Alright, this is my first 'sucked into KFP world' fanfic. I was inspired by ShadowBrook17 to write this story. Hope all you
people like! :D

Chapter 1: My POV

I could suddenly hear a breeze blowing lightly into my ear, and I opened my eyes. I shut them tightly as soon as the sun's
rays came in contact with my eyes.

Wait...the sun?, I thought.

I sat up and looked around, seeing tall bamboo stalks and open fields.

This is DEFINITELY not my room, I thought.

"What the...", I thought outloud.

I realized that I was most likely dreaming, so I closed my eyes and pinched myself. I opened my eyes and still saw bamboo.

"Weird...", I thought outloud once again.

Wait...where AM I?, I thought. It certainly wasn't anywhere in the US.

I suddenly heard someone yelling from behind me, but I couldn't make out the words. But when I heard what they had said, it
was too late.


I turned around and was immediately knocked to the ground by someone of immense weight. I tried to get up, but unfortunately,
that someone fell onto me.

"'t...BREATHE...", I wheezed.

"Sorry! Sorry!"

"A good way to make it up to me would be to lose some wei-"

I shut up when I saw who it was. It was...Po...from Kung Fu Panda.

"What-how- Wait a there any water near by?", I asked.

"Uh yeah, it's back there, but-"

I immediately got on all fours and started running as fast as I could to the place that he spoke of on instinct.

All fours?, I thought.

I finally found a small source of water. Shallow, but deep enough to give off a reflection. I hestitated for a moment, then
slowly postioned myself to where I could see my reflection. I jolted at the sight.

I was a tiger.

I could hear heavy, thudding footsteps from behind me, as well as panting noises.

"You...could've...just...drank the water I HAD...", Po said, then flopping onto the ground.

My eyes were wide with shock.

"My-my ears-sw-SWIVELED! THEY SWIVELED!", I yelled.

"Well yeah, don't all tiger's ears do that?", Po asked.

I didn't answer as I tried to pinch myself over and over and over again, the image in the water never changing after I
opened my eyes.

"This-this can't be real!", I exclaimed.

"What do you mean?", Po asked curiously.

"Punch me as hard as you can.", I said.

"What, why-"

"JUST DO IT!", I yelled.

Po's jade green eyes widened at my outburst, then said, "Are you sure..."

"YES, I'M SURE, I'M SURE, I'M SURE!", I yelled.

"Okay...", he said hesitantly.

I closed my eyes and waited for a couple seconds, then feeling an extremely hard blow to my right arm.

"OOOOOOOOOWWWW!", I yelled, then opening my eyes.

I was STILL a tiger.

Hmmm...this is actually kind of cool..., I thought, studying my new reflection more closely.

My eyes were a deep shade of green, and my fur was the color of carrots. I had a small, black diamond shape in the middle of
my forehead, and on each side of the diamond were small circles. On the left and right sides of the symbol were thick
stripes that curved inward. My regular stripes were thick, and curved slightly downward. I then saw that I still had my
regular clothes on, which didn't really match the whole cool tiger look. My stomach suddenly growled loudly, making me realize
how hungry I was.

"Hungry?", Po asked.

"Yeah.", I answered.

"Come on. I know a GREAT noodle place.", he said, then starting to walk off.

I wonder what 's noodles taste like, I thought as I followed Po, knowing that he was referring to his father's

Alright, that concludes the first chapter! Sorry if it's bad/short, I was kinda rushing it. But anyways, stay tuned! :)