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Chapter Nine- Resolutions

Draco couldn't sleep. At all. Everything tumbled through his mind, a tornado of the day's events and his own mixed feelings. Every time he thought he had sorted everything into neat piles, and all neat piles were filed away, all those little things raced back through his mind again, tormenting him.

Charlie sleep beside him, his snore permeating every single little space devoid of thought. That snore irritated Draco. So, so much. A deep but fairly quiet sound, the signal of Charlie dreaming, oblivious.

Not that Charlie would have helped, even if he had been awake. Draco knew the redhead would offer sweet words, sleepy murmurs to go to sleep. Draco didn't particularly want to talk to Charlie. If he had learnt anything that night, it was that Charlie Weasley was a spectacular liar.

- Earlier that Night-

Draco stood, a little nervously, by the side of their bed. As it would remain forever, unless Charlie ever decided to divorce him. Which didn't seem entirely likely, when the redhead was stood opposite him, eyes smouldering.

Footsteps plodded lightly around the room, until Charlie stood by Draco's side, his hand lightly brushing his Slytherin husbands. Draco only had to turn slightly towards the Gryffindor, and then lips were on his, teasingly light, but deepening with each and every touch.

Draco lent into him, moulding his shorter frame to Charlie's body, his hands reaching to hold the older man's shoulders. They stood there for minutes, just kissing, the movements so slow that Draco was surprised to realise that Charlie's hands had travelled down until one held his hip, and the other fit to the curve of his arse.

He whimpered lightly as Charlie's hand swept around, mapping out the shape of his curved buttocks, palming firmly to push Draco flush against him.

Their groins finally gained contact, and Draco gasped loudly, prompting a light chuckle from the Gryffindor.

"Alight there love?" He murmured, voice deep with lust. Draco turned slightly pink, but nodded nonetheless.

"Hmmm." Draco hummed his agreement, rolling his hips forwards in an attempt to entice a reaction from Charlie, who did, indeed, intake a breath more than a little sharply.

This filled the blond with confidence, and his moved again, rolling his hips slowly as deliberately, rubbing his hard length against Charlie's, before moving his lower half away entirely, leaving just his arms holding onto his husband.

A second later, he was lightly tossed onto the soft mattress, bouncing gently as he let out an indignant little shriek.

"Aww, look at you, sprawled across my bed." Charlie commented idly, before flopping forward to lie beside Draco.

Draco glared half-heartedly. He inched closer to the redhead, who sloppily covered the younger man's face with kisses as soon as he was close enough.

Draco tilted his head up to catch a kiss that had been intended for the tip of his nose, licking Charlie's lip before reaching to hold the older man's head in place.

Draco was still nervous. And nerves made him jumpy and impatient. He reached a hand forward, tugging loosely at Charlie's formal robes. His partner quickly got the hint, pulling the fabric over his head and dumping it in an untidy pile on the chair next to the bed.

Draco's quickly followed, leaving both in the lightweight, thin fabric trousers that matched their robes. Hands quickly trailed across chests, Draco's reaching to stroke the strange tinted coloured hair on Charlie's chest as the Gryffindor reached forward to run his hands up and down the pale skin, warming the goose-bumps away from Draco. Their mouths met again, the kisses now feverish, and Charlie lightly rolled one pink dusky nipple between his thumb and forefinger, testing the sensitivity.

Draco moaned loudly.

It was something that Blaise had somehow never thought to do. He had pinched, on occasion, as that was what he himself found most stimulating. But Draco was far more sensitive that his dark ex-boyfriend, and the sudden, gentle movement from his Gryffindor partner was surprising.

On the third roll, and second nip to his bottom lip, Draco groaned impatiently.

"Need you. Now."

Charlie pulled back slightly to look down at the blond, searching his eyes. "Answer me honestly, Draco. You look like a deer caught in the headlights. Are you sure you've done this before?"

Draco tilted his head to the side. "I am hardly going to lie, Charlie. We've haven't even been married a day. It wouldn't be a good start would it?" He shook himself lightly. "Yes, I've had sex before. Many times. What's a headlight?"

"Something Muggles put on their cars, I think."

"Oh."He didn't really care about car thing-ys anyway. Draco wrapped one leg around Charlie's, hooking his ankle around to give himself the leverage to drag the larger, stronger man on top of him.

They collided none too subtlety, groins connecting roughly causing both men to moan loudly. It was only Charlie's quick reflexes, that allowed him to catch himself on his hands, which stopped Draco's head from being smashed into the Gryffindor's chest.

Charlie moved quickly, rutting harshly against his younger partner until Draco whined loudly enough to get his attention.

"Come on, Charlie!" The Slytherin was well-aware that that particular tone of voice achieved little other than making him appear to be a petulant child, but he couldn't help it. He was goddamned nervous, and he really didn't want to lie there whilst Charlie procrastinated about the actual act!

The redhead frowned knowingly. "I know you're anxious, Draco, I am too. But do you really want to look back on this, and say; 'Hey, our wedding night was an awkward quick fumble'?"

Draco shook his head.


Charlie moved, pulling his hips away from the blondes, and shimmied down until his mouth was level with Draco's chest. Here, he started to kiss his way down the pale flesh, laving, and sucking and occasionally biting, mapping his way along his young husband's body.

Draco gasped. Before, he had been under the impression that Charlie wasn't really listening, but now? The shift was pretty damned tangible.

Judging by Draco's gasps, whatever he had been worrying over was quickly floating further and further away from his rather foggy brain. The shorter man finally relaxed properly, sighing softly as the slight stubble on Charlie's jaw rubbed against the fine hair that dusted the lower portion of his stomach.

Charlie sucked there, leaving a purple proof of his mouth and, whilst Draco was moaning and unable to sense anything other than the warm mouth leaving light bites, removed the Slytherin's trousers, unfastening them deftly and sliding them down the slender legs he had spent so much time admiring.

His own quickly followed, after his mouth had reattached itself to the blondes, but once they were gone, they both stopped.

It seemed so much more serious when they were both lying there utterly naked. Their eyes locked, and held for a matter of whole seconds before Draco let out a slightly hysterical giggle.

The noise shocked Charlie back to the present, and he moved forwards, connecting his lips to Draco's throat lightly, tickling the skin. Draco shuddered softly, his shoulders pushing up against the redhead's jaw as his shifted restlessly beneath him.

This made his back arch upwards, his frame undulating, and as he moved, the blonde caused his bare erection to brush against the Gryffindor's. The tension dissolved in a way that magic couldn't ever achieve. They moaned simultaneously, and Draco quickly patted around him with his hand, trying to remember where the lubricant was.

"Damn it, where-" He mewled as Charlie traced one finger up the inside of his thigh "-is it?"

"Where's what?" Charlie asked, his voice husky as he pressed a kiss to the blonde's hipbone, noting how it stood out in his rather thin frame.

"Lub-ri-cant." Draco elongated the word, making each syllable appear completely separate.

Charlie shifted off of him once more, making the younger man want to lock his legs around the Gryffindor to keep him in place. He wasn't gone for long however, as the older man rushed to grab a blue bottle, fumbling with it before settling himself right back between Draco's legs. "Got it."

Draco grinned, his breathing deep as he tried to calm himself a little. "Use it, then."

Charlie smirked back at him. "As you wish."

It took him two attempts to flip the lid open, with Draco trying not to let himself give out that embarrassingly hysterical laugh again.

But open it did, with a popping sound, and the unmistakable scent of lube reached Draco's nose. Though the lube claimed to be unscented, it did still have its own smell, and that filled Draco's nostrils, causing him to spread his legs even wider, bending his knees out in preparation for penetration.

The lube was cool from the bottle, so Charlie rubbed his fingers together in circles, warming the liquid before pressing his thumb to Draco's pucker, lightly pressing the lube against his hole and slowly massaging it in. The skin became slippery quite quickly, and when wet it became pliable and soft, and Charlie felt the tip of his thumb press just slightly inside.

Draco drew in a sharp breath, making a high whistling sound as he shifted his hips towards his husband.

Charlie took the hint, and slowly pressed his index finger into Draco's arse, moving past the ring of muscle until his finger was buried. Then, he moved the digit in a circular motion, taking in the way the walls moved around it.

Draco was tight, but not unduly so; his body moved to accommodate the intrusion, rather than trying to push the finger out, and Charlie breathed a sigh of relief. At least it wouldn't be an overly difficult coupling. After that realisation hit, he added another finger, and moved both together, noting which motions made the blonde moan the most. He curled the fingers upwards several times before finally finding a nub of flesh, and then he pressing against it slowly but firmly, watching Draco's face as the Slytherin groaned loudly.

"In me. Charlie." He panted loudly. "Now."

Charlie brushed Draco's prostate teasingly before removing his fingers entirely, then reached again for the lube that he had left on the bed beside them.

He coated his cock with liberal amounts; he knew he was quite thick. He wasn't huge, in fact his length was a very comfortable average, nothing to brag about, but also not a shameful size. But what people didn't seem to realise, was it was usually the girth that was problematic with partners either inexperienced or who hadn't been taken in a while, not the length.

Draco seemed to have been telling the truth on how often he'd had sex, but Charlie didn't want to cause discomfort where it wasn't necessary.

Once satisfied, he lead his dripping member to Draco's stretched hole, holding the tip against the blonde's arse for a moment, a little warning before he started pushing in. He held Draco's hip lightly, using his fingers to massage against the Slytherin's lower back where any discomfort woulds be the greatest, and moved slowly. Draco pushed back against him, bearing himself down on Charlie's cock in an unconcerned manner, until he felt the older man's balls bounce lightly against his arse cheeks.

They both paused, slowing their breathing. Draco moved first, rolling his hips enticingly, his cock bobbing up against Charlie's stomach as he moved. That was all the encouragement Charlie needed, for a nanosecond after Draco had smeared a droplet of his precum on the Gryffindor's firm stomach, Charlie pulled out about half way, before sliding back in. After that first proper thrust, it became simpler, Charlie thrusting steadily, and as when anyone starting getting absorbed, they both moved together, the thrust becoming both harder and faster as they tried to reach completion.

When Draco came, it was very sudden, as Charlie squeezed his cock at the same time as he hit his prostate. He had been hitting it at random intervals, but that time had been quite hard, and the sensation paired with that on his cock became too much.

Draco clamped down on Charlie, his body trying to keep the other man in place as he came, coating both of their stomachs in come.

Charlie hadn't any warning either, and only managed two thrust into the convulsing channel before following the Slytherin, filling his arse with his seed.

They both stayed completely still while they were drained, until, suddenly, Charlie rolled off of Draco to lie beside him.

He had only meant to pause for breath, before rolling over, but not even five seconds later, the Gryffindor was asleep.

Draco stayed where he was, on his back, covered in sticky fluid both inside and out.

He waited for Charlie to turn around, to kiss him, to hold him. To say something, anything.

Half an hour later, Charlie started to snore.

That snore made Draco angry. The silence had made him feel used and discarded, and the snore showed the lack of anything troubling his husband's mind. Their first night as a married couple and Charlie didn't even care enough to hold him, let alone clean him up, the way Blaise used to do. That had mostly been due to Blaise not wanting to sleep in dirty sheets, but it had always seemed so kind, so very gentle.

-End of scene, back to 'present'-

Yes, he was definitely a fantastic liar. Only a professional deceiver could shag someone whilst giving off the impression of making love, and then show his true colours about a minute later. He thought Charlie didn't care what Draco felt, so long as he could pretend he was acting like the model husband.

So long as Draco didn't impose his issues directly onto the Gryffindor, Draco suspected that Charlie wouldn't even care to notice anything amiss.

That bloody stung.

Feeling the need for air, Draco rolled to the edge of the mattress, not having to bother about the movement jostling the Gryffindor, he was so far away. The Slytherin sat on the end, his bare feet cold on the wooden floor, before standing up, his eyes long since adjusted to the dark in the room. he could see all of his clothes, rumpled and discarded from where his husband had thrown them.

He didn't want to put them back on. Instead, he walked lightly to a cupboard, and pulled out a large black button down shirt, one he had seen Charlie wear before.

He brought the fabric to his nose, and inhaled deeply, noting the faint scent of the Gryffindor that clung to the fabric. He must have worn it many times. Despite everything, Draco still found that scent warm and comforting, and he pulled the shirt on, the garment large enough that he didn't even have to undo any of the buttons, simply tugging the shirt over his head.

He fancied the shirt giving him the hug that Charlie hadn't. It reached down to the lower part of what would classify as mid-thigh, easily covering everything essential. Draco nodded to himself, and crossed his arms to hold his hips, ensuring that the shirt stayed in place, before carefully walking down the multi-layered house to the garden.

On the second set of stairs, there was one creaky one he had noticed before, but for all his efforts to remember which it was, he still stood on it. Ans as he had thought the one before to be the noisy one, he had landed upon it rather heavily, and the noise was loud. Too loud for the silent house.

The blonde stayed where he was whilst he counted to five, and when satisfied that no-one had awoken, carried on down to the back garden. It was quite a nice garden, small enough to feel enclosed whilst having enough space to walk and get some cool, clear air.

On the second turn, he stopped and sat on a large wooden sculpture of a mushroom, tilting his feet perpendicular to the ground. The slight breeze felt good on his still sweaty skin, and though he knew the evidence of the consummation still lay on his stomach and in his arse, he refused to properly acknowledge what he couldn't see.

Two door-mice ran around each other not twenty feet away, and Draco watched them dragging grass and nuts to a small spot comprising of a tile tilted to the ground from a ceramic flowerpot. They seemed to have their own triangular little home. Even two door-mice could look after each other better than him and Charlie. Draco sniffled, trying and failing not to cry. Tears blurred his vision as Draco lent down to pick up a small nut, which he rolled towards the mice's house. One of the used his nose to roll it towards the other one, who took over and pushed it into their home.

The Slytherin smiled, this time moving a couple of dandelions.

"It's a bit cold to be out at this time of night, Draco-dear. Not mention the lack of warmth in your clothing." Draco turned, startled, to see Molly Weasley in a multicoloured, patched up but warm-looking dressing gown.

"Oh, dear, what's the matter?"

The woman wrapped her arms around the blonde, hugging him close. It didn't help his tears at all, and Draco wailed as more tears cascaded down his pale cheeks.

"C-ch-Charlie." He hiccoughed into her shoulder.

"What has Charlie done?" Her tone implied large amounts of trouble for her genetic son. The protectiveness towards Draco was almost overwhelming.

"He doesn't care about me!" Draco was aware he sounded ridiculous, the marriage having been arranged as it was, but his hopes had risen enormously high.

"What gave you that impression?" Her tone was soft, waiting to hear the full story. Oddly, she didn't seem to be wanting to defend her son.

"He just rolled over and went to sleep."Draco's face burned red, and he found himself unable to explain properly.

"Oh that boy had better apologise!" She stroked Draco's hair. "I understand, dear. You needed a bit of reassurance, didn't you?"

Draco nodded mutely.

"Don't worry, Draco, I'll sort him out." She sounded resolved, and pulled back as if to confront her son straight away.

"No, don't. I don't want him to pretend to care."

"I do care, idiot." A sleepy, deep voice snuck into their conversation. Charlie was stood a few feet back, wearing nothing but his trousers, his hands running up and down to warm them.

"No you don't. You just want us to appear to be a normal couple." Draco accused.

"Rubbish. I didn't mean to give you that impression, love. You know I care."

"No, you don't. Otherwise I wouldn't feel so used."

"Used- oh." Charlie moved to try and hug Draco, Molly moving out of the way to let him, but Draco struggled.

"I don't want you near me now."

"Dray, I was trying to give you space. I meant to talk, to see if you wanted to cuddle. But I fell asleep. Surely you're not holding tiredness against me."

"Too right I am." But his voice held far less conviction than it had before.

"Draco, I have a dragon tattoo. Come on. AND it really hurt." He grinned.


Charlie leaned in to kiss Draco, and though he didn't kiss him back, this time the blonde let him.

"You don't believe me."

"Not quite."

"I'll just have to prove it. Every single day."

Charlie smiled, as if realising just how cliched he sounded. Draco couldn't help but smile back.

"Now, both of you, back to bed. You'll catch a cold, staying out here."

The two men caught each others eye, both suppressing laughter.

"Yes, mum." "Of course, Molly."

The End

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