This is my very first Lotr fic so I'm pretty nervous, petrified to be honest about what you guys are saying to this. I have written/are writing on, as you also can see on my profile that I'm working on 2 fics (Band of Brothers ones) while my other Game of Thrones I've gotten a bit away from, lack of inspiration and all that...

But! Then my mind came up with this idea after I got inspiration to write a Lotr fic by partly my English class and teacher who have chosen the topic 'Fantasy' for my class right now where we also get to write our own Fantasy story - as she said "Well, that's just in your ball-alley (she has read some of my 'work' on here). One who also deserves great credit and deserves VERY much to be mentioned on here is ToryIsConfusedDotCom who currently writes on a fic called The Fea Vairar - Everybody go read it if you already haven't - it's absolutely amazing! :D

I couldn't really decide whether this should be a prologue or just Chapter 1 so it's a main thing of both...if you can call it that.

This is my very first Lotr fic and English isn't my mothertongue so please be nice when you comment!

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Mín eneth, mín tÛr (Our name, our victory):

Prologue/Chapter 1 - Getting to know the truth:

The Dream. It was always the same dream she dreamed, every single night. It was a terrifying, yet mixed feeling Faelwen got when she sat up in her large bed, soaked in sweat. The goose-prickles arose every time she thought of the screams, yet she was calmed when she remembered the beautiful voice singing for her, mixed in between the screams. It was a beautiful song but when she woke she could never remember how it sounded or what the text was.

Faelwen sighed, rubbing her eyes. She knew she would get no more sleep this night so she decided to get up and walk around for a bit, again. She snorted when she thought she would end up in the library, falling asleep with a book in her hand, only to wake up the next morning in her bed. After breakfast the interrogation from Elrohir and Elladan of what she had been doing in the library begun effective immediately. As usual, Arwen would save her from her brothers and help Faelwen doing her lessons and perhaps take her on a secret and discreet ride on horseback before lunch were served. Then Faelwen would go to the archery field or head to the smith to see if there would be someone bold enough to challenge her to a duel for fun. That was very much how Faelwen's daily routine were build up, but lately, Arwen wouldn't go out riding and therefor, neither would Faelwen. She had also noticed Elrohir and Elladan be more...protective of her lately, if that was even possible. Faelwen had grown up, seeing her brother-figures as kind of boring most of the time while her sister-figure Arwen, was more...free if you could put it like that but now when she had become almost official an adult, she wasn't as wild a child anymore she had been once.

Their father, Lord Elrond of Rivendell had found Faelwen, wrapped up in a blanket, hidden in a bush when she was no more than a little babe. Faelwen had been raised in his own halls and had been treated as one of his own daughters. She had asked him, since she had been very small and could talk, of who her parents was and why they had left her. In the start, she had believed Lord Elrond when he said he didn't know, that there was a purpose for everything in his sad and soothing voice. But as she got older, she noticed a twinkle in her 'ada's' eyes that said something different. Faelwen was stubborn and determined, much to her 'siblings' and 'fathers' frustration at times. She was seen as a beautiful and angelic looking young elleth who's interest wasn't gowns and beautiful jewelry – her interests was that her sword and throwing-knives was sharp and her bow was tightened. She was quite a talent with all three weapons, better than most.

Lord Elrond had made sure Glorfindel had taught her everything he could, so she one day, would be able to defend herself if she should 'accidentally' be alone. Faelwen rolled her eyes at that.

She would never be allowed to be alone outside Rivendell if it stood to Elrohir and Elladan.

Instead of entering the library as she used to, Faelwen draped herself in a dark-green cloak, out upon her nightgown she didn't want to change since it wasn't even early morning yet. It would be, in a few hours she knew.

She closed her door quietly, tip-toeing down the corridors, careful not to be noisy as she knew the guards would hit the alarm right away at any movement at night in these times.

Faelwen used Lord Elronds words, she didn't even know what in these times meant. One thing she knew was that it couldn't be any good now when Lord Elrond spoke like that.

She didn't stop walking until she found her favorite spot, on a balcony where she had the most beautiful view over Lord Elrond's beautiful gardens. Even when it was dark, Faelwen could see the white bench, full of beautiful text on Elvish and patterns, stand in the middle of a clearing.

She would always escape to there if she were upset, it was the only place where she could calm down and relax and think.

"Why doesn't it surprise me to find exactly you out here in the middle of the night, little one?"

Faelwen turned surprised. She hadn't heard him coming at all and she used to always hear when someone approached. She had many times ruined Elrohir and Elladans few attempts to scare her by that method.

"Ada" Faelwen bowed her head in respect "I didn't hear you approach at all."

"You dreamed it again, didn't you?" he asked, placing his hands gently on the balcony's edge, looking out over the gardens.

"Yes" she admitted, looking out at the gardens as well.

Lord Elrond was surprised and proud of how calm Faelwen had become though she still was a bit wild, but she was still only a child. The thought made him sad as he thought about what she was destined to do and what she would go through when the ringbearer first arrived in Rivendell.

Mr. Baggins would arrive soon and then the journey would begin.

He broke the silence there had been between him as he had been thinking "You know I lied about your past all the time."

This was more a statement than a question Faelwen knew. She turned to look at the man who had been the father she never got, looking him directly in the eyes that could make even the most brave man to shiver under the stare of Lord Elrond. Again, Faelwen was stubborn and somewhat fearless and Lord Elrond knew that since she looked him directly in the eyes. She had never dared to do so when she was younger. By the memory, a small and rare smile showed on Lord Elrond's lips, causing Faelwen to furrow her brows "What is it, Ada?"

Lord Elrond snapped out of his memories and cleared his throat "You do know, don't you, child? Think carefully – it all is there, you only have to think."

Faelwen furrowed her brows, trying to desperately think back and remember the dream she had every night. She was about to give up, telling her Ada she couldn't see it when flashes flew through her mind, causing her to gasp. She felt Lord Elrond's calm eyes upon her as she saw flashes before her eyes. She saw this; It was dark and the tree tops covering the sky only made the forest even more dark. She saw two silhouettes, two elves, one male and one female. The female were holding a bundle which gave a small sob once in a while.

"What are we going to do?" the elleth asked her companion in the common tongue.

The other elf looked around, hearing leaves and sticks crack. Something approached from all sides...fast.

When Faelwen looked closer she could see sorrow in the male's eyes "We have to leave before they come, hide her."

The elleth wrapped her arms more protectively around the little child in her arms "It's going to be over my dead body! I'm not leaving Faelwen!"

Tears were rolling down Faelwen's cheeks. This was her parents. The babe in the blanket was her!

Her real Ada walked closer to his spouse, whispering soothingly to her "Vanya, listen to me. We have to go. We will come back after her, we'll lead them away from her first. Someone who isn't Sauron's soldiers will find her and take her to safety."

Vanya looked down at the little Faelwen, then looked up at her husband with tears in her eyes "I hope you're right."

Sobbing quietly, Vanya put Faelwen down behind a bush, placing some leaves over her child so she wasn't that visible. With a comforting hand on her shoulder from her husband, the woman looking like Faelwen so much began to sing...

Faelwen jumped as Lord Elrond wiped some tears away from her cheeks, watching her with sorrowful eyes.

She sniffed "Why show me this now? The screams, were they killed?"

Lord Elrond looked at her "Your head decided this was now you should know the truth. And no, they were not killed there...unfortunately I don't know their fate, little one. I'm deeply sorry."

Faelwen nodded, looking to the ground, trying to take it as an adult.

Lord Elrond lifted her chin with one finger "You have come so far, Faelwen. I am proud of you and so would your parents be if they could see you now. You will become a part of something big one day."

"What are you talking about, Ada?" Faelwen asked confused, her voice cracking a bit.

She still couldn't get herself to call him something else when they were alone. But he didn't seem to mind.

Lord Elrond sighed "There are some things you must discover for yourself, little one. Not every piece of the puzzle of your destiny and life are set just yet."

"But...when will it be? And who will decide?" Faelwen asked as the young and unexperienced little girl she originally was, though she acted like she was a grown adult.

Lord Elrond's throat rumbled as like he was holding down a chuckle "You, little one. Now, no more questions – get some sleep before the sun rises."

Faelwen's look got mischievous and like the twelve year old she was "What if I'm not sleepy?"

Her Ada's lips twitched upward as he said sternly "Off with you."

Faelwen giggled and ran down the corridors as the little girl she was when her Ada made movement to chase her as she didn't do as he told her.

Back there stood Lord Elrond, watching the little girl he had raised as one of his own. His eyes got sad when he thought about the danger and grief coming towards and already was in Middle Earth.

"Avo acheno. Hebo estel, pÎn er..."

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Oh, and the sentence Elrond says on Elvish means 'Don't look back. Have hope, little one.'

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