Dipper and Mabel were in Dipper's bed, both fast asleep. They were both deep into dreamland. Both twins had looks of ecstacy on their faces, their cheeks dyed deep crimson red. They were both facing eachother.
Mabel was cuddled up to Dipper and she was rubbing up against him. Dipper woke up and noticed what Mabel was doing. He blushed as he felt her wetness rubbing against his leg. He gently shook Mabel awake.
She opened her eyes and realized what she was doing. She blushed and stopped doing it.
"S-sorry Dipper..." Mabel said quietly. "I was dreaming about you and I again..."

"I was too..." Dipper said, looking down slightly. Mabel saw that her brother had an erection.
She bit her lip and blushed. She knew that it was gonna be difficult to fall back asleep in the way that they were. Mabel looked at her brother and took a deep breath.

"Dipper...listen. I know it's wrong but...I..I love you." Mabel said, and she leaned in and kissed her twin.
Dipper's eyes widened as he felt Mabel's lips touch his. Mabel pulled away. "S-Sorry. I just had to do that."
Dipper was speechless. "Dipper...we've both performed on oneanother...I..need the full thing."
Mabel said hestitantly. Dipper just stared for a moment.

"W-What do you mean?" He asked. Dipper knew exactly what she meant, he just wanted to make sure.
Mabel fidgeted and blushed.

"Y-you know...what we've been doing in our dreams..." Mabel said, fidegeting still.
She hid her face by looking down.

"M-Mabel...are you sure? I-I don't know about this.." Dipper said nervously.

"Yes Dipper..I'm sure." Mabel said, kissing her brother. Dipper blushed and nodded.
Mabel laid down on her back, waiting for Dipper to pull down her panties. Dipper placed his hands on the rims of the cotton cat-underwear. He smiled at her silliness, even with underwear. Mabel blushed as she felt Dipper pull them down. He set them aside and took off his own pants. Mabel looked at her brother's member, blushing. She was both excited and scared. Dipper rubbed himself against Mabel's slit, getting them both ready for this. Mabel panted, as did Dipper.

"T-Tell me when you want me to do it..." Dipper said, blushing. Dipper then began to prod at her entrance.
Mabel blushed and moaned. She began to pant faster. Dipper could tell she liked this.

"D-Dipper...do it.." Mabel said. Dipper nodded and entered Mabel's slit. She gasped and blushed.
"Ahh..! D-Dipper..that f-feels nice..!" Mabel said, panting. Dipper continued pushing in, farther and farther,
until his tip hit Mabel's barrier. He looked at her. "Dipper..I know it's gonna hurt..but...d-do it."
Mabel said shakily. Dipper nodded. Mabel braced herself. Dipper thrust in all the way, breaking Mabel's hymen. Dipper threw his head back and moaned as Mabel's walls surrounded his sensitive member. Mabel, however, was biting her shirt and flinching in pain. Dipper realized what was going on and looked down, seeing blood come out. He immidiately felt guilty and leaned in to kiss his twin, trying to comfort her. Tears rolled down Mabel's cheeks as the pain continued. "D-Dipper..." Mabel stuttered. Dipper kissed her and tried to make her more comfortable. "D-Dipper..s-start thrustig..It'll feel good s-soon.."
Dipper nodded and began thrusting into her. He shut his eyes and bit down while moving in and out.

"Ahh...M-Mabel..It f-feels so good.." Dipper blushed. He was somewhat overly-sensitive.
Mabel began to moan as well, the pain fading away. Dipper was happy that Mabel was no longer in pain. Mabel closed her eyes and relaxed as Dipper thrust slowly in and out, massaging both his member and Mabel's walls. Dipper shut his eyes and relaxed, enjoying the moment.
Mabel spoke up.

"D-Dipper...g-go...faster..." She moaned, and layed her head back down on the pillow. Dipper nodded and picked up the pace. He grunted as the pleasure increased rapidly. Mabel noticed too, she could feel her release coming soon. Dipper blushed deeply as the pressure increased. He felt like he might explode. Mabel could feel her walls tightening. "D-Dipper..I'm g-gonna cum..!" Mabel said, blushing.

"M-Me t-too..." Dipper said, grunting. Mabel wrapped her legs around her brother's waist.
"M-Mabel..wh-what are you doing..?" Mabel blushed deeply.

"C-Cum inside me Dipper.." She said. Dipper couldn't hold back any longer. He moaned,
shutting his eyes tightly and biting down. He shot his seed deep inside Mabel She blushed as she felt her brother ejaculate inside of her. A tingly feeling came over her.

"I'm cumming Dipper!" Mabel yelled, blushing. She moaned as her walls clenched down around her brother's member, milking anymore cum from him. After they finshed, Dipper pulled out. Mabel could feel her brother's cum leaking out of her. "Ohh..D-Dipper..I can feel your cum inside me.. so warm and tingly.." Mabel giggled. She snuggled up to Dipper. "I love you Dipper."

"I love you too Mabel."