Dipper and Mabel were in their beds, both trying to sleep. Well, Dipper was asleep, but Mabel couldn't fall asleep.
The thunder and lightning outside didn't help at all, it was the main reason she couldn't fall asleep. With each crash and strike of thunder and lightning, she jumped. Eventually she got up out of her bed. She gently put her feet on the floor and quietly walked over to Dipper's bed. She placed a hand on her brother's shoulder, and gently shook him awake. He groaned and moved a bit before opening his eyes. "M..Mabel..?" He asked, turning to his twin sister.
She had a look of fear on her face. Dipper sat up and turned the lamp on. "What is it Mabel?" He asked.
His sister looked at him with puppy-dog eyes and said:

"I'm afraid of the thunder and lightning...can..can I sleep in your bed with you?" Dipper blushed ever so slightly, but moved over and made room for Mabel. She smiled and layed down next to him. She wrapped her arms around his belly and snuggled into his chest. Dipper blushed, but wrapped his arms around her too. Mabel curled up and put her legs with Dipper's.
Dipper reached over and turned off the lamp. "Good night." Mabel said. Dipper smiled at her.

"Good night." He said in response. They both easily fell asleep in eachother's arms. Though Dipper fell asleep easily,
he woke up again sometime in the night. He groaned and slowly opened his eyes. He let out an invulentary moan. He felt a tingly sensation between his legs. He blushed and lifted the blanket, looking down. Mabel's leg was between his legs, rubbing his sensitive spot. He was unsure of what to do...either let her keep doing it or confront her about it. He decided the latter was the better choice. He took a deep breath and placed a hand on Mabel's shoulder. He gently shook her, waking her up. She fidgeted, rubbing Dipper again. He bit down and blushed as the tingly feeling came again. His sister turned and looked at him, eyes drooping sleepily.

"D..Dipper..? What..what is it..? What time is it..?" Mabel said, rubbing her eyes and sitting up to check the clock.
2:30 am. Mabel looked at her twin brother. The expression on his face worried her. "Dipper, what's wrong..?" she asked.
Dipper blushed and lifted the blanket, directing his attention to his sister's leg, which was still between his.
Mabel blushed slightly and moved her leg. "I..I'm sorry..did..did I do something in my sleep..?" Mabel asked worriedly. Dipper just looked at her and stared for a few moments before replying quietly.

"You..you were rubbing my...uhhm..s-sensitive spot.." Dipper said, turning his face away and blushing.
He sat up and covered himself by the blankets. He knew he had an erection, and Mabel knew too. He got up slowly,
placing his feet on the attic floor. "I'm...gonna go...uhh...do...something." Dipper said. Just as he began to walk away, Mabel grabbed his arm. "M-Mabel..." Dipper said, blushing.

"Dipper...can I..help you?" Mabel asked. The twins were quiet for a moment. Dipper thought. Did she just ask what he thought she asked? She was offering to please him. Dipper knew he had a crush on Mabel, he had for a long time. Infact, he was going to go into the bathroom and touch himself while thinking about her. This was an offer he couldn't refuse. He opened his mouth to speak.

"Sure." He said, and he got back into his bed and spread his legs. He was still wearing his shorts of course, so Mabel would have to take them off. Mabel placed her hands on the elastic of her brother's shorts and pulled his pants down, revealing his member. Dipper shut his eyes and blushed intensely. Mabel's face grew red and she smiled.
She placed her hand on his length, causing Dipper to gasp. She began to gently massage his member with her thumb.
Dipper's panting was steady and paced. Mabel wanted to do more for her brother. She looked up at him.

"Dipper...can I..suck it?" Mabel asked embarrassed. Dipper had a look of surprise on his face.
He thought for a moment, biting his lip.

"Okay..b-but be gentle...I-I'm very sensitive down there." Mabel nodded and placed her mouth on the tip of his member.
Dipper winced and blushed as an amazing tingly feeling rushed through him. Mabel began to gently suckle Dipper's penis. She only had his tip in her mouth. She took in more, and Dipper's panting grew faster.
"M-Mabel..! N-not so f-fast..! I t-told you I'm very sensitive...!" Dipper said, blushing.
Mabel ignored him and continued suckling her brother's member. The tight wetness surrounding Dipper's penis was beginning to become too much for him. He gasped as Mabel took his entire member in and she swirled her tounge around his tip while suckling. Dipper couldn't take it anymore.
"M-Mabel..I'm gonna cum s-soon..!" Dipper said, biting his lip as the pleasure in his cock increased rapidly.
Mabel continued swirling her tounge around her brother's tip. Dipper couldn't take anymore. He moaned as he released his cum into Mabel's mouth, and she gladly drank it all, loving the salty taste. She licked her brother's member clean and kissed him.

"How was that?" Mabel asked. Dipper smiled at her.


author notes:

Pinecest O.o: lol okay. But, it must have been good enough for you to read it all the way through hehe.

Groundingness: Umm, that's why it's rated M for mature? Idiot.