Her eyes were as clear and crystalline as a decoration any noblewoman would gladly adorn her hair with. And yet, they seemed carved so thin and delicately that every haywire emotion the girl ever felt were exposed through them. She could hide nothing from him. He saw clearly the love and adoration she held to him. He saw even clearer the hesitance that battled the jovial anticipation with every layer of the wedding kimono she removed.

Perfectly formed lids and dark lashes closed tightly over those green gems with every kiss to her throat until he could stand it no longer. He leaned over her and in barely a whisper he gently commanded those eyes open to see his content face. Her eyes fluttered open and he once again saw himself reflected in jade.

"That's better," he said with smiling lips.

She returned the gesture with flushed face.

Sleep took her at once, leaving him to wonder what she really could handle so early. Blonde strands which knotted about his fist could not be undone without waking her, so he would sleep supporting her shoulders. He chuckled softly. He would need to learn how to deal with all that hair, but then, he had the rest of his life to figure that out, did he not?

I love the idea of a wedding Kimono. I know she's likely wear something more queenly to her wedding, but whatever.