi?!

I've been waiting for four whole years for you to get a grip on yourself and make that damned promise come true and you say HI?

I come back for you and you say HI?

I'm going to hi you, you complete GIT! IDIOT! JERK!"

By now each word added more curses to the ones that were already flying around his head, and his shield was having trouble protecting him from all of them.

And then he realized what she'd just said. Four years. She always said four years. Did that mean that perhaps he wasn't too late – only an even bigger idiot than he already knew he was?

And then he realized what else she'd said – "you came back for me?"


"Then why did you leave?"

"Because you didn't of course! You came back for everyone but me, you were there for everyone but me, and you just ignored me for three years! What did you expect me to do? Keep on waiting like I'd been doing all those years? You wanted space, so you got space, there was a whole freaking ocean between us and you still didn't bother to-

And then he kissed her.

And then she was crying and she couldn't help but lean into him, and he was finally there for her, and he was there, and he was holding her, and she was in his arms, and they were kissing, and she was still crying, and she wanted to say something but she didn't want to leave his arms and he was finally, finally there, and she wanted to kiss him again but she had to know-

"I came back for you. And you didn't even say anything. And I just won-"

"I know."

"And you promised that you'd come back to-"

"I'm sorry, Gin, okay, I'm so, so sorry."

"And you kept on being an idiot, and you never said anything to me and-"

"Ginny, can you please forgive me?"

"And I came back – I came back from across the ocean for you, and you couldn't even come back from your thoughts for me and-"

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry"

"And I came back. I came back for you."

"So did I. I came back to you."

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