A/N: I have never written any type of fan fiction before. I just learned of this about 2 months ago. So please help me along the way with any sort of advice, reviews, or anything.

Also, this story starts at Ana and Christian's 1st wedding anniversary. No kids, just them. Just enjoying each other and the drama that follows them.

Chapter 1

"I do," I say while looking deeply into Christian's loving grey eyes.

Sitting at the edge of our bed, in Escala, I'm reminiscing about the greatest day of my life. The day I became Mrs. Anastasia Grey. I can't believe that was a year ago today. It has flown by so fast. I'm still trying to get use to it all. I pick up my blackberry that is sitting by my side and check my last email from Christian.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: It's our anniversary

Date: August 6, 2012

To: Anastasia Grey

Please be ready by 6. I plan on spoiling you tonight, Mrs. Grey. Can't wait to see you!

Christian Grey

Anxious CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

Glancing at my watch, I see it's a quarter till 6. Christian doesn't do late, so I get up and walk into our closet. I slip out of my black pencil skirt and unbutton and pull off my plum colored, chiffon, long sleeve blouse. Standing in the closet in my bra and panties, I go to work skimming my fingers through all the dresses I have hanging till I get to one that catches my eye. I stop and pull it out. It's a grey, one shoulder, form fitting dress. Coming about knee length. Perfect! It's new and still has the tag on it. I grab it and look at the price. Just another thing to get use to in my new life, I sigh.

I start to think, maybe I'll surprise him. After all he is taking me out to celebrate our 1st year together as Mr. & Mrs. Grey. I know just the thing. I slip off my bra and panties and put the dress on. Then I make my way out of the closet and into our bathroom. I look at myself in my new expensive dress.

"Not bad Mrs. Grey!" I mumble to myself.

I touch up my makeup. A little mascara, and some lip gloss. Then I try and tame my hair. A sleek poinytail should suffice. Done! Walking out of the bathroom, I step into my black, sky high Louboutin's and hear Christian.

"Ana, are you ready?" he yells.

"I'm on my way out," I call back.

I grab my clutch and make sure I have everything. Making my way to the great room, I see Christian's back towards me. And of course, he's looking down at his blackberry. He can never leave that thing alone, I think to myself, shaking my head. I walk up slowly to him and throw my arms around him to cover his eyes.

"Are you ready to see me?" I ask him.

"Always. Now, let me have a look at you wench!"

I pull my hands away and step back.

"Turn around," I command him. He slowly turns, looks me up and down with his eyes wide and his mouth open.

"Oh baby! You look amazing!" he says, with total admiration laced in his voice.

"You do too, Mr. Grey!" I reply back.

He has on a grey suit, white button up, and a black tie. My man sure knows how to dress.

"And we match," I point out to him and he gives me a little wink.

"Are you ready to go Mrs. Grey?" he asks.

"Yes, sir!"

We enter the elevator hand in hand. The doors close and we start our descent. We don't speak, just enjoy each others presence. I see him through the corner of my eye. Looking down at me beaming his reserved smile that's only for me. The elevator stops at the 5th floor and the doors open. We both look up to see a pretty, brunette walk into the elevator. She's wearing something identical to what I was wearing for work today. But instead of a plum chiffon blouse, her's is grey. And she has her hair in a slicked braid to the side. I hear Christian clear his throat and nods at her while she steps in. She gives him a nod back, then looks at me and turns her back to us. I look at Christian and he shrugs his shoulders. Glad he noticed that brush off too. The doors close once again and the elevator continues down. I see miss thing turn her head slightly trying to get a glimpse of my husband. Keep your eyes to yourself, I wanna yell at the intruding brunette.

Finally reaching the garage, we walk out, behind the brunette. Her going one way and us heading toward the Audi, where Taylor is waiting for us. He opens my door.

"Mrs. Grey," he says, greeting me with his hand to help me into the SUV. "Thank you Taylor," I say, while taking a hold of his hand, and stepping up and in. He then shuts my door. With Christian and Taylor following suit, we take off.

"Christian, do you know who that woman in the elevator is?" I question him.

"I've never seen her before," he says looking me in the eyes, truthful grey to wondering blue.

"Oh, ok then," is all I say, letting it go and pushing it to the back of my mind.

"Are you at least going to tell me where we're going, sir?" asking him, while batting my eyelashes. Trying to flirt an answer out of him.

"It's a surprise Mrs. Grey. Don't get your panties in a bunch," he says, giving me a playful smile.

Oh Fifty, if you only knew. There are no panties to bunch up. I grin thinking about my little surprise. Noticing this, Christian looks at me and cocks his head to one side, with a what-are-you-up-to face. I give him back an innocent smile. He brushes it off, places his hand on my thigh and turns towards the window.

Finally, Taylor stops the Audi and jumps out. First opening Christian's door, then coming round to mine. I step out and excitedly look up at Christian.